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Takes place in 3rd book

Professor Lupin was just picking up his things after his last class when Ginny Weasley came was still carrying her books and had her eyes glued to the floor not wanting to look Lupin in the eyes.

"Professor Lupin can I talk to you?" Ginny asked her Professor. Lupin knew what happened last year with her and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and was not at all surprised she would come to see him.

"Yes Ginny come in and shut the door" Ginny shut the door and walked to Lupin She quickly sat in a chair right across from his desk where he was sitting also."Now tell me what's on your mind Miss Weasley." Professor Lupin calmly said to Ginny

"it's about last year. In the chamber I….." Ginny took a deep breath, Lupin saw that Ginny's hair was covering what looked like,to him, an embarresed face. "I wasn't able to defend myself and I would like to have extra training so if something ever happens again I can defend myself."Professor Lupin looked at her and sighed

"You do know that in order to have extra training you will have to spend almost every night hear instead of hanging out. Also you will need to excel in charms, potions and transfiguration in order to even get what I will be teaching you." Ginny looked at professor Lupin with a determened look in her eyes

"Yes I do and I will. Whatever it takes to defend myself I'll do it." Lupin stared at Ginny in the eyes he believed her in both what she said and what she meant. "Next Friday after dinner we start." Ginny smiled at Lupin before standing up from her chair.

"Thank you Professor you won't be sorry" and with that left the class room.

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