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Summary: They'd destroyed plenty of hollows, fought against the strongest of enemies, and saved the entire world from doom, but nothing could face up to the next challenge in Ichigo's and Rukia's life having a baby. IchiRuki.

Alright, I really REALLY like writing Rukia pregnant, because I think women that are pregnant are adorable, so, I've decided to take a break from writing a huge plot-like story, and try doing something a little different. I know Rukia having a baby is probably cliché, but I don't really care. As long as I enjoy writing it, and you enjoy reading it, right? Oh, and Ichigo and Rukia are married in Soul Society! WOOT!

Unprepared Battles

I Surprise, Surprise

Ichigo scrutinized his small wife thoroughly.

It shouldn't have been bothering him so much, because Rukia had a tendency to get uneasy about something, and would always eventually tell him. But something was different about the way she was sitting, almost looking guilty about what ever was on her mind. She had only been acting that way for a day or two, but it was enough to mentally drive him insane.

It didn't help when Rukia was already a master at screwing with his head.

So Ichigo only continued to observe his wife skeptically, wondering what could be bothering her so much. He really wanted to confront her about it on the spot, but since they were in a stupid captain and vice captain meeting, Ichigo could only look at her. Yamamoto didn't stop talking for a long time either, and went on and on about pointless changes that had nothing to do with his division.

"And that concludes the meeting. If you have any questions or concerns, please report to me at once. Dismissed!" Yamamoto demanded, slamming his huge cane thing on the ground. Ichigo sighed in relief, glad to know Yamamoto stopped talking before Ichigo really lost it.

"Um, Kurosaki-taichou, what would you like me to do?" Izuru Kira, Ichigo's vice captain asked from behind. Ichigo, remembering that he had a crap-load of work to do, sighed and turned to Izuru.

"Well, it's about lunch-time, so go ahead and take your lunch. Be back around noon." Ichigo commanded. Izuru looked ready to say something back, but nervously nodded, and left the meeting room quickly. Ichigo watched the guy walk off for a moment, feeling a little uneasy himself. Ichigo had only been a captain for about eight months, and though he was progressing and getting better, it still made him edgy.

He was extremely young in Soul Society, roughly the age of 24. Ichigo hadn't given up his life, by means that he hadn't died in the human world, he simply made a choice. Soul Society needed a captain, as they lacked several since the war with Aizen, so Ichigo, only a year ago agreed to the responsibility. Ichigo had been extremely lucky to be given such an offer, mainly because of Rukia, and how things were very difficult for them for a while.

Ichigo had been seeing Rukia for about two years, though only a few knew of it. He knew he wanted to marry her, but didn't know how to act on it. How could they marry when they lived in two completely different worlds? And then there was the matter of Kuchiki Byakuya, and how Ichigo doubted the man would be anything but thrilled to know that his younger sister wanted to marry someone that lived worlds away.

So Ichigo knew it was fate, that after he bravely purposed to Rukia, without the consent or knowledge of Kuchiki Byakuya, when Soul Society offered him the position to captain of the third division.

Everything following was basic history, even if Ichigo and Rukia had only been married nine months.

Finally, after waiting for several captains to exit the room, Ichigo saw Rukia leaving with her captain. Ukitake spotted him coming up, and grinned.

"Kurosaki-san, how are you?" Ukitake asked, smiling at Ichigo. Rukia stopped next to her captain, avoiding looking at Ichigo. It was really eating at his sides…

"I'm doing good. Actually—" Ichigo paused, making an effort to stare down at Rukia to get her attention, but not in a way for Ukitake to think that something was wrong between the two. His plan worked, and Rukia finally looked up at him.

"I was wondering if I could steal Rukia for a minute." Ichigo finished. Ukitake smiled again.

"I was just telling Kuchiki-san to go on and take her lunch break, so go right ahead." Ukitake replied. The older captain left following, waving at Rukia and Ichigo as he walked out.

They were the only two left.

"What do you need?" Rukia asked. Ichigo looked at her accusingly.

"What I need is for you to tell me what the hell is bothering you. I don't know what you're trying to hide from me, but I can see through you Rukia, so go on and spit it out." Ichigo shot back. He knew he probably sounded a little more upset than he really was, but he hated seeing anything bothering her, especially when he had no idea of what.

