Bella's POV

At first, it felt so good for Jacob to be hugging me again, to be back in his friendly, warm arms at last. This was all at first. Then I had to ask myself what I was doing. I loved Edward; there was no way that I could be with Jacob, ever. I knew this, I had already established this in my brain. One day could feel like so long. Jacob must have realized this too, because he dropped his arms from me and fell limp.

I was about to greet him properly, maybe even shake his hand; about to do so, I realized he was staring open-mouthed behind me, looking like a blind man seeing the light for the first time, or that gravity had shifted under his feet. Gravity shifted. That sounded familiar. "Jake?" I looked higher to peek at his expression once more. He wore a bewildered look of astonishment and happiness. There was… I suddenly wondered who was standing behind me. I turned to look. There standing in her regular clothes, smiling like always with her brown hair tied up in the usual pony tail, was Angela. I almost jumped I was so thrilled. Then I thought about Ben, why wasn't he here with Angela?

"Hi Bells." Jacob responded in a detached tone.

"Are… you okay?" I asked, knowing that he had to be. But wait, I had to slow down. Jacob had seen Angela before as a werewolf; he saw her at my graduation. Weber… Angela would have been after me, very near the end. Jacob could have left by then, unless he wasn't telling the truth about having to see them just once… No, he wouldn't lie.

"I…" He didn't finish his sentence. He let me go completely and walked two large steps over to where Angela stood, staring at him as if he were her favorite celebrity come to autograph her CD. Did Angela like Jacob too? She had never told me. She had Ben, of course, Ben was not here. Did that mean that Ben and Angela had broken up. I suppose that was logic, people broke up all the time. I flinched as I remembered the heart and soul of my one and only break up. I pushed those thoughts away.

Angela was staring up at Jacob. Jacob had an expression on his face that I had seen twice before on the faces of Sam, and Jared when they looked at Emily and Kim. Jacob definitely had imprinted. Angela looked like she thought Jacob was pretty good looking. I had to ask, though I knew it was rude in front of all these people now staring. I walked over to Angela and carefully whispered.

"What about Ben?" Angela tore her gaze away from Jacob to look at my worried expression.

"We kind of broke up, sorry I didn't tell you, I haven't really told anyone. I guess I was just heart broken for a while." She didn't look very heart broken right now, she looked like she was completely whole and that she would never have to wonder if she would be whole again. I found myself wondering this constantly and found a small pang of jealously shoot through me.

"That's okay Angela. I was just… wondering." She wasn't paying any attention to me anymore. Jacob and Angela were still staring at each other.

"Look, Jacob's back." I said in a shaky voice to the people staring at Jacob and Angela. I swore this time I did hear crickets. I went into the gigantic Cullen family room and urged people on with their normal conversations and tore their attention away from the couple gazing in depth into each other's eyes. I felt a large weight lift off of my shoulder as I realized that this meant Jacob didn't have to love me anymore! He found his perfect match. Now all we had to be was friends, on both ends. With a shot of pain I also realized that he didn't love me the same way. That was okay, I told myself. It's okay. I have Edward. I loved Edward, why couldn't I get that through my head? Edward was the only one for me. Never completely whole. Bella, the girl who was never going to ever be whole again. Why? I was always caught up in this strange world I never knew existed. I realized that now Angela would be caught up in this mess too. I knew that at least I would never have to keep any of my secrets from her again, this fact comforted me. I should not feel this way. I did not want Angela to wind up doomed to the life of trying to figure out the secrets of mythical creatures. This strange twisted world was all made up of mythical fantasies now. Angela had found her other half though. I always thought she would have ended up with Ben. I sat in the secluded arm chair in the very corner of the room to wait for a chance to talk to Jacob, or maybe even Angela.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It took them half an hour to stop staring at each other. I knew that imprinting was intense but wasn't the girl, or in Leah's case the guy, supposed to not know. They wouldn't even have to know who they were, just that as soon as the werewolf sees them, the werewolf would love them irrevocably. I had to talk to the,.

"Jake?" I walked over there to see if they magically sent all of their personal details through their brains.

"Bella!" He pulled me out the front door to the grand porch of the Cullen home. Angela was glued to Jacob's side. I was startled when I realized I was jealous. What was wrong with me? I shook my head and settled on one single feeling, happy. "Bells, you will never guess what just happened!" He looked down at Angela.

"Jake, I think I have a very good guess." I forced a weak smile.

"I guess you do." He snorted and smiled the smile I loved to see him wear. This forced an automatic smile onto my face.

"So," I started, "Angela Weber this is Jacob Black; Jacob Black, Angela Weber." I motioned to each one as I said their names. Jacob laughed and Angela giggled.

"Thanks Bella, but I knew her name was Angela." Angela stopped giggling.

"I didn't really know your name." Angela's face turned the darkest shade of red I had ever seen. I knew what she must be thinking; that Jacob was the most handsome guy she had ever seen. I snorted at that.

"What?" Angela and Jacob asked in unison. I stopped my little private joke.

"Nothing, just, nothing." I was smiling. I still wasn't whole but it felt good to have one other mortal that could now know all of my secrets. This was more comforting then anything I had experienced all day. Though this day seemed to go on forever. One hour felt like one day.

