Chapter 1

Buffy tried to wrench her arms free from Angel, but he wouldn't budge. "Let me go," she bit out in a much angrier voice than she thought herself possible.

"You still smell sweet, baby." Angel sneered.

"Let me go, Angel." She spit, Buffy couldn't believe the hundreds of students in the hall would watch this. And not one of them would step in to help her. It was as if they all pretended it wasn't happening. This was no surprise. Angel was popular, and always had been. Up until she had dated Him Buffy was a no body, and after they split, she went back to being a no body. It didn't really bother her though. She never liked the spot light that much anyways.

His laugh was bitter. "Not likely Summers. Now hold still."

A voice sounded from behind, the deep British accent taking Buffy by surprise. "I believe the lady asked you to let her go."

"And I believe you're not involved in this, new guy."

"I think I just got involved. Now, let her go." His voice was oddly calm for the situation they were in.

"Whatever, man." Angel said, tossing Buffy hard into the other boys chest.

Spike caught her before she hit the ground. "You okay, pet?" she looked up at who caught her and was lost for words for a moment. He had bleached blond hair that made amazing blue eyes and high cheek bones stand out. He was clad head to two in black with the exception of the navy blue silk button up shirt, barely showing under a leather duster. He smelled of cigarettes, leather, and something else she couldn't quite put her finger on, but it smelled damn good.

Pulling out of his grasp, Buffy bent down to pick up her books. Again she was surprised when he bent down to help her. "Yeah I—you don't have to be nice to me you know."

"I don't have to do a lot of things. Do them anyways."

"Oh, well, um… thank you." She said, righting herself and preparing to walk to her next class.

"I didn't catch your name."

"Buffy, Buffy Summers." She smiled, his voice was so smooth. Like melted chocolate.

"Buffy," he purred, making her knees feel a little weak. "My mum named me William, but I prefer Spike, if you will."

"Well it was nice to meet you Spike." She said. "And, uh, thanks for helping me before." Buffy turned and started off in the direction of her next class. All to aware that he followed close behind.

"So what was with that guy?" he asked.

She sighed, she really didn't want to get into this, not now. "He… we used to date."

"You dated that poof? You could do so much better kitten."

She smiled up at him and a soft blush covered her cheeks. Spike decided it was the most adorable thing he had ever seen.

"Well, this is my stop," she told him when they came to the door of her class.

"Yeah, well, I guess I will see you around."

She didn't know what possessed her to say what she said next. "If you're lucky maybe."

He smirked, a look she decided had to be the sexiest thing she had ever seen. "Well, then, I hope I get lucky." And with that, he sauntered off to his class.

Buffy breathed a sigh she had been holding in and watched him walk off.

"Miss Summers, are you going to join us or make moon eyes at the new student?"

She flushed furiously. "Sorry, Mr. Giles," she said hurriedly taking her seat.

Buffy sat at her lunch table next to her best friends, Willow and Xander. She was eagerly filling Willow in on the events of that morning while Xander looked like he was going to pop from boredom.

"So, he just walked up to Angel and told him to let you go? And Angel listened?!"

"Yeah, it was bizzaro times like ten." Buffy had to hold in a blush, no one had ever helped her like that before. She still wasn't sure what to think about the whole situation.

"Sounds kinda chivalrous to me," Willow said, picking at the days mystery meal.

"Yeah, I guess it was. And after that he asked me what the deal with Angel was. I told him we used to date, and he was all 'You dated that poof? You could do so much better.' Weird yeah?" She felt the tell tale butterflies start up in her stomach.

"Maybe he thinks you're cute?" Willow offered.

"Come on Wills. A guy like Spike wouldn't be interested in a girl like me. He'd go for someone like Drusilla. All confident and sexy. Not mousy little Buffy." She looked down at her plate, her stomach getting queasy from the sight of her "food".

"Oh come on Buff. You're not mousy." Willow insisted

Xander cut in, startling the two girls, who until then had forgotten he was sitting there. "As much as I am finding this conversation interesting, can we change the subject? Hey! Who's up for Bronzin' tonight?"

"Bronzin' sounds fun. It is a Friday after all." Willow said.

"Yeah that sounds good. Will you want to come over to my house to get ready?"

Buffy looked at her friend for an answer but didn't get one. Willow was staring off at something and when Buffy looked to see what, her heart sped up a beat. Spike was coming over to their table.

"Hey, pet, looks like I got lucky after all. Mind if I join you?" Spike smirked.

Buffy opened her mouth to speak but all that came out was an unattractive gurgling sound.

"Sure." Willow said coming to her defense in a minute like a good best friend.

"Hey, Red, what's your name?" Spike grinned at her, a warm look that somehow didn't fit his outside demeanor.

The red head grinned back. "Willow, and that one's Xander." She said motioning to her friend.

"Hey, mate." Spike said.

"Hey, man. Heard you helped the Buffster out when she ran into the dreaded ex. Thanks for that. That guy really redefines the word asshole." Xander stated.

Spike smirked. "Yeah, well, I don't like seeing little girls get picked on."

"I am not a little girl," Buffy said defensively, suddenly finding her voice.

"No of course not kitten. My mistake."

She flushed. Finally giving up on actually eating her lunch she dumped it into the trash can.

"So, Spike, we're all going to the Bronze tonight, wanna join?" Willow piped in.

He thought about it for a moment. "Sure Red. I'll be there."

