Tenten woke up, her senses overwhelmed. "n-Neji kun?!"

Neji woke with a start. "Tenten chan daijobu?"

"H-hai, it's just so different."

"Your senses have been increased tenfold. Your body just has to get used to them."


Neji got up. "Can you stand?"

Tenten moved over to the side of the bed and put her legs over the edge. She scooted forward and placed her feet on the floor and stood. "Hai." But then she wobbled.

"Guess not."

Tenten sighed eyes closed. "guess I'll stay in bed." The she gasped as someone lifted her up from the bed. "NEJI KUN!!"

Neji smirked. "Well I know you won't be able to stay in bed till you are fully rested so this is the only way you can move."

Tenten pouted. "Fine"

Neji carried her down to the kitchen where he threw her a water bottle filled with a red liquid. Tenten looked at it then him questioningly. "Its blood, you must be thirsty."

Tenten then noticed that her head was killing her and that she was thinking about slaughtering the whole village. Oops should have known. "Arigato Neji kun." She opened the bottle and drank deeply gulping it down to the last drop. She wiped her mouth. "Yum ."

Neji sweat dropped as she smiled happily. "Your body is strong…it took three days for the complete transformation."

"How's the child?!" Tenten asked worried.

"The baby's fine, healthy and strong."

"Maguta." She sighed relieved.

Neji kissed his mate deeply. "Now we have nine months till your due."

"Neji kun I want chocolate and more blood!"

Neji slapped his forehead and groaned "this is going to be a long nine months"

nine months later

"NEJI KUN!!" screamed the brown haired vampire as pain rippled through her body as the new being writhed, trying to get out. She grabbed her mates hand and squeezed with her vice like grip.

"Tenten….it….hurts…." Neji grunted.

She let go of his hand "gomen Neji kun."

Then she gasped as the baby was released from her body. Relieved laughter could be heard in the birthing room as a baby girl wailed and willed air into her lungs.

"Tenten she's beautiful"

"Hai I know" Tenten was glowing with the pride that any mother would have after having a child with the one she loves.

I'll name her…Yamiko."

"Perfect, it matches."

Tenten was smiling at her daughter wheeeeennnnn….the moment was ruined by the konoha green beast and the dobe.



Tenten and neji sighed…that was the end of the peace. FOREVER….

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