Title: Ordinary Day

Author: wotchertonks7

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Severus/Lily

Rating: T

Summary: Seventh year. Severus and Lily are going to the New Year's Ball together. However, James and the Marauders will go to any lengths to keep them apart.

Warnings: Non-canon, spoilers, twist.

Disclaimer: Don't own them; wish I did. They belong to J.K.

Author's Note: I became a Severus/Lily fan back when it was just a rumor after "Snape's Worst Memory" in "Order of the Phoenix," and it's only grown stronger thanks to "Deathly Hallows." There is something about the tragic, star-crossed lovers that I love so much.

The title comes from the Vanessa Carlton song.

This is my first Harry Potter fanfic, so I hope that you enjoy it.

Ordinary Day"

Just a day,

Just an ordinary day.

Just trying to get by.

Just a boy,

Just an ordinary boy.

But he was looking to the sky.

-Vanessa Carlton

Chapter 1: Friends and Partners

"Look at that. Enough to make you want to puke!"

James nudges me and gestures with his head towards the courtyard entrance. I glance up from my book, if only to humor him.

Two figures are hurrying up the path from Hogsmead to escape the sudden snowstorm. The redheaded girl is wearing a green-tinged coat that is too large for her, and a green and silver scarf around her neck. The tall boy with dark hair and no coat or scarf has his arm protectively around her shoulders.

The girl laughs and begins to dance in the snow around the sullen boy, trying her best to make him join her. Eventually the boy gives up his struggle and twirls the girl, round and round. The trees over their heads glitter silver and gold in the late afternoon light. She laughs again and falls into his arms. Her cheeks and lips are pink from the cold. She tilts her chin upwards as he leans in closer to her.

James releases a stinging hex and catches the boy in the back. The boy yelps and instantly withdraws his own wand.

"Potter!" Lily shouts. "You're such a toerag!"

"Alright, Evans?" James keeps his wand pointed his wand at the boy. "This creep getting you all greasy?"

Snape scowls. "Bugger off, Big-Head Potter!"

James winces a bit. He does not care for the name he knows some call him behind his back. "Gonna fight back, Snivelly? Got it in you?"

Snape raises his wand. I can see Sirius and Peter do likewise behind James. All three are ready to blast the Slytherin to pieces should he try something. Yet Snape is not intimidated in the least. His wand stays level with James'. I pretend to read my book. Let them get it out of their systems.

Lily puts a timid hand on Snape's sleeve. Snape notices this and sighs. Slowly he lowers his arm. "You're not even worth it, Potter."

"Coward," James hisses.

"Five points from Gryffindor!" Lily exclaims.

"What?" shouts Sirius. "You'd take points from your own House over that wanker?"

"I just did! And another five points off for Lupin!"

That got my attention. I stood up. "But I didn't do anything, Lily."

Her green eyes flash at me and I know I had said the wrong thing.

"Exactly! You never do anything whenever you're friends are making mischief. Five points from a Prefect who won't do his duty!" She pulls her companion with her into the castle.

Long after dinner Lily finally returns to the Gryffindor common room. James is waiting by the front door for her.

"What was that little display this afternoon?" he asks.

"You mean your acting like a complete ass and me knocking you back down on it?" she answers. The green and silver scarf is still wrapped about her shoulders.

I remain in my favorite chair by the fireplace. From here I can see everything that is going on over the top of my book. There really is no point trying to get involved when those two are having a go.

"Look, if you wanted to make me jealous, bravo." James clapped his hands together. "You've succeeded, all right? Now drop the act and we can—"

"I beg your pardon. What act?"

"Oh, come off it, Lils. That act of you and Snivellus. You can't possibly be serious. You're having a go at me."

"Oh, am I?" Lily's face is yellow now. "You think I'm with Severus for your benefit, do you?"

"Well, come on. He's an ugly, little spotted frog and you're a lovely princess."

"Oh stuff it!" she says. "Do you even realize how stupid you sound right now?"

"Face it, Lils. Frogs and princesses just don't go together. Everyone knows that. Everyone's been whispering about you."

"As if I care what everybody thinks."

"You care about what your friends think, don't you?" Sirius says. "We're concerned about you spending time with a dark—"

"Sev is not a dark wizard!" she shouts.

"He's a Sytherin, and they're all in that group off to join You-Know-Who. Don't you remember what he called you in fifth year?"

"I do." Lily's cheeks turn red. "But that was two years ago. Sure, he was lost for a while but he's changed now. I see that he's not the way he used to be. He's not with that crowd of Slytherins anymore, not dabbling in dark magic for fun. Besides, I also remember that it was you lot picking on him that pushed him over the edge in the first place. If you'd just give him a chance."

"How do you know he's changed?"

"He has! He's mature now. You boys should try it sometime."

"I'm mature," says James.

"Mature for a dung beetle."

"He's in Slytherin! And say what you will, snakes can't change their skin."

Lily rolls her eyes. "Honestly. Is his House and his appearance the only problems you have?"

"No! You should be with me!" James drops his voice. "We were getting along this year, yeah? I thought we were. I-I thought you were starting to like me."

"Oh, James," Lily softens as well. "I'm really sorry. I was starting to like you. You did seem different this year, but then Sev came back and we became friends again, and…. He's a good man who cares about me. I'm with Sev now. I love him. Please leave us alone."

He reaches for her arm. "Go with me to the New Year's Ball. You'll see that we can be good together. Go with me and I'll never bother Snape again."

She shakes her head. "I'm going with Severus." Gently, she withdraws her arm. "I really am sorry, James." Lily darts up the stairs to the girl's dormitory.

James watches her leave, his face darkens into an expression that I have come to know only too well, and I fear what is about to come. I jump up from my seat and pat him on the arm.

"Maybe you should just back off this one, Prongs," I say as gently as possible. James is known for his impetuous nature, which is dangerous anywhere but on the Quidditch field.

As usual, he acts as if I had said nothing at all. "She's just playing hard to get. That's all. She wants to go with me to the Ball."

"She has a boyfriend. And Lily's not a fool, James. If she says Snape has changed…."

"Dark wizards do not change!" Sirius spits. "Believe me, I've lived with an entire family of them, all spouting pure-blood trifle for my entire life. That sort of mania doesn't just go away. I'll bet the sneaky git did something, like… like used a love potion or something like that."

Dammit, Sirius, I think to myself. Every time James gets a bad idea into his head there is Sirius to make it even worse. "I very much doubt—"

"I don't know," ads Peter. "Snape's top of Potions class. He'd have no problem whipping up a love potion."

That is all James needs to hear. "I knew it! He's using dark magic on her! That's why she likes him all of a sudden. That slimy, arrogant, worthless… Slytherin!"

As usual, it falls on me to keep my friends from doing something stupid. "Excuse me, but there is absolutely no proof that Snape has used a love potion. Lily is showing none of the symptoms, save for a girl who is in a real relationship of her own choice, mind. James, I really think you ought to let this go."

"The lady's honor is in need of defending! What say you, my brothers? Shall we put a stop to this dark wizard's evil treachery?" Peter and Sirius cheer for James. "I've got the perfect plan to dispose of the creep and save the maiden fair."

"You've finally gone round the twist," I say at last. For a few disturbing seconds, James looks like he might hit me.

"You're either with us or against us, Mooney." Now all three of my friends are glaring coldly at me. "Are you a Marauder or not?"

I feel my courage drain away, as it always does in these situations. "What… what did you have in mind, exactly?"