Note: I'm clearly up to no good.

Gold Digger

Axel quickly ran up the stairs that lead to the Bailey. He ducked below the stone wall that overlooked the market place, making sure that she didn't see the bright red tips of his spiky hair.

He came to Hollow Bastion because he knew Sora would soon make his appearance. However, Axel knew that his more enthusiastic (violent) fans (fellow Nobody comrades) would be waiting for Sora as well. So he decided to lay low until the heat of the battle was over and have a little chat with the key blade wielder.

Only, he past the market place and his sweet tooth got a hold of him. He would blame Roxas for this, because it was his fault the redhead was addicted to the hellish tasting sea-salt ice cream. And if he didn't stop for that ice cream bar, then maybe he wouldn't have met her.

Axel peered slowly over the top of the stone wall to see if she was in the area. He sighed, relieved that she wasn't fluttering near by.

Before then, he was innocently minding his own business when a blonde pixie flew up to his face asking all sorts of questions. Do you have any treasure? Are you a treasure hunter? Are you single? Would you like to go treasure hunting? Do you know where I can get treasure? Those things are so pretty, can I touch them? How tall are you? Mind if I have a bite? Does the carpet match the drapes?

No. Just. No.

He barely got through his ice cream before he dropped it and broke out into a full blown run to avoid her trying to pinch the tattoos on his cheeks. Now he sat on the floor, waiting until the coast was clear.

"Hey! Why'd you take off?"

The obnoxious voice startled him and Axel glared at the tiny blonde pixie fluttering in front of him. He stood up and dusted himself off.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did my fleeing you put you in distress?" he asked dryly and crossed his arms over his chest.


He ignored her pouting face and walked into the bailey. She pulled at his hair and he stopped to bat her away. He sighed and leaned on his elbows on the stone rail. Axel watched the abandoned castle from the distance.

Rikku did not like being ignored and so she flew up to his face. Emerald swirled pupils stared into a cold glowing stare.

"All I want," she began "Is that," she said, pointing to his eyes.

"My eyes?"

"No, silly; the red diamonds under them."

Axel brought a gloved hand to his cheeks. His face hardened.

"They're called tattoos, got it memorized?"

Rikku pouted and flew up to his nose.

"Are you just trying to trick me?"

"Would you prefer that I try to kill you instead?" the redhead asked. He swung his gloved hand in her direction, which she avoided smoothly.

"Oh come on." She ducked again and flew up higher than he could reach her. "What do you want for them?"

He rubbed his temples, feeling a storm of a headache forming.

"Look, I'm not going to give you anything."

She flew down to eye level and tried her best to look wounded. Axel admitted that it reminded him of Roxas and he almost gave into the look. But then he remembered just how infamous that wounded look was and how manipulative could be.

"Go away," he said sternly. "Far, far away. Like right now." He paused searching for the magic word. "Please?"

"Not until I get that treasure." And she crossed her arms over her chest to show that she meant business.

For the love of darkness, he thought.

"If you don't go away, I will do mean and cruel things to you."

"Like what?" she snorted, then smirked.

Like set you on fire, he thought.

Instead, Axel puffed his chest forward as he sucked in some air and blew out a strong wind that made pixie giggle and do cartwheels in the wind.

"Hey!" She shakily made her way back to him. "That was fun. Do it again!"

Twenty-five games of pushing her over and thirty eye twitches later, Axel was ready for the superior to make him a dusk and end his miserable no life. He wore a blank face now, too tired to even try to fight her or even care.

The pixie rolled around on his head and giggled when she was tickled by the shorter strands of hair. She tried to get at his tattoos before. She would pull up on his eye lids and then stop when he threatened to eat her. The thought occurred to him to set her on fire. But he realized that she stood on his head, and that his flaming red hair would actually be on fire. He knew he couldn't get hurt by his own flames, but there was still a nagging suspicion that maybe, just maybe, the insane amount of hair chemicals he put in daily may trigger an explosion that may end his non existence.

He sighed and wondered if there could be a fate any worse than the one that was currently rolling around in his hair.

Rikku found a thick lock of the blood red hair and buried her face into it. When she came up, the hair was stuck all over her chin and cheeks.

"Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas!"

She burst into a fit of giggles.

Axel was not amused.