It's Too Late. You're Already Gone.

If he had never done that, if Itachi had never gone insane, maybe things would have been

different, but I guess he felt that there was nothing else to live for, so he

ran away. I miss Sasuke

"Isn't evil...he just...couldn't stop following in his brother's... "

footsteps were all bloody. Sometimes I wonder if it's all my fault...But then, I'm only

human lives...psh, they really are too's sort of...

"Sad. No, sad is too gentle a word for it. I guess we all knew he'd leave someday. And then, he "

...left, but not before the unintentional good-byes...for some reason, whenever Sasuke was involved, it usually meant medical treatment. Oh god, I remember the

hospital, and Naruto laid there until the nurses forced him out. No one talked to him, and I regret that now, but we just didn't know how to talk to someone

"...dead inside. We tried so hard to give just a little back, to be the family that he had been missing for so long. But most of us didn't really know anything about that, and Sasuke never could bring himself to listen to "

Sakura and Naruto blamed themselves. Maybe Kakashi blamed himself too, but he threw himself into so many missions that we almost never saw him. Once we were all conscious, we realized that we were too young, too fucking ignorant, to say anything, even though hurt. Maybe if I hadn't pushed Naruto to go that far, if I had

"fought harder, Sakura wouldn't be crying...Hell, if Sasuke had never found us that day...I wish he had never seen Itachi come back. Maybe I would've died, but at least then everyone else might have "

been okay, if I had just been able to convince him. I should have fought harder, paid more attention to the people around me. We could have been

together. Ha, what a dream. In the end, it was only a farce, a bit of wishful thinking by the partially

"...insane, I guess, But then, I'm starting to think that that's part of the job. It's kinda creepy around Konoha now. It had always been quiet, but now that he isn't around, there's this new kind of "

silence surrounded them. Between the people that had gone on that rescue mission, there existed a delicate, numb sort of quiet. For a little while after, that band of misfits would gather, almost instictively, quietly steeling themselves against the thought that they had almost

died...I almost thought that I was too late, that I'd failed again...I breathed in relief when Naruto opened his eyes, but died all over again. His eyes...I couldn't find a bit of soul left in them. He didn't bother to get up, not because of his injuries, but because he had just failed in everything...he had just failed his rival, his best friend, his almost

brother, that's what he called me. He said he wasn't sure if that was right, but who am I to judge? Ironically, I don't know what having a brother is like

"either. I thought that he would understand. But I was the one who didn't get it. Sasuke never had any intention of living...only killing. Sasuke wants to die with Itachi's blood on his hands. Sasuke "

always was straightforward. I guess he never planned on having any kind of future after Itachi. Frankly, I don't think Sasuke would know how to live in a world where his brother didn't


Naruto always was a good judge of character. I guess we

-should have listened to him more-

when he called him a