Chapter 1 : I Broke up with Her

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It was an average day in Sinnoh. Paul and Dawn were at the Burger King, eating French fries. As usual, Paul was disgusted at the way Dawn was eating the hell out of the fries like a slob.She did not even tie her hair back ; she just kept gobbling up the things.

Paul was disgusted at a lot of the things that Dawn did. They had been dating for a good two months now, and Dawn was showing herself to act... well , act like herself. She giggled too much, she hung around too much with that retard, Ash, and besides, she gained a few more pounds.

To get to the point, Paul was getting bored of Dawn. There was a green haired woman that was near his street that Paul looked at a lot. She was nice, funny, and was as skinny as a twig - just the way Paul liked the women.

So Paul was thinking this when Dawn nudged his shoulder. " Paul ? Can we get another order of French fries ? " she asked, taking a large burp.

Paul muttered a curse word under his breath and faked a smile. " Sure. Whatever you want. I really don't give a damn, " he replied, glaring at the fat waitress with a bunch of lipstick on her face.

Dawn gave Paul a pat on the head. " Thanks, Shinji ! "

Paul moaned and banged his head on the table. Dawn was really weird. She did weird things.

After a while, Dawn had finally stopped her fry binge, and Paul looked up. " Hey, Dawn. I need to talk to you ," he said, flicking a piece of purple hair away from his face.

" Okay Shinji ! "

" Would you quit calling me that ? " Paul growled, glaring at the blue haired girl.

Dawn gave Paul the puppy dog eyes. He groaned. " Listen Dawn. It's been a good two months. I really liked hanging out with you."

Dawn blankly looked at Paul. He sighed. " Okay. I don't regret saying this. Dawn - I am breaking up with you. So ... get the hell away from me. "

Dawn turned a deep crimson red and dumped her tray of food on Paul's head. " You jerk! I knew I couldn't trust you ! I'm leaving to go with Ash , and you can just go to hell ! " she screamed, stomping out of the restaurant.

Paul did a sweatdrop. " Whoa. I thought she would take it harder... " he said, sipping on a glass of Coca - Cola.

Later Paul was walking home from the stores when he was hit with a rock with a note taped to it. He started to read it.


I am going to torture you. How dare you break up with me ? Ash doesn't think I'm weird, or a slob ! I will make your life a living Hell. Besides, I'm tired of you calling me fat all the time ! Be warned - if you call the police, you will die !

Love Dawn. : )

Paul banged his head against the wall. That retard Ash knew when to strike. He just hoped Dawn would not carry out her promise to torture his ass.And he thought that she wouldn't.

But boy, did this kid get his facts wrong...

The next day Paul Shinji woke up to see that he was dressed in a blonde wig. He screamed, and then he fell out of his window. He fell in the bushes, where a Houndoom ripped his shirt off.

The day only got worse. He ran across Veilstone City with no underwear, and he got called a MySpace man by Nurse Joy. Then he got slapped by fifteen different women.After that, he was ran over by a towtruck, and an old lady kicked him in the nuts. It was a bad day for Paul.

But not his worst.

Over the weeks Paul saw Dawn and Ash flirting. It made him sick to see Dawn with that retard. And when Paul saw that they were going steady, Paul decided that he had to leave Sinnoh because she was an idiot and he was an idiot, too.

Epilogue :

Paul did suicide somewhere in Los Angeles.

Ash and Dawn married fifteen years later.

Brock got run over by a reindeer. (WTF?! )

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