"Ichigo, nothing is wrong."

"Don't lie to me Rukia." Ichigo said, moving a little closer to her.

"I promise," She paused. "There is nothing wrong."

Ichigo looked at her for a moment longer, trying to decide on whether or not to keep pushing her. He didn't want to piss her off though, which had a tendency to happen if he pushed too hard. Though it didn't sit well with him, he decided to let Rukia off the hook. She would tell him if something was wrong, and maybe it was nothing, though he doubted it.

Rukia was mentally freaking out.

She missed her period, and Rukia never missed a period.

It wasn't like it wasn't impossible for her to be what she suspected, because Ichigo and Rukia had intercourse on a regular basis, sometimes without the use of protection, but thinking about the possibility of her being…

It just wasn't possible.

But she hadn't confirmed anything yet. Rukia had been a little on the edge lately, and Ichigo had been hounding her about it, but she didn't know what to say to him. She wasn't even sure if she was—she couldn't say the word.


Rukia hadn't even told anyone yet, simply because of the risk of a rumor getting out. A child being born in Soul Society was not a common thing, especially from extremely young parents, and if a rumor was to get out, and Rukia turned out to not be…pregnant, and just for some ridiculously out of the question reason missed her period, she didn't want to think about what would happen.

She would never admit it to others, but Rukia hated gossip, and dealing with petty things like rumors. Rukia and Ichigo both had to deal with a lot when he first joined Soul Society, and became captain. People whispered about how angry her brother was that Ichigo hadn't asked him before hand about Ichigo asking Rukia to marry him (which was pretty much true) but still, it bothered her. Ichigo didn't seem to care, though she figured he wouldn't, but it did bother Rukia, whether the rumors were true or not.

Rukia took a deep breath as she sat on the couch at her and Ichigo's estate. He had to stay late at his division, so Rukia was able to think and clear her mind.

"I'll go to Unohana-taichou tomorrow." Rukia said quietly to herself. Surely Unohana would be able to help out, or at least give Rukia some advice and kept it confidential. Rukia had come to really like Unohana, though it naturally came after the woman healed Rukia countless of times.

She hated acting the way she did around Ichigo, but she knew the possibility of being pregnant was something to worry about. Rukia didn't know a lot about being pregnant, but she knew that nausea and fatigue came on early, which Rukia didn't feel very much of. So maybe…she wasn't.

It didn't help settle anything in her stomach, and Rukia nearly jumped when Ichigo walked into the living room where Rukia sat. She was so deep in thought that she hadn't sensed his reiatsu! Should she tell him? Would it make it easier on the stress if she told him of what she speculated?

"Oi Rukia, what are you doing?" Ichigo asked, sitting on the couch next to her. She sat up to give him some more room, and leaned her head on the opposite end.

"Nothing, just thinking." She replied. Ichigo eyed her suspiciously for a second, but dropped his gaze, relaxing into the couch. Rukia mentally shook her head as she stared at Ichigo. Getting advice would probably be the best solution first, and so, Rukia tried her hardest to cast away her current problem, and enjoy Ichigo being next to her.

Rukia moved from the side she was on to the other, resting her head on Ichigo's shoulder. He took her hand in his, rubbing his fingers gently along her skin. Rukia smiled, closing her eyes.

She was feeling…sleepy.

Her eyes shot open following, and she cursed herself for suddenly flinching. Ichigo of course noticed.

"You alright?" He asked, turning his head to look at her. Rukia nodded.

"Yes, I'm fine." She replied. Rukia refused to believe that she was feeling any kind of fatigue. It was just…her mind playing tricks on her. It had to be. She was thinking about it too much.

"How was the division?" Rukia asked, trying to keep her mind free. Ichigo sighed.

"There's been way too much paperwork lately. Honestly, I just got back from a mission a week ago, and it sucks when right after I get healed from my injuries, I have to go to more pointless work."

"Well with that attitude, it would suck." Rukia replied, grinning next to Ichigo. She couldn't see his expression, but she was sure he rolled his eyes.

"Well ya know, it does also have to do with you, and the fact that it feels like I haven't seen you in who knows how long." Ichigo shot back. Rukia chuckled next to him.

"You're seeing me right now aren't you?" Rukia asked, sitting up so that she could see Ichigo. He frowned.

