Summary: When the top model Sasuke has to work with the awarded "most delectable uke", he falls and he falls hard. But what about all the other semes?

Pairings: SasuNaru, and JustAboutEveryOtherMaleInNaruto x Naru

Warnings: Yaoi (Boy on Boy)!!! AU

Rating: R (maybe NC-17 later)


Estimated Chapters: 10


A/N: This is just a TEASER-ish kind of chapter, more like a semi-prologue if you will. The rest of the chapters will be longer, I swear.

And sorry to the readers waiting for This Little Sun God Of Mine updates, I promise I'll work on that next! It's just that this idea just attacked me viciously and i couldn't help it!

Chapter 1

Sasuke sighed.

This was about the fourth time this has happened. The paparazzi had somehow, someway, found their way into his private office and are now bombarding him with questions and requests. He could actually feel his eyes going blind from all the flashes of their expensive cameras.

It was getting annoying. He stealthily pressed the red button on his office pager, allowing his security to hear the racket the press was making.

The doors banged open almost instantly and a bunch of guards stormed in, anger on their faces. They started herding and forcing the paparazzi out, but not before one really bold reporter ran over to Sasuke and stuck a recorder in his face. Sasuke grimaced.

"Is it true, Uchiha Sasuke, that you have decided to work with Uke!icious for the upcoming season?!"

Sasuke groaned and gave out a feeble "Yes, that is correct," before the reporter was dragged away once and for all by the steaming guards.

Damn Kakashi, making him do this. If he wasn't a childhood friend and fatherly figure to Sasuke, he would have been round-house kicked by now. What was he thinking, signing him, Uchiha Sasuke, Top Male Model and Most Aspiring Male Model of the year, to work with some gay magazine company like Uke!icious?!

He should be working with more prestigious lines. In fashion. Not some stupid perverted magazine that turned gay little boys on. Damn it all!

Sasuke picked up his cell phone and pressed number one on his speed dial, waiting impatiently. The other side picked up after only one ring.

"Helloooooooooo there."

Sasuke growled at the annoying greeting. "Stop being a moron Kakashi. Get over here now."

"Awww, is widdle Sasuke not feeling good?"

"I'm fine, thank you, now shut the hell up and get over here!" Sasuke slammed his fist down to emphasize his anger. He heard his door open once again and he whirled his head up to see. It better not be those damn paparazzi people again!

"Jeez, such a spoil sport, Sasuke." A silver-haired man walked in, dressed in a tight black business suit and an atrocious mouth mask.

"Why the hell do you wear that mask all the time, Kakashi? And stop being a kid, grow up already."

The man, Kakashi, smirked at the teen that was sitting coldly in his chair. For a nineteen year old, Sasuke was very mature.

"I wear the mask so everyone won't fall in love with me, Sasu-chan, including you. And to your growing up request, I'd have to say no."

Sasuke snorted. "As if I'd fall in love with you. That's gross, Kakashi, now sit down!"

Kakashi sighed and obliged, sitting down on a seat across from the Uchiha's desk. Both men stared (or on Sasuke's part, glared) at each other for a bit before Kakashi laughed nervously.

"I bet it's about Uke!icious again, right?"

"Yes. Now please explain, again, clearly, why the hell do I have to do this?" Sasuke glared at the man. He could tell he was being difficult on purpose.

"Well, other than the fact that I will be beaten to a pulp if I don't give you over to the company's owner, you also need some fun work, if you know what I mean." Kakashi winked suggestively.

"And how is posing with guys fun?" Sasuke asked, his mood turning more and more sour.

Kakashi smirked. "It's obvious you're not straight, Sasuke. Don't deny it."

"That doesn't mean I'm gay either! I happen to loathe both genders."

"Tsk tsk, so anti-social, Sasuke. This is another reason why you need other lines of work that require interaction with other people, not just clothe."

"But with gay people?!" Could Kakashi not see the situation he had put him in? Sasuke was almost at his limit. He was seconds away from throwing something at the infuriating man.

"Hey, not everyone in the magazine is gay! Just because they're in gay poses doesn't mean they actually like men! But don't worry, they're not going to rape you or anything. I'll have guards near you at all times, okay, wittle baby?"

Sasuke snatched up a pen and threw it at Kakashi, who dodged it expertly. Yes, this happened often enough that he could avoid injury with ease.

With another sigh, Kakashi stood up from his seat and reached into his jacket, pulling out a magazine roll and throwing it at Sasuke. It was caught deftly in strong, pale hands.

"I thought that since, starting tomorrow, you'll be working with them, it'll do you good to see their general style. Have fun! And try not to drool on the magazine, I want it returned to me!" Kakashi barely slipped out the door before a whole pencil container crashed into the space he was at a second ago.

