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Miles could never remember his dreams, so the night seemed to go quite swiftly for him. But once he was half-awake, he had that familiar just-woken-up feeling that made him wonder where he was for a brief moment, but quickly recalled. But, as he was only half-awake, his eyes were still closed, but his mind was open. He would try to get back to sleep. Miles could tell the others won't up yet – he could hear their steady breathing – so he figured he might as well wait.

But for several minutes he waited to fall asleep like always, and he could not. He finally sat up and opened his eyes, but woke up to darkness.


"I'm …I'm blind!" Miles yelled so loudly that he could hear the other boys gasp as they awoke.

But then…they started…laughing?

When Miles realized what was going on, he brought his hands up to his eyes and realized there were pieces of paper in front of his eyes. He ripped them off – ow – and found that they were, naturally, black.

Looking over, he could see the boys were still laughing, and they had nothing on them anymore. It was completely washed off – even the permanent marker!

But his body looked normal. "Why…? Why didn't you guys do anything else?"

"We couldn't find anything else!" Larry yelled accusingly. Miles then remembered he had thrown all that stuff away, but he couldn't remember why. Being up at five in the morning must have made him act like he was being chased by a monster that said "If you don't throw this junk away right now, I will eat your head!" or something.

"Oh…um…right. Yes, then, of course. When did you wake up?"

"I don't know what the time is, but I think about an hour?" Phoenix explained.

"What time is it now?"

"Uh…" Phoenix got up slowly out of his sleeping bag to grab his watch which he threw in his bag. "It's about…10:33!"

"Breakfast time!" Larry cheered, and the boys got up. "We have to change first."


When they got up to the kitchen, there was an extremely pleasant present waiting on the counter for them.

It was a plate of 10 or 12 cinnamon rolls, along with a note that simply stated, "Good morning boys. Make sure you're ready to leave at about 10:55. Enjoy breakfast."

The boys found that the rolls were still warm, to their surprise. They grabbed the plate of rolls – already smothered with icing – and immediately dug in (except for Miles whom grabbed a plate and a fork before taking his two cinnamon rolls). They ate the first couple rather quickly, but as they started getting more full, they ate more and more slowly until the plate was empty.

Phoenix glanced at his watch before anybody could ask him and said, "10:45."

The boys glanced at each other and ran downstairs. Miles painstakingly rolled up his sleeping bag, and slowly tied the strings around it to keep it in place. Meanwhile, Larry was stuffing it into a different bag, and Phoenix was doing quite a sloppy job of rolling his up. Miles smirked and packed up his bag, putting the appropriate, smelly and still wet clothes into it. How was he going to explain this to his father?

When everything was packed up, Phoenix and Nick picked up their stuff while Larry just let his lie there, no need to pick it up. They went upstairs, and Miles expressed his relief by simply thinking.

He had never been so relieved to leave a place in his entire life. This sleepover had been the worst experience of his life. He was never going to another sleepover again. Ever. Reading about them was one thing, and experiencing them was definitely another.

Looking out the window, as the clock struck exactly 11, a car pulled into the driveway. It was Miles' father's car, and immediately, Miles opened the door. Goodbye, sleepovers!

"Hey, wait, Edgey!" Phoenix suddenly yelled while his back was turned and he was already out the door.


"Next weekend, I'm having a sleepover of my own. You both are invited!!"


"So? What do you think?"

"…I have only one thing to say to that."

Phoenix tilted his head. "What?"


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