It was early on Friday morning when he heard the news. 8:03 a.m. to be exact. The phone rang and Chase fell off his bed trying to reach it in time. Luckily, he reached the phone right before she was going to hang up.

"Hello?" Chase asked into the speaker, out of breath.

"Hi, Chase, it's Rachel," a clear sweet voice spoke into his ear.

"Rachel? Why in the world are you calling so early?" Isn't it, like, five a.m. in New York."

"Yes, but it's eight a.m. at PCA, isn't it?"

"Yeah..." Chase muttered looking at his watch.

"Well I thought you'd be up by now, sorry."

"It's alright. Just...why? Why'd you call?"

"I'm coming to PCA."

"You're, what?!" Chase said with a touch of panic in his voice.

"I'm coming today. Actually, I'm getting ready to go on the plane in a few minutes. We depart in about thirty minutes. I'll probably be there by four. So I'll see you in a little while, alright?"

"Wait, Rachel-"

"Oops, I've gotta go. My phone's got a low battery and we're boarding."

"Rachel don't hang up. I need to-" The line had already gone dead. Chase groaned and sat up, rubbing his eyes. Rachel. Rachel at PCA. Rachel with her huge beautiful green eyes, with long firey red, hair, and her spontaneity was going to be at PCA. Chase dialed his mother's cell phone number.

"Chase? Do you know what time it is?" Mrs. Matthews asked

"Um, yeah, Rachel just called to tell me that she is coming to PCA. Mother did you know anything about this?"

"Of course not. Why is she coming?"

"I don't know. That's why I called you."

"Well, I don't really know what to say. I haven't even heard from Rachel or her mom for about a month. But you know Rachel. She's spontaneous and a tad bit crazy but, you know, we love her anyway."

"I know Mom. It just bugs me that she didn't ok it with me first. I like to keep my home life out of my PCA life."

"Well I hope you tell her that. I know how you get around her. She drives you insane when you aren't actually with her but as soon as you two are in the same room, you drop everything and she's suddenly flawless."

"Mom that is not true."

"Chase, don't worry about it. I'm sure it will all come together later. Call me and tell me how it works. I have to go."

"Well, bye."

"Bye sweetie, I love you." Click.

Chase sighed and rested his head in hands. Another wave of panic went through him. How would he explain her to Zoey? And everyone else. Other than Zoey, Rachel was his closest girl friend. They had known each other since they were babies because their mothers were best friends. Chase and Rachel were born only 6 and a half months apart and Rachel was the older of the two. Their childhood was filled with games of hide and seek, nintendo, and beanie baby wars (long story).But here's what I'm worried about. I haven't told my friends this, but the summer after eigth grade, Rachel and I started dating. It didn't work out. We figured out that we are much better off as friends.

"Hey, what are you doing up?" Michael got off his bed and gave Chase a funny look.

"I got a phone call," Chase muttered.

"From back home?"

"Yeah, sort of," he stood up and headed for the door, "I need a shower."

"Have you seen Chase today?" Zoey Brooks asked Nicole Bristow, who was lying in her bed reading Popstar magazine. It was about five p.m. on Saturday afternoon and Zoey hadn't seen Chase all day. It was especially weird because they had plans to go see a movie at 3:30 and he didn't show up. She watched I Am Legend by her self and that was completely boring because she couldn't stand action movies but Chase liked them. The only reason she went was because he wanted to see it. The only thing good about seeing the movie was that Will Smith was in it.

Nicole pondered for a moment, "Actually, no. That's strange. Why?"

"Well, we were supposed to go see I Am Legend at three and he kinda blew me off."

"But Chase never forgets. Have you tried calling him?"

"His phone's dead."

Michael walked in the room, "Hey Nicole can I borrow ten bucks? I need to go get some new polish for my flute and I am poor."

"Michael! Have you seen Chase?" Nicole asked.

"Not since he went to go take a shower. He woke up at like eight because someone from home called and then he said he was going to take a shower and I haven't seen him anywhere."

"I hope he's alright," Zoey said, "That's not like Chase."

"Nicole, ten dollars?"

"Oh, hold on, let me go get my purse. Nicole hopped off the top bunk and grabbed some money out of her Dooney and Burke bag and gave it to Michael.

"Thanks," Michael bolted out the door before Nicole could tell him to pay her back.

"I'm really worried, Nicole," Zoey said, "He must be upset. Last time he disapeered like this his Grandmother died. If he got a call from home, something must be wrong."

"Michael better give me my ten dollars back. I only have fifteen left for the entire month."

Zoey sighed,"I'm gonna go look for him."

"See ya," Nicole said.

Zoey looked around the campus, in his favorite spots, by trees, and a few fountains. Suddenly she spot him sitting on a bench. He was laughing. Zoey sighed with relief, realizing he wasn't upset. Then she saw it, next to him was a slim girl with curly red hair, smiling, and her head was resting on Chase's shoulder. Zoey backed away slowly, hoping he hadn't seen her and feeling a touch of hurt and betrayl. Chase had blown her of to go on a date.

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