And with that, the bell rang, sending them all off to their next classes.

Buffy's head spun with the night's possibilities. She had to find something to wear.

Willow came to Buffy's house after school to help her get ready for the night's events. They rummaged through Buffy's closet for what seemed like hours before they settled on an outfit for her; a mid length white skirt with an uneven hem, paired with a red v-neck top and red and white polka dot heels. Willow did her hair and make-up then stepped back to admire her handiwork.

"Buffy you look stunning!"

Buffy looked in the mirror and couldn't help but be amazed at her reflection. Her blonde hair fell around her face in soft waves while her green eyes were done up with shimmery bronze powder and mascara. Her lips looked plump under red lipstick. Willow was right, Buffy decided. She did look stunning.

She turned to see her friend, in a knee-length green skirt and button-up white shirt, Willow looked cute. Willow always looked cute.

"We need to get you into something worth the Bronze," Buffy told her friend, and the rummage through the closet resumed. When they finished, Willow was wearing a pair of jeans and a nice top that sort of showed off her figure, without making her feel uncomfortable.

"You look good, Will," Buffy said.

They heard the doorbell ring and went down in a fit of giggles to meet Xander. They didn't even trying to hide their excitement over what might take place that night.

They opened the door and started to leave before Buffy turned and called goodnight to her mother. The short walk to the Bronze was a pain, but not unmanageable. When they finally made it to the door, they quickly found a table and took a seat. Buffy glanced around the room in hopes of finding bleached hair somewhere, but came up empty.

"He's probably just not here yet." Willow shouted over the music. Buffy nodded and glanced at the dance floor, where she spotted Angel and his victim of the week practically screwing.

She shrugged, knowing her time with him had passed a long time ago. She regretted her decision to date him, and even more the decisions that came after that. Buffy thought she had loved Angel; he was so sweet, said all the right things, took her to all the cool parties. She thought he really loved her. When she climbed into the back seat of his car with him, she thought it was because she was ready. Later she realized she did it because she thought it would help her hold onto him, knowing if she didn't put out soon Angel would find someone new who would. That night had changed everything. He dropped her off at her house and didn't say a word to her. The next day he acted like he didn't even know her. When she finally got him alone and confronted him, he told her she was a horrible lover and he wanted nothing to do with her. It broke Buffy, and she wasn't the same for a long time. But that was a year ago. She was a junior now, and smarter.

She shook her head to clear away the thoughts from the past when a black-clad figure swam into her view.

"Hey, pet, having a good time?" Spike asked.

She smirked up at him. "I am now." 'What has come over me?' She thought desperately.

He smirked back. "Care to dance?"

She shivered at the seductive tone in his voice. "Sure."

Spike took her hand and led her into the crowd of dancing couples. Pulling her towards him, he placed his hands on her hips and together they started moving to the music. Buffy always got lost in music, and tonight was no different. She let her inhibitions float away with the pulse of the music and shimmied her way closer. Gyrating against him in time with the music, Buffy let her arms fall around his neck, and he pulled her ever closer to his body. Suddenly, she turned in his arms so her back was to him but continued her movements against his body. He placed his hands back on her hips and slowly moved them up and down, grazing against her rib cage, and then going lower to her hips. She felt his erection against her backside and glowed in feminine pride; she did that to him. Still, his hands never roamed anywhere that would make her feel uncomfortable, and she was thankful for that.

All too soon the song came to an end, and he let his hands leave her body. Feeling the loss of contact, she turned to find Spike staring at her, piercing blue eyes hooded and dark with desire. She felt a little giddy, knowing that desire was for her.

Buffy felt a hand come up to the back of her neck and she froze. She knew those fingers. She didn't want to feel those fingers.

"Hey, buddy, how about you keep your hands off my girl?" Angel said

"Angel, I am not your girl. I haven't been your girl for a long time," she snapped.

His fingers tightened on the back of her neck until they became painful. "What was that, lover?"

She grit her teeth. "I am not your girl."

"Listen, mate, I really don't think the girl is interested. Why don't you just leave her alone?"

"Listen, mate," Angel said in a mock British accent. "I think you need to butt out of business that isn't yours."

Spike didn't say anything, but the look he was giving Angel actually made him take a step back.

"I think you're done here," Spike said. "She obviously doesn't want you, and we were having a grand time before you came along. Why don't you run back to your little jock friends and get the hell out of my way?"

"I don't think so." Angel said. "Come on Buffy. Let's go somewhere we can talk baby."

She was getting kind of scared; the amount of testosterone seemed to be gradually climbing in the room. "Angel, please, just let me go. I don't want to talk to you."

He swore under his breath but finally let her go. "This isn't over, babe."

She closed her eyes and rubbed the back of her neck. "Thanks… again. He can be a real pain in the ass."

"Want me to take care of Forehead over there for you pet?"

She smiled at him. "Nah, I can handle him if I have to."

"Yeah I can see that. Sod him. Let's go back to your friends and have a nice evening."

She couldn't help but feel at ease with him and walked back to the table where her friends were sitting.

"What was that all about?" Xander asked when they returned to the table.

"Nothing really, the usual. My thing is bigger than your thing' talk." Spike answered.

Buffy felt herself flush at his choice of his words. The thought of his thing made heat crawl through her veins to a very direct location.

This new guy was certainly doing things to her she was REALLY not used to.