Every Boy Has a Heart

Summary: AU When coolheaded Sakura is asked to be a witness to her best friend's Ino's elopement in Italy she is elated until she sees the other witness, Sasuke. But when a snag is hit that only they can fix, their mutual hate has to be put aside…SasuSaku,ShikaIno

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Travel Journal of:

Sakura Haruno


This is probably the WORST thing that ever happened! (well, not counting when Ino gave me a makeover and plucked off all my eyebrows O.O)

I could just SCREAM! Except, I kind of already did when I heard the news.

Here's how it went:

After meeting up with my lovely Ino and her Shika and hugging and laughing and being the girls we are, I asked Ino where Sasuke was, you know, so we could get on the plane already.

And she goes, "Oh, you don't have to worry about him. He's been here for a while! See, he's right there!"

And then she looks behind me and waves someone over. Getting excited to meet him (oh, I heard he was cuuuuute) I put my biggest smile on and turn around only to see...


And being me, I just had to let out a "YOUUU!"

Then Ino gets confused, since she didn't think we knew each other, and goes, "Have you two met?" and then at the same time I yell "NO!" Sasuke smirks and says, "Yeah, we have."



CELL PHONE GUY is the same Sasuke UCHIHA (yes, the rich ones) who supposedly is going to take over his father's Number-1-in-all-of-Japan newspaper company when he dies! AGHHHHH!!!! NONE of the magazines ever mentioned that he was such an ass! AGHHHHHH!!!

Sasuke just looked at me funny for scribbling so hard in this journal. BECAUSE HE'S SITTING NEXT TO ME. ON THE PLANE. That's why he was such an angry Cell Phone Guy before, he wanted some fancy shmancy 1st Class seat, but he's stuck in economy.

HA. HA. I hope you like bumping shoulders with me every TWO SECONDS, Mr. I-Highly-Doubt-Anyone-Is-Going-To-Steal-Your-Water,-Miss.

This is KARMA!

And now he's taking up the whole arm rest too with his stupid muscular black-clad Blackberry-holding arm!

I swear, if Ino is still trying to find me a boyfriend and chose this specimen of jerkhead, it is NOT going to work.

I will NEVER fall for Mister I-must-type-into-my-Blackberry-at-a-gazillion-words-a-minute.

So anyways, since Ino and Shika are sitting thiiiiiis close to us, he tried to make conversation with me (just so he wouldn't seem like some sort of Anal Retentive freak) and he was like, "So what do you do for a living?" And then when I told him I was a columnist by day and a club singer at night, you know, since I DID win the Miss Tokyo Idol singing competition a couple months ago under the name Saki, he just goes, "You're joking."

With this completely stoic face.

And you know what else? He has NO IDEA who Saki is! I mean, come on, it's every girl's DREAM to win the Miss Tokyo Idol singing competition!

Not that he would want to win. Since he's not a girl. But whatever! Everyone knows who Saki is! She was on every major news channel and even has a gazillion online fanclubs!

And OK, I know he travels a whole lot to promote his stupid book on what was it again? Global warming? Pollution? I DON'T CARE! Saki was even promoted on iTunes, for heaven's sake!

Oh my god! Why do Ino and Shika even like him? He's like a...socially deprived...chicken-ass head! ENOUGH.


To: Shikamaru Nara

From: Sasuke Uchiha

Re: Hn

Who the hell is Saki?

S. Uchiha


To: Sasuke Uchiha

From: Shikamaru Nara

Re: Hn

I don't think you should use these on airplanes. Interferes with traffic signals and communication.

You didn't tell her you didn't know who Saki was, right? Way to undermine the biggest accomplishment of her life.



To: Shikamaru Nara

From: Sasuke Uchiha

Re: Hn

Yes, but since air control is obviously having a limbo contest and completely disregarding our flight (what else could they be doing?) I'm safe.

And yes, I did ask her who Saki was. Is that why she was so furiously scribbling into her journal? Because she took offense at my little awareness of famous singers?

S. Uchiha


To: Sasuke Uchiha

From: Shikamaru Nara

Re: Hn


And quit writing to me.

I'm trying to sleep.



To: Shikamaru Nara

From: Sasuke Uchiha

Re: Hn

But is this Sakura "Saki" Haruno the type of person who will annoy me the whole trip because of my knowledge, or lack thereof , of her singing career?

For the love of God, please tell me that she won't force me to listen to her music.

