Chase's Best Friend

-Chapter 5-

"Do you guys want popcorn?" Chase asked Rachel and Zoey once they all had gotten their tickets for the movie of the night.



Zoey and Rachel replied at the same time. They looked ate each other and laughed a bit.

Chase laughed with them,"Okay, popcorn for two coming up." This is going to work, he thought as he made his way to the concession stand.

"So, how'd you and Chase meet?" Zoey asked.

"We met in first grade..."

She studied Rachel's face. Her emerald green eyes were sparkling. Her fair skin was filled with freckles. Her nose was very cute, small, and button-like. Her smile was enchanting. She was beautiful.

No wonder Chase fell for her. She's beautiful. She's fun. She's perfect.

"...and then he stole my zebra. We've been friends ever since."

"What?" Zoey asked, "I'm so sorry. I just missed everything before 'and then he stole my zebra'."

Rachel laughed, "It was first grade. Recess. All the girls and the boys were obsessed with cooties and stayed away from each other. But not me. I had a crush on a new boy just about every day. I also carried around an old stuffed zebra with me pretty much everywhere I went. Well on this one day- it was a friday. I decided I liked the kid who had bushy hair. It was poofy and very cute. So I followed him around the whole recess. He got so annoyed with me that he grabbed my zebra and ran away. I chased him the whole recess. This went on for about a week until we finally just started playing with each other. We've been best friends ever since."

"What are you guys talking about?" Chase asked, three small popcorns in his arms.

"How you and Rachel became friends," Zoey said. She tried to sound happy but felt somewhat sad that Chase had such a past and never told her.

"Ah...the zebra."

"The zebra," Rachel repeated with a laugh.

"Well, let's go into the theater," Zoey said.

They did. Zoey chose the middle row. She sat on Chase's left and Rachel sat on Chase's right. During the movie Rachel would whisper something in Chase's ear and he'd start cracking up. Zoey couldn't help but feel jealous. She hated the feeling. It really wasn't fair of her to be jealous. He was Rachel's friend first after all.

When the end credits appeared on the screen and the lights flipped on Zoey shot up in her seat so fast. She wanted to get of there. She had some serious thinking to do.

"Hey guys, I've got to go," Zoey said.

"Alright, later Zoe," Chase said.

"Nice meeting you Zoey," Rachel called out to her.

"You too!"

The waved hit the shore with a soft splash. Zoey took a deep breath, drinking it all in. The ocean always calmed her down. Especially at night when she was alone. (Even though, technically, PCA students weren't allowed to go to the beach at night.)

Chase. Why was Chase on her mind so much? Why did she feel betrayed? Why did she feel jealous? The questions continued to flow but in the back of her mind, Zoey knew the answer. She had feelings for him. Was it possible? Falling for her best friend?


But what if he didn't feel the same for her? What if they did start dating and their whole friendship was ruined because they broke up?

You need to tell him, a voice said in the back of her mind.

And then Zoey continued watching the waves until she decided to walk back.

The next morning, Zoey woke up early and walked over to Chase's dorm. Hesitantly, she knocked on his door. Logan answered.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"I need to talk to Chase," Zoey said.

"He's sleeping. Wanna make out instead?" Logan asked with a smirk.

"I'm not sleeping!" Chase said.

"Grow up," Zoey moved Logan out of her way. "Chase I need to talk to you." She studied him He was still in his pajamas but didn't care.

"Ok," he said.

"Logan do you mind leaving us alone?"

"Whatever," Logan slammed the door behind him.

"Rachel's not coming over here or something?" Zoey asked.


"You two don't have plans?"

"Zoe, she left last night. She had to be back to New York."

"Oh," Zoey breathed a sigh of relief. Well now I don't have to tell him, she thought. But her mouth started moving anyway. "So, last night?"

"Last night..."

"I went to the beach after we watched the movie and stayed until like, ten o'clock, just thinking."

"What were you doing at the beach at night alone? You could have gotten yourself killed?"

"Just listen, please," Zoey said.


"I was just thinking about you and Rachel and everything...the feelings I've been feeling since she first came here."

"What were you feeling?"

"I don't know...jealous I guess. And then my jealousy made me realize that..." Zoey couldn't finish it.

"Zoe, having you and Rachel together made me realize something too."

"What's that?"

"That you two are both my best friends. But there's a big difference between the two of you."

"What's that?"

"Rachel's my friend. But you, I like you Zoey. I like you more than a friend. And I want to be more than a friend with you. If you say no, that's fine. I just wanted you to-"

Zoey gently kissed him on the lips,"I'd love to." Chase grinned and in his mind he screamed, FINALLY!

A/N: The end. Now I'm going to work on ending Aloha Means Hello and Good-bye.