Title: Still pretty hot
Series: Adventure 02
Characters: Izzy, Yolei, Hawkmon
Pairings: Yolei/Izzy
Rating: PG
Word count: 300
Constructive Criticism: Sure
Comment: After the drabble.

Izzy slowly flipped another page of his physics book, barely acknowledging Yolei and Hawkmon as they sat down next to him.

"Hey there!" the girl greeted him and gave him a silly grin. He looked at her and smiled back. "Wanna go out on a date?" she suddenly asked.

The boy's mind went blank. "...bwah?"

"You, me, date?" Yolei asked, her grin widening.

Date. With Yolei. Izzy blinked. Date. With... a very cute and intelligent girl who is so far out of my league that I never even considered asking her out. He gave her a confused look.

"I promise that it'll be the most intense physical experience of your life," Yolei whispered seductively, making his jaw drop. "My place at six, if you're interested..." With that, she pranced away.

"You bet," he whispered.

"Erm, you know that you signed your death warrant, right?" Izzy could hear Hawkmon ask, but the words didn't really reach him.

"Sure," he replied without thinking and sighed happily.

"She invited you to a freaking Dance Dance Revolution marathon, fool."

"Awesome..." Another happy sigh. Finally, his brain came back online. "...wait, what's Dance Dance Revolution?"

"Frantic jumping to fast-paced music. Yolei will drag you onto the pad, crank up the difficulty, and within three songs, you will be a broken man, sweating and begging for mercy as she full-combos yet another song. And just when you're about to collapse, she will kick you off the pad and taunt your fallen and miserable form."

Izzy blinked. That somehow didn't sound like a fun experience at all. On the other hand, it sounded completely like something Yolei would do. He opened and closed his mouth helplessly. Finally, he asked the one thing that would make all the difference for him: "...it'll still count as a date, right?"

Comment: Written for the "Revolution" contest over at the Digimon Drabbles LJ community. Title is based on a DMFA strip (#714 on "missmab dot com") - it was just too fitting. Also, this is actually my second "Yolei and DDR" drabble (the first one being Dance Dance Realization). I guess I just love the mental image of her crushing her opponent on the dance pad. I swear, one day, she will be defeated. Just not by Izzy or Hawkmon. XD