Summery: Just a random idea, what if Bella wasn't quite as clumsy as she seems?What if she just wanted Edward to think she was so she wouldn't have to tell him her secret?

Warnings + rating: M. Sexual content. Strong language. Bella exotic dancing under aged. In the story she is seventeen.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I own nothing. and i only have notepad on the computer so sorry for any problems.xx

Note: There are a few references to blood flow in this. Stephenie Meyer wasn't very clear on that so i just went with it. Also time line may not be exactly accurate to Twilight series.

Secrets, shame, storms and strip clubs Ch

"Ah! Fuck!" Bella dabbed gingerly at the graze on her arm with some antiseptic ointment. Her last fall had been fairly nasty. Edward had caught her a second too late, saving every part of her from injury, except for her right arm.
Thankfully she had fallen just outside her house and was now nursing the scratch in the bathroom with Edward standing just outside the door watching.
"If the blood is too much, I understand if you want to close the door." Bella said kindly as she saw an odd look cross Edwards face.
"Its not that" Edward reassured her. "Its just...well, I've never heard you swear before"
Bella looked at him. "It stings," she said. "I'll live though,even if you can't kiss it better." Bella gave a mock pout. Edward smiled and leaned over, ghosting his lips over her delicate mouth. "Will that do?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.
Bella felt her heart flutter and her face go red. Edward was smirking, he never got tired of how Bella responded to his kiss. It often made him think of how she might respond to his touch. On her stomach. On her thighs. On her...

Edward swallowed and tried to redirect the blood back to his brain. Bella placed a plaster over the wound and smiled at him. "All ready, what do you want to do"
It took all of Edwards will power to keep the answer clean. "Theres the meadow, the high street,we could catch a show or a movie or go for a walk." Edward smirked again "If you think you can handle standing on your own two feet"
Bella gave him a playful slap on the arm. Edward caught her wrist and pulled her into a more passionate kiss then before. After a moment they both pulled away, trying to control themselves. "I em... I'll get my coat." Bella gasped slipping into the bedroom. Edward leaned against the door frame and closed his eyes "Ah fuck." He said under his breath.

Edward had his arm round Bella's shoulders as they strolled through Forks. It was oppressively hot. It hadn't rained for days but the dark clouds persisted in covering the sun. The air was muggy, hot enough for t-shirts and bikinis, but so dark you felt foolish wearing them. This weather however gave all the Cullen's the rare opportunity to travel anywhere they wanted without the risk of showing their diamond like skin.
Bella and Edward had been chatting about music, when Edwards suddenly slapped his hand to his forehead.
"I can't believe i forgot." "Forgot what" Bella asked, curiously. "I thought vampires never forgot anything"
Edward smiled crookedly at her. "Its difficult to think about anything but you when you're so close." His smile faded. "You're not going to like this, Alice wants us to pick some wedding invitations today"
Bella groaned. "I thought the whole point of having Alice involved was that we didn't have to do anything"
"I know but Alice thinks that the invitations should be very personal, you know for us." Edward gave Bella That Look. Bella sighed. "Fine lets go pick out invitations"
Edward kissed Bella on her temple. Then he picked her up and set off at lightening speed to his house.

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