Every Boy Has a Heart

Summary: AU When coolheaded Sakura is asked to be a witness to her best friend's Ino's elopement in Italy she is elated until she sees the other witness, Sasuke. But when a snag is hit that only they can fix, their mutual hate has to be put aside…SasuSaku,ShikaIno

A/N:Yes, I'm back :) I decided that since I read so many people's Fanfictions, that I should probably write one of my own! I'm planning to keep this one going (unlike the projects I had before some weirdo snuck on my account and deleted the chapters) I hope you enjoy the fic! Comments/Criticisms will be appreciated :)

If you didn't read the disclaimer in my profile, it's there.If you didn't, I don't own Naruto. This plot belongs to Meg Cabot (she is SUCH a good writer! Go out and buy her books!) I am writing a Naruto version of one of her books so don't be a dumbass and go "you totally copied this! plagiarism! omfg!" because I already said that this was her plot. I'm not that great at English because I moved to the United States, so some expressions and lines are hers as well. If you would like me to point these out, I will.

So you won't be confused…

Sasuke and his brother work for the same newspaper, the Uchiha Journal. There's not going to be any bad past between them for the story's sake. Just some brotherly…love. Sorry to avenger-Sasuke fans.

Sakura and Sasuke don't know each other in the beginning! Being AU and all, not all of the original Naruto characters will know each other or live in the same place.




March 25th, 2:24 pm


1 Konoha Fortune Magazine--$2.99

1 Iced Tea----------------$1.25

Total: $4.24

Payment: Credit Card

(A/N: Pretend there's asterisks here)

S Uchiha

Exp 4/10

Thank you for shopping!

Enjoy your flight!



March 25th, 2:26 pm


1 King-sized Hershey Bar---$2.99

1 Earplugs-----------------$0.69

1 People Magazine--------$1.99

1 Bottled Water----------$1.29


1 Travel Journal--------$13.99

Total: $26.11

Payment: Credit Card

(A/N: Pretend there's asterisks here)

S Haruno

Exp 6/10

Thank you for shopping!

Enjoy your flight!

Travel Journal of:

Ino Yamanaka and Shikamaru Nara

Composed by Sakura Haruno, Witness

And Ino's lovely Maid of Honor and her BFF since 2nd grade and neighbor!

Hey Ino and Shikamaru,

Surprise! I knew that neither of you would bother keeping a record of your elopement, Ino being a shopaholic and Shikamaru being, well, lazy, so I've decided that I would do it for you!

This way, when you've been married for ages and your oldest kid has just completely wrecked the car and your youngest kid just got pink eye from school and your kitty just peed on the quilt someone's great grandmother made, you'll open this up and be like "Yeah! I remember why we got married now!"

You two are the most perfect couple in the world, and eloping to Italy is such a sweet idea! Even if you're just doing it for the romance, not because you need to get away from feuding families or a giant typhoon or a crazy neighbor.

Well, maybe there's Mr. Yamanaka's overprotectiveness and unwillingness to let his daughter marry someone so lazy, but whatever! They'll get over it!

And that's why your elopement is so special!

Anyways, I'm planning on recording every detail of that specialness, starting now, before we even get on the plane. Before I meet you guys at our gate.

Speaking (or writing, haha) of which, where are you? I guess I could email you on my new BLACKBERRY, but as you keep reminding me, Ino, it's for WORK PURPOSES ONLY, which is the only reason why the newspaper has let me have one. I don't think they trust me with something so expensive :O

Oh Kami, I hope nothing happened to you two. There's some pretty crazy drivers out on the expressway!

Wait…you didn't change your minds right? You two are SO perfect for each other! Not to mention you can't ditch me on my first ever trip to Europe! I can't believe I'm even doing it. Why did I have to turn 24 before I actually leave Japan?

And seriously? What is up with the guy with the cell phone over there? I mean, he's totally gorgeous (yummy!), but he's totally being angry and frown-y and obviously mad at the person on the other line.

Okay, ignore him! Whatever! I'm wasting space writing about a random cute guy with a cell phone when I shouldn't care…I'M GOING TO EUROPE!

I mean, we're going to Europe. If you get here and aren't strewn over the expressway. Let's hope you're running a little late and not…dead…

Oh wait, Cell Phone Guy is the same guy who was in front of me in line at the airport convenience store! He rolled his eyes because I bought all those bottles of Aquafina…obviously he hasn't been keeping up with the magazines! (One clearly states that air travel is dehydrating…you need to drink half your body weight in water if you want to avoid jet lag!)

And OK, I know they have water on the plane, but is it good water? Probably not. I saw this thing on TV where they took plane water and sent it to a lab and discovered it was all filled with GERMS! And OK, it was water from the bathroom, and no one would drink that, but still.

Oh my goodness! Cell Phone Guy just basically THREW his phone at one of those little cart things with the old people who can't walk really well in it! And because the driver was making sure he wouldn't back into him! Why is he so rude?

