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After three weeks of training Ginny was starting to get the hang of things. At five in the morning she would get up and practice what Lupin taught her the night before. Then when everyone else woke up she went to breakfast. Then she went to her classes. After dinner she walked to Lupin's classroom. Then at 10 or 11 at night she went to bed. On one of the nights that Lupin was straining Ginny to her limits, she fell down with a hard bump. Lupin ran over to her and tried to help pull her up.

"Are you alright Ginny?" He asked her

Ginny shook him off and mumbled something. Lupin saw that she looked irritable tonight for some reason so he sighed.

"Let's take a break Ginny."

She nodded her head and sat down on a bench. Lupin walked over to her and sat down.

"You're getting better at this Ginny. In a few months your defense will be better then a fifth years." He said truthfully to her.

Ginny just looked down at the floor and nodded. " What's wrong?" He asked her. Ginny looked at him. "Do you think I look like a five year old?"

Lupin thought that question was stupid so he responded with a stupid answer." No. Why?"

Ginny then jumped out of her seat unable to contain her fury." My brothers," She scoffed

" Think I'm still a baby! They are always picking on me saying 'Oh whata wittle second weer you are!' or playing pranks on me! The pranks I can live with but the baby talk,"

She stoped pacing and stood straight across Lupin. "I can't stand!"

She raised her arms in defeat. Lupin just looked at her with a smile trying not to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Ginny demanded.

Lupin looked at her with a amused look on his face. "You still act like a five year old. That's why they treat you like one."

He explained to her.

Ginny looked at him with an angry face "I do no-"

She stopped in mid sentence to consider his words. After a few moments of silence Ginny looked at Lupin in defeat." Alright so I do act like a five year old. The question is how do I stop?"

Lupin walked up to her and said. "The best way to change is to start from scratch."

He then walked around Ginny with his index finger on his chin.

"First put your hair up more, it makes you look grown up. Then start talking with some more class, yes Ginny I know you talk about who threw what at so and so and so on."

Ginny looked at him with some shock in her voice when she heard that last part. Lupin smiled." Other things would be not to be so bossy, it makes you look like a little kid trying to control the playground and also,"

he said with a pause to make sure that Ginny was listening.

"to talk about your dreams with Harry."

Ginny looked at him with a stern glare.

"All for that last one all do." she told him bluntly.

Lupin sighed." Ginny, Harry's worried about you. I can tell you this because he asked about you."

Ginny softened her glare at this.

"He asked me if you were alright, that you weren't busying yourself so you can try to forget about what happened."

Ginny looked at him with some fear in her eyes " You didn't tell him about my dreams did you!?" She questioned him.

Lupin shook his head." No, but I was tempted. Ginny if you don't tell him soon I'll tell him."

Ginny gave him a cold stare before walking out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Lupin sighed. I tried he thought to himself.

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