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Tatsuo, Yasuko, Satsuki, and Mei Kusakabe walked through the Japanese seaport. They heard the JPH Wonderlust had returned, meaning Hogarth and Chopper were returning as well. Now they were looking for the two.

But they didn't find Hogarth and Chopper; no, Hogarth and Chopper found them! They ran up to them and Hogarth embraced his parents, and Chopper hugged Satsuki and Mei. The reunited family was delightfully surprised.

When GIR popped his head out from behind Hogarth, this was another surprise for the Kusakabes! Of course, the little robot got along well with the Satsuki and Mei, and was welcomed into the family along with Ren and Stimpy, who showed up a bit later (Stimpy more than Ren, of course). Midna promised to visit Chopper, too; a friendship had blossomed between the two.

Soon, the inn was rebuilt, and not just to its former glory. It was bigger and better this time! Its re-opening was celebrated by many that afternoon, and that night, everyone was having a wonderful time!

Ren and Stimpy served as waiters at the restaurant (and they did a surprisingly good job), and Midna came by for a visit, as she promised. The Kusakabes and Chopper invited other friends, too, for this night; Satsuki and Mei invited their old friend Totoro, and Chopper invited his old Straw Hat crew mates; from Captain Monkey D. Luffy to Musician Brook!

Suddenly, in the middle of the party, the door burst open. There stood Chief Quimby and URL, looking serious. Everyone turned to the two officers with worried expressions.

Fortunately, the two smiled, and parted to reveal Hogarth in a fancy white military cadet uniform. He had been welcomed into the academy!

Everyone cheered again, and the Kusakabe family smiled. Quimby shook Hogarth's hand, and URL saluted the boy. Hogarth even got a medal!

As the celebration continued, Hogarth looked out the window, into the night sky, wondering how his friend, Doctor Jumba Jookiba, was doing right now. Well, he thought, wherever he is, I hope he's having the time of his life.

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