What's got his panties in a bunch? Not that he would wear panties, he looks more like someone who would wear boxers. He looks too uptight to be wearing tight underwear on a daily basis...

Oh no. How can I give this to Ino and Shika if there's musings about a random guy's underwear in it? Now what am I gonna give them? Candlestick holders? Nah, Ino would probably knock one over and set the house on fire while decorating or something. It has to be something special though! This is INO! My BFFL!

Cell Phone Guy just hung up on whoever he was talking to. I heard him say something like "That is inexcusable" but that was all I heard because they have the Daily News turned up SO loud in here. Now he took out his Blackberry and he's typing into it like furiously! I could never type that fast.

Maybe that's a good thing, though. He's a classic example of a magazine written Type A personality. I can almost SEE his blood pressure getting higher and higher. I hope he doesn't pass out on the plane, though I definitely wouldn't mind giving him CPR.

I can't believe I just wrote that.

Be he IS kind of sort of really gorgeous. I mean, if you like the tall, handsome, dark haired, smooth skinned with piercing onyx eyes who knows how to use a Blackberry like a pro type of person.

OK, now I definitely won't be able to give this to Ino and Shika as a wedding present. Have I mentioned that his nickname is Shika because Ino once called him Shika-kun and he blushed? This is pre-engagement, by the way.

I could rip out the pages talking about Cell Phone Guy, or black them out with a Sharpie…nah, too messy.

Anyways, I think I might run out of snacks on the plane. It's a pretty long flight, and those flight attendants are so stingy about giving out food. I'm going to go buy more…

EMAIL (A/N: I won't use addresses because Fanfiction doesn't allow the dot com thing)

To: The Uchiha Journal, Head of Travel Services

Fr:Sasuke Uchiha

Re: Travel Services

Where is everybody? I've been calling for the past half hour. No answer.

I asked you to book this ticket months ago.

The airport claims I'm in coach. In a MIDDLE seat. For a SEVEN hour flight.

Freaking Frodo wouldn't be able to last that long.

Someone better do something.

This is inexcusable.

S. Uchiha


To: Naruto Uzumaki

Fr: Sasuke Uchiha


Thanks for letting me crash at your place last night.

I don't like normal Itachi very much, but trust me, drunk Itachi is worse.

I don't think I should stay every time Itachi gets in a mood. I think your wife wouldn't appreciate it.

I'm off to see Shikamaru's wedding in Italy. I'm his best man. And witness.

I'll be in touch.

S. Uchiha


To: Sasuke Uchiha

Fr: The Uchiha Journal, Head of Travel Services

Re:Travel Services

We are SO sorry, Mr. Uchiha. There was a budget meeting, which is why no one picked up. We've been calling the airline since I got back, but they're booked solid. We could get you in business class on another flight, but it would have to be tomorrow. Would that be all right?

We're so sorry about the misunderstanding. We ALWAYS book you in business class.

Except when the plane you're taking is so small it doesn't have a business class. Which isn't the case here. I can't apologize enough, really. Could we upgrade you to a suite once you get to your hotel? With a complimentary dinner?

Travel Services


To:Sasuke Uchiha

Fr. Naruto Uzumaki

Re: Thanks

There you are!!! I've left a bazillion messages on your phone!!! How could you leave without even leaving a note? Hinata was going to get up early to make you pancakes!!!

And I don't think she will mind because she's such a nice person!!! And we've all been friends for so looooooooooooongg!!

You can have the guest room whenever you need it!!! We'll even paint it neon pink just for you!!! (I'm kidding!!! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!)


Travel Journal of:

Sakura Haruno

(I'm not giving this to Ino or Shika anymore. )

Ok, so I asked Cell Phone Guy to watch my stuff for a minute while I ran to grab some more snacks (yes, I talked to him!) and he was TOTALLY RUDE about it! He said in this really arrogant way, "I highly doubt anyone is going to steal your WATER, miss."

I wasn't even asking him to watch my water! Clearly, I meant my BAG. I mean, the LAST thing I need is for the airport to blow up my bag because it was unattended. You know, they think it's some kind of bomb that a terrorist left there so they take it somewhere where there's no people and they just blow it up!

Whatever. Some people just suck, and there's nothing you can do about them. I should have know Cell Phone Guy was one of them! Especially the way he keeps banging at the keypad of his Blackberry. He must have really muscular fingers...?

Wow, he's still at it. How can someone so anal retentive look so good in dark jeans? I don't get it. His species should have been wiped out decades ago! I mean, who would want to mate with someone with THAT kind of attitude?

And is he on the SAME flight as me? He's waiting by the same gate…

OOOHHH I see Ino! Ino and Shika are here! AT LAST! YAY! NO MORE WAIT!

I wonder where Shika's friend Sasuke is. The best man, I mean. I would look for him if I knew what he looked like, but tough luck! He should be here by now…we were all supposed to meet at the gate…

A/N:First chapter is finished! I've already begun work on Chapter 2, so it should be up soon! Leave a comment if you want me to continue! Again, comments would be appreciated! I take them pretty seriously!


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