"So, Bells, looks like we have a lot to tell Angela here." Jacob was looking at Angela again, I don't think he would ever stop.

"Yeah…" I remembered that I had to ask him something, "Jake, on graduation, didn't you see Angela there?"

"No. Me and dad left right after you walked across stage. I knew you would kill me if you saw me afterwards." He glanced my way, smiled, then turned back to Angela.

"You're probably right, I might have." I laughed. "But Jake, I thought you said you knew everyone in this town, did you just avoid Angela?" I had to ask, I knew I was being a little nosy, but I had to know! To my great surprised, Jacob laughed again.

"No, I have just never seen her… Lately…" Angela looked up from the floor and gazed into Jacob's eyes confused. "Which brings us to what we have to say. Jacob took Angela over to the side of the porch and leaned against the railing.

"I have never seen you either," said Angela in a quiet monotone while she was staring at her feet.

"Do you want me to stay?" I asked, hoping it would be a no so that I didn't have to see Angela's face when she took this all in.

"Of course who better to explain your half of the story then someone who is involved in it!" As Jacob said those words, I realized something else; first of all, I was having a lot of epiphanies today, and second, I would be allowed to see Angela after I was a vampire. Well, after a few years when I wasn't so blood thirsty. Angela would know where I went when everyone else thought I was going away to college. I could talk to her on the phone. This was better then I could ever have imagined, but then again, I did not want Angela to be confused about so much…

"Okay, so, how should we start?" I felt my palms begin to sweat. Angela looked extremely confused. I could only imagine why.

"Well, Angela," Jacob began. "There are certain things in this world that… exist, and most humans just think that they don't and are myths. I am one of them. I am a werewolf." Jacob was amazingly calm. I couldn't believe it. Angela was still for a moment and then started laughing.

"You can't be serious?" She said between giggles. Jacob frowned.

"I am serious, and you have to believe it. You know how you immediately liked me when I just walked in through the door? I will tell you that it definitely was not love at first sight. It is stronger than that. I would do anything for you right now, and I can not explain why. You are my life now, and it is because I imprinted on you. Me, Jacob Black, the werewolf." Jacob was bent down, looking into Angela's innocent brown eyes with his fierce black ones. "Do you sort of understand?"

Angela began to nod, but then stopped, "All I know, is that for some reason, when you walked into the door, I couldn't stop staring at you and knew that I would not be sad about Ben anymore." Jacob's face twisted. I knew that he, her being his imprint, would not want her to be with another guy.

"See, this isn't something an ordinary guy would be able to do." Jacob was trying to hold her stare but she looked around his body to look at me. She was probably wondering what I had to do with this.

"And, does Bella know all this, what does she have to do with anything?" Angela's face was creased down in a frown. Jacob started laughing quietly.

"Bella? Why, actually, she probably knows more about this whole other world stuff than I do!" Angela's face went blank of all emotions.

"What?" Angela pushed around Jacob.

"Bella's turn to explain." Jacob laughed.

"Well Angela… There are a lot of creatures that I always thought were myths until I came to Forks. They also look a lot different in real life. Like a werewolf, Hollywood got a lot of the facts and looks wrong, very wrong. Same with another creature, the vampire."

"The… vampire?" Angela questioned, looking slightly frightened. I hope she wouldn't be afraid of what I was going to tell her. Was I allowed to tell her about the Cullens? I walked over to Jacob and motioned for him to come to the other side of the porch out of earshot of Angela.

"We'll be back Ang." I told her and dragged Jacob to the other side. "Jacob, am I allowed to tell her this? I don't know if I can. I… Jake."

"She will find out eventually Bells. It is better to hear from you then to hear from my dad or Old Quil at a tribal meeting." Jacob smiled down at me. I knew he was right.

"Okay. I'll go tell her." We walked back over to Angela. "Okay, Angela, where were we?"

"The vampires." She said. Like I had forgotten what we were talking about, yeah right.

"Oh yes. Okay, well, vampires don't really have fangs and are burned by the sun. You will understand as soon as I tell you who the existing vampires are in this particular area." I gulped and there was a minute silence.

"There are vampires in Forks?!" Angela cried. Oh no.

"Angela. These vampires here in Forks are good vampires. They don't drink human blood, and they don't have red eyes. They hunt animals, not people." I could see I had lost her on the eyes but kept going, noticing that Jacob was staring at Angela again, completely lost; was he even breathing? " Their eyes are… topaz." I saw a spark of recognition in her eyes.

"The C-" She looked as if she couldn't breathe. She pointed to the house instead. I slowly nodded.

"Angela. The Cullens are vampires." It hurt me to say the words. Was I betraying them?

As if on cue, Jacob snapped his head up and Edward was on the porch, both staring towards the stairs.

"Knock knock." Said the sly voice I was beginning to loath.

"Get in the house." Jacob and Edward ordered in unison.

I know, I have been giving you guys cliff hangers a lot. Sorry, I love them! I am proud of myself for this chapter, it is FAIRLY long and I got it posted in a reasonable amount of time! Enjoy.