I don't think I could

(message saved as draft)

heyy sak! so what do you think of him? ;-)

Wow, Ino. What are we, still in high school? Why are we PASSING NOTES??? We're sitting like 1 foot away from each other!

how else would i talk to u? the lady with the food card is obviously ogling dear snoozing sasuke so i cant just lean over and talk with you! her fatness and really bad hair is in the way! come on hurry hurry! while hes still asleep! how do you like him?

Ino, I would take you more seriously if you would, I don't know, write NEATLY? Punctuation is also a plus. And btw, he's not really asleep. I swear, every time my elbow gets comfy on the armrest, he moves his and totally knocks mine off. What a Nazi!

so u dont like him:-( you dont like our best man...

Ino, he doesn't know who Saki is!!! How am I supposed to like someone who doesn't know of the greatest thing I've ever done? And he's so cocky! And arrogant! And I can't stand his attitude!

sak, hes been traveling for the longest time promotion books or something idk. do u honestly think he could just turn on a tv anywhere and see miss saki singing? besides, you KNOW you want him to get "cocky" with you...if you know what i mean (WINK WINK)

You're SICK! Why would you even say something like that??? And I thought you said he came back to Japan like a month ago! He had more than enough time to get in tune with pop culture!

do you honestly think he would spend his time back listening to sakis top songs instead of, you know, maybe finding a HOME? getting back in tune with his job?

He's an Uchiha! He has no problems finding anything! And he made fun of me bringing so much water on the plane too! Water is IMPORTANT! We could have died of dehydration! And I would have been the only survivor!

yeah, but umm you kinda do have a lot. w/e. what do you think of him??? i toooold you he was a total cutie :-)

He seems...educated...Come on Ino, why didn't you tell me he was THE Sasuke UCHIHA? Cuteness DOESN'T matter in situations like this!!! Uchihas are just so...AGH

educated--its because of the blackberry right? i knew it! but sak, i also know that you kinda cant stand guys that are...smarter than you...

That's not even true! NO WAY.

sak, you dated KIBA. of all people. hes not the sharpest nail in the box, and coming from me, that means kinda a lot. who have you dated that was smarter than you? NOBODY! I WIN! youre also so smart that there arent that many guys smarter than you but COME ON i knowwww you like to be the smartest one around you! except for shika of course but hes mine :-)

Ino, shut up.

i will not! you dont like smarter guys! they intimidate you! and i bet you dont like better singers either! i am always right on things like this! snaps for the lovely and wise ino yamanaka!

Lovely AND wise? Please tell me you're JOKING.

meanie poo! but besides the whole "smart" thing, what do you think of him? do you like him or not?!?!

I got a fan letter from a girl in Sri Lanka. SRI LANKANS even know who Saki is. But SASUKE UCHIHA doesn't.

so? have you read any of his books on saving the globe? or pollution?


oh sak. at least pretend you like him to his face. if you two are gonna be arguing the whole time its gonna be a loooooooooooong trip...and i dont think any of us could handle that...

Fine. But no more notes. My ITALIAN food is here! Cha-Ching!

Travel Journal of:

Sakura Haruno

OH MY GOD!! The Italian food on the plane is even better than the stuff at the Italian restaurant next to my apartment!

Mmmm! And what's even better is that THE NOTEBOOK is playing!


It would be absolutely perfect if Mr. I-have-the-greatest-arm-in-the-world-and-must-take-up-the-whole-armrest would MOVE IT!


PDA of:

Sasuke Uchiha

The meals offered on the plane are almost not fit for human consumption, just like I expected.

And the entertainment system is poor; the movie playing is completely unrealistic in relation to genuine love. The woman sitting next to me, eyes glued to the flimsy projector screen, is obviously imagining herself in the role of the beautiful young lady who finds her one true love again.

But I can confidently say that she is not imagining me in the role of the gruffly handsome young man, since she obviously has something against me.

Every time our elbows touch on the mutual armrest, she makes a point to move it as far away as possible.

It's kind of funny, actually. That all this stemmed from a comment about her water bottles that she does have too many of.

Oh, and the singer thing. But how was I supposed to know that she was Saki, some famous singer? I don't even own an iPod.

But I will admit, she is an interesting woman. She's different from all the others I've met before...it's strange that she doesn't cling or fawn over me.

And her pink hair and green eyes work in her favor...as well as the cherry blossom tattoo above her ankle...

But her mouth just doesn't seem to stop moving; now she's telling the flight attendant about the last film the female lead was in, some popular high school chick flick.

I can hardly fit into this seat, let alone sleep in it.

But I've slept in worse places. At least there isn't a party of drunks on the plane, waiting to cut my hair if I fall asleep. Or stick snakes in my bed.

God, I hate snakes.

So that's something, anyway.

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