"You know what I mean." He mumbled, his eyes on Rukia's. Rukia smiled back.

"Well then, let's spend some time together right now." Rukia said, rising from the couch. Ichigo made no motion of moving.

"C'mon, get up." She demanded, grabbing Ichigo's arm and pulling. He didn't budge at first, so Rukia tried pulling his arm harder. The second she stopped pulling, Ichigo pulled his arm Rukia was holding onto, causing Rukia to basically fly towards him. He caught her though with his arms, and didn't let go.

"Why can't we just sit and relax on the couch, I'm tired." Ichigo mumbled. Rukia was standing in front of him, his arms wrapped around her waist. She sighed, rolled her eyes, and moved onto Ichigo lap, placing her head on his left shoulder. Hearing Ichigo complain about being tired made Rukia feel slightly better.

But only slightly.

"What time is it?" Rukia asked. Ichigo looked at a clock that Rukia couldn't see.

"Almost eighty thirty." He replied. Rukia lifted her head.

"You were at the division that long?" She asked in disbelief. Ichigo just stared at her blankly.

"Why do you think I was complaining about all the paperwork earlier. What time did you think it was?" Ichigo asked. Rukia sighed.

"Not that late." She grumbled, feeling aggravation suddenly. When did time pass by so quickly? Rukia was about to move her head back to Ichigo's shoulder when his hand caught her chin. Knowing well what he wanted, she kept her body up.

"Well I'm sorry. I don't like it, I promise." Ichigo said.

"I'm sure you don't." Rukia replied playfully as her lips nearly touched Ichigo's. He smiled, his hand rubbing up against her back gently. She closed her eyes for a brief second, and kept them closed when she felt Ichigo's hot breath against hers.

Ichigo's lips touched Rukia's softly following. Her worries floated away, as her mind was consumed by Ichigo, and Ichigo only. She wrapped her arms around his neck, sitting up a little more to get better access of his mouth. Ichigo pulled her tighter to him, his kissing becoming deeper by the second. Soon enough, his tongue entered into her mouth, searching for hers. He found it rather quickly, and let his tongue explore hers as he wished. Rukia could feel the heat creeping up, but didn't feel like stopping. Ichigo's mouth ripped away from hers and moved to her jaw, his lips caressing her skin, and settling on her neck. She couldn't help the soft moan that escaped, and she lifted her a little bit, trying to give Ichigo as much access as he wanted.

Rukia jumped in Ichigo's lap when there was a sudden knock on the door. Neither of them moved for a second, hoping the knock had just been imaginary. Ichigo sighed when the door did knock again, and he hugged Rukia to his body for a brief second before she moved off of him. She sat back on the couch and let Ichigo answer the door. If people did come to their house at night, it was usually for Ichigo.

"Ah Renji, come in." Rukia heard Ichigo say. She sighed. Renji was Rukia's best friend, a brother to her, but she just didn't feel like seeing him at the moment, especially since he'd interrupted their "time together".

Ichigo and Renji emerged in the living room. "Oh Hey Rukia." Renji said, taking a seat on one of the chairs. Ichigo sat on the couch next to Rukia.

"So what's goin on?" Ichigo asked. Rukia turned her full attention to Renji.

"It looks like there have been a lot of hollows in the human world lately, well, more than usual, and I was asked to come tell you two. All captains and vice captains are to be on alert, because the hollows have been rather strong." Renji stated.

"Do they know why there are so many hollows showing up?" Rukia asked.

"Does Yamamoto ever have any idea of why hollows sometimes randomly appear more than usual?" Renji asked sarcastically. Ichigo frowned.

"Ok, well thanks for telling us, though I don't see why they didn't send people from our squad." Ichigo mumbled. Renji stood from his chair.

"Yah well since it's all the captains and vice captains, it's just kind of been in a random and unorganized way. Don't worry about telling any of the other captains or vice captains, because it should be taken care of." Renji said.

Ichigo and Rukia nodded, standing up next to Renji.

"So just be on alert until the hollows calm down a bit?" Ichigo asked. Renji nodded, closing his eyes for a second with an aggravated expression.

"I guess Yamamoto thinks the captains and vice captains have all the time in the world to go and kill the hollows." Renji grumbled as he followed Ichigo to the door.

