Summery: Just a random idea, what if Bella wasn't quite as clumsy as she seems?What if she just wanted Edward to think she was so she wouldn't have to tell him her secret?

Warnings rating: M. Sexual content. Strong language. Bella exotic dancing underaged. In the story she is seventeen.

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Note: There are a few references to blood flow in this. Stephenie Meyer wasn't very clear on that so i just went with it. Also timeline may not be exactly accurate to Twilight series. Also the logic i used to stop Alices visions, is completly made up to suit my story. And sorry if Alice sounds a little Victorian, it just seemed to happen. Also Edward Bella first time!!!! It might get it bit foolish towards the end but its how I feel it should be written.

Ch 5

Alice stopped outside the house. It was getting dark. The storm clouds still hung in the sky, in fact they seemed to be getting thicker and heavier by the minute. Alice placed Bella on the ground and faced her.
"I sorted it out with Charile,you're staying over tonight. Edward wanted to talk to you alone, so the rest of us are leaving for the night"
Alice put her hand on Bellas shoulder. "Good luck"
With that Alice turned and disappeared into the darkness. "Thank you." Bella said a moment too late.
Bella took a deep breath and opened the front door. The house was dark and empty. Bella could see a sliver of light at the top of the stairs. She followed it up and soon arrived at the door of Edwards room. "Come in." Edwards voice said before Bella had even knocked.
Bella smiled and opened the door.

Edward was sitting on the edge of the bed. When the door opened, he looked up and gave Bella his infamous crooked smile. An emmense relief rolled onto Bella. She took one look at Edward, and burst into tears. Immedietly he was at her side, making soothing noises with an arm around her shoulders. "Hey, hey, hey." Edward crooned. "Whats wrong? Eh? Whats the matter? It's alright, shhh"
Edward led Bella to the bed and sat with her on the edge. Eventualy Bella managed to choke down her tears.
"Oh, Edward. You have to understand, it was before you. Before everything. I'd never ever do anything like that now. And I wasn't. I didn't. Me and the men never.. I've never"
Bella trailed off, hoping Edward understood what she ment. He took her face in his hands gently.
"I know Bella, I know. Its past. Your past.I won't lie, it made me jealous, seeing how all those men looked at you," he shuddred here for a moment.
"But Bella everything you have ever done, every mistake you've made, every lie you've told, every conversation you've ever had, has made you into this wonderful strong young women I fell in love with. Everything we have ever done before now, has led us to each other. And I know the difference between what you were doing in that club and what we have now"
Bellas eyes sparkled with new tears. "Edward, how can you trust me so much?" She asked.
Edward smiled. "Your eyes"
Bella frowned confused. "In that video, I could see nothing but consintration on what you were doing, remembering steps, eyes contact. But when we are together, your eyes are filled with so many things. Love, trust, happiness." He smiled. "Annoyence when I glamour you into doing something. Its completly natural, normal and sweet. You were putting on a show for those men. I am the only one who has ever seen YOU. Just YOU. Why do I need to be jealous of a few panting morons, when I have that gift"
Bella wished she could tell Edward everything she had been planning to tell him on the journey there. How she had loved him for so long. How good she felt with him. Promises, vows, anything she could think of to make him forgive her. But now, it all seemed to pointless, he knew and she knew.
Bella laid her head on his chest and sighed contentedly. They sat in comfortable silence for a few moments, feeling closer then they ever had before.
Bella looked up questioningly. Edward seemed to be struggling to ask something.
"Where did you learn to dance like that anyway"
Bella laughed. "Some of the girls in the club taught me"
"Oh." Edward seemed to be thinking. "So, did you only ever use a pole or could you do one of those chair...things"
Bella stared at him. "Edward what are you asking"
Edward fidgeted with the cover on the bed. "I was just know...if you..would. You know you don't have to"
Bella sat up straight.
"Edward are you asking me to strip for you?" Edward looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "Would you be mad?"

Bella checked herself in the bathroom mirror. Her pale skin contrasted dramatically with the lacy red panties she was wearing. She was very grateful that Alice had brought her underware shopping when she and Edward had announced their engagement. She wore no make up, but had no spots to cover anyway. Bella took a deep breath, and went into the bedroom. Edward was sitting on a chair in front of the bed. He looked nervous, but also very excited. He froze when he saw Bella in the skimpy undergardments.
Without a word Bella hit play on the stereo. A techno remix of Shakiras "Beautiful Liar" came on.
Bella had been afraid that she would have forgotten how to move, but as soon as the music hit her, she felt her hips swaying and twisting almost of their own accord. The clouds that that had been gathering for weeks were thicker then ever. A brilliant flash of lightening illuminated the shadowey bedroom, throwing all Bella curves into sharp relief. Edward had never seen his love like this before.
Bella was fereal. Her arms, legs and hips all moved together. She was perfect, flowing and
Bella pulled Edwards head up, close to her lips almost kissing, before tunring her check to him. He arched up, as out of control as she was.Instincts were taking them both over. Another flash of lightening, followed by a roll of thunder. Bella straddled Edwards lap, feeling the hard lump beneath her. She rolled her toned stomach, sending a delightful shiver through Edward. Bella leaned right back, her hair almost sweaping the floor and continued girating, grinding her pelvis into Edwards. They were moaning in pleasure. The heat between them was wicked. The loudest clap of thunder yet sounded and suddenly the window blew open from the storm raging outside. Neither of the pair could hear the music any longer but it didn't matter. They were dancing to their own primal music that the earth had given them. The thunder, the rain,they could feel everything, not only each other, but the earth pulsating along with them, forcing them on. Bella wrapped her legs around Edwards waist as Edward stood up. They tumbled to the bed, both growling and yeowling. Clothes were clawed off bodies, and soon they were joined. Pain and pleasure melded. There was no finease in their love making this time, their first time. They drove each other to the point of injurence and beyond again and again. Tasting skin, sweat and rain water all as one until morning came and Bella collapsed exhausted into a dreamless sleep. Edward curled himself around her and burried his head in her shoulder. Her protector, her friend, her lover. Now and forever. Because Edward knew after this union, parting would kill them both. Marriage didn't matter anymore, because they were one. And no one. Human, werewolf or vampire, could ever take that away.

A few days later, Bella was hanging out with Alice at the Cullens. Edward was out hunting with the other men, he had to go out more frequently then ever since he and Bella had started to make love. Alice had been talking as usualy, when she stopped and giggled.
"What is it?" Bella asked curiously.
"You'll see." A few minutes later Rosalie came down the stairs.
"Bella?" She asked shyly.
"Yeah Rosalie"
Rosalie looked awkward. "I know we havn't always got on but I was wondering, if you would do something fo me"
Bella was surprised, but willing. " Sure Rosalie, if I can"
Rosalie looked as if she was bracing herself.
"Bella, will you teach me how to do a strip tease please"
Alice burst into helpless laughter.

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