Sasuke scowled at the stupid thing in front of him. Still mad that he had to go through with this, he got rid of the rubber band around the magazine and unrolled it. The cover was yellow with pink, purple, white, and just about every other color adorning it. The guy on the front was black haired and had big black eyes and a full pout on his gloss-covered lips. He looked about 13, but the inscription next to him said he was 17. Yepp, it sure seemed like a gay magazine.

The words 'Uke!icious' were in bubbly baby blue letters on the top, with various topic titles strewn around the page. Some headlines like "Uke Parade" and "Store for all semes!" and "Bound and Gagged; A Beautiful Love Story" had Sasuke shaking his head. These people were crazy!

Then one headline caught his attention. It read "Top 10 Ukes of the Year."

Hmm, this might be worth looking at. I'll probably be working with one of them. Sasuke thought, starting to flip to the indicated page. Of course, he knew for certain he was going to be a seme. What else could a well-muscled handsome man like him be?

As he was flipping through, he saw that there were some really sexual images; a particular one of the seme hovering directly over the uke's lower regions actually made Sasuke blush a bit. Would he have to do this sort of thing too?

Arriving at page 103, he stopped. On the two pages were, apparently, number ten and nine. They were both black haired boyish-looking teens and they all had almost the same expression on their face. A pout of some sort.

Not interested at all (infact, a little disgusted), Sasuke flipped the page. Number eight and seven were black-haired too, and there wasn't really any difference in their poses. Scoffing at their amateurism, Sasuke kept flipping. Number six to three were pretty much the same, except number four had light brown hair and green eyes. Quite disappointed with what he saw, Sasuke gave up. This job wasn't going to be inspiring at all. What was a talented young model like himself doing with these people?

Lethargically flipping to the last page, he glanced half-heartedly at number two. Blah, the poses were a bit better, he'd admit, but it was still stupid. This guy had cat-eyed contacts on, he noticed. Tch, how cliché.

Moving on to the next page, he stopped breathing. His eyes actually widened.

Staring up at him through misted blue eyes was the most beautiful blond boy he had ever seen. He was tan, slender, and very very seductive. Unlike all the other uke models, he didn't look to be 13; he looked more around 16ish. He was sitting on his legs in a very Japanese manner, his hands held up to cup a bunch of cherries, one which he was dangling from his very plump, pink lips. And on his cheeks were six whisker marks, three on each side. One would think the whisker idea to be very over-used, but on the blond it looked almost natural.

Well, this was a drastic change from all the rest. No wonder he was number one. Sasuke read the description underneath him.

Uzumaki N.
Born: October 10
Age: 18

Taking the yaoi world by storm, this beautiful blond prodigy rose out of nowhere to win the hearts of semes all across Japan. In fact, he is rumored to have fan clubs even in distant countries like Italy! Not much is known about Uzumaki but the blond's cute charisma and delicious figure appealed to everyone instantly, not to mention his natural flair at modeling. He has been voted "Best Overall Uke", "Most Delectable Uke", and even "Most Exciting Uke" of the year.

Sasuke looked at the picture again. Grunting with something akin to denial, he flipped back a few pages to look at the rest of the magazine. He was still wary of the talent of this guy...

This time through, he noticed that the blond kid was on a lot of pages, most of the time with another dominant looking male. Sasuke stared specifically at one picture of Uzumaki and some guy with long black hair and almost white eyes. They were close to kissing and the blond's eyes were drifting shut with a really pretty flush spread across his cheeks. The seme was just staring down hungrily, his hands wounding around the boy's slim waist.

Would he be the next to lean down over this blond, staring at him with such lustful eyes? Sasuke only hoped so. Of all the ukes in the magazine, none stood out to him except this one and if worst comes to worst, he'd refuse to work with anyone other than Uzumaki.

He flipped to another page. In this one, a red head was dominating over him. He had the symbol for love tattooed onto his forehead and ice green eyes. The most peculiar thing was the lack of eyebrows and the excessive eye makeup.

Gaara. Sasuke knew him. He had been nominated for Top Male Model. But Sasuke had won none the less. He didn't know that he modeled for Uke!icious...

On another page, a mangy brunette was biting Uzumaki's slim neck. The guy had red triangles tattooed on each cheek and a wild look to him.

Kiba. He was also in the Top Male Model nominees. He worked there too?!

Sasuke flipped through a few more pages containing the blond before closing the magazine and placing it on the desk. He got the general picture. Sasuke stood up and grabbed his coat, which was hanging on the back of his chair, and walked out of his office.

He learned a few new interesting things, and now this job is just starting to seem a bit more interesting. Tomorrow felt like it would never come. He was actually looking forward to it.

Damn that Kakashi!


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