"I guess he doesn't feel like sending any lower recruits to go and destroy the hollows, but I don't mind too much. I think I'd rather kill hollows than do paper work." Ichigo replied with a smirk. Rukia crossed her arms and shook her head. Of course Ichigo would think something like that. She sometimes wondered if he and Zaraki Kenpachi were related. They both liked fighting so much…

Renji chuckled, stepping outside the door. "Well you two take care. Hopefully we won't be bothered too much by the hollow attacks." Renji said. Rukia and Ichigo waved at him, and closed the door.

"You think that after defeating Aizen the hollow attacks would slow down, but nope, they still keep comin." Ichigo mumbled, scratching his head. Rukia shrugged her shoulders.

"The existence of hollows will probably never die down, and so, we will continue to fight against them." Rukia replied. The slight tired feeling from before hit Rukia, and though it made the cursed nervous and uneasy feeling come back, she decided that perhaps going to bed early would help calm her down. Ichigo had helped sooth her mind from earlier, and even hearing the news from Renji helped, but the second Rukia got focused back on her own life, the stressed feeling came back.

"So what do you wanna do?" Ichigo asked. Rukia smiled weakly at him, walked the few steps that created a distance, and rested her head on her chest, wrapping her arms around Ichigo's strong waist.

She smiled when Ichigo's arms circled around her back, and the two stayed like that for who knows how long. Rukia felt safe when he held her in such a way. She breathed in his scent, tightening her arms around him slightly.

"Rukia?" Ichigo asked softly.

"Hmm?" She replied, not moving her head from its position. Ichigo paused for a long time.

"If something is bothering you, you know you can tell me." Ichigo said. Rukia lifted her head to look at her husband. His eyes held worry.

"I know I can, and I'm fine." Rukia replied. Ichigo didn't look satisfied with her answer, but didn't press the subject further. She knew that technically she was lying, but once she figured out for certain if she was—or was not—pregnant, Rukia would tell him.

He kissed her softly following, and Rukia was glad it wasn't the deep kiss he had given her before. Ichigo must have sensed that Rukia was no longer in the mood for any foreplay.

"I'm tired, so I think I'll go to bed." Rukia said, pulling out of Ichigo's warm grasp. He caught her hand before she completely pulled away.

"Alright, I'll be up in a little while." He replied, and brought his lips down onto hers one last time. Every time Ichigo kissed her, even if it was a light peck, Rukia felt butterflies. She never knew she could feel so happy.

"Izuru-san, do you know where I put that file from the other day?" Ichigo asked, standing up from his ridiculously messy desk. Izuru looked up nervously.

"Um, which one?" Izuru asked. Ichigo scratched his head.

"You know, the one in the vanilla envelope, with Yamamoto's signature on it." Ichigo replied. Izuru looked around.

"Well Kurosaki-taichou, there are a lot of vanilla envelopes with Yamamoto's signature on them, but um…I could try." Izuru replied. Ichigo sighed.

"Good point. Nah, don't worry about it. I'm sure it will show up sooner or later." Ichigo finished. He hoped the envelope would show up. Ichigo wasn't even sure what the envelope full of stuff was needed for, hopefully nothing too important.

Izuru yawned as he stacked a pile of folders. Ichigo, feeling tired suddenly himself, glanced at his watch.

"It's already six o'clock at night, how the hell did the time go by so fast?" Ichigo asked. Izuru looked up once again from the folders.

"Yes, sometimes we get so busy with work that it does that. It's nice actually." Izuru replied, smiling a little bit. Ichigo didn't know how Izuru felt about him. Izuru had been in Soul Society for…who knows how long, and then Ichigo, who had barely lived any of his human life, joined Soul Society, and became a captain right off the bat. Ichigo tried not to be too demanding to the guy since technically, Izuru had a sort of "seniority" over him.

Ichigo, figuring if he wanted to get home to Rukia as quickly as he could, pulled out some other sheets, stretched out his aching hand, and began signing over and over again. Rukia had acted almost normal the day before when he had returned home, but then she had gone to bed awfully early. Maybe she was just really tired, but it didn't stop Ichigo from wondering what was going through her mind. Why did it even bother him so much? If Rukia said it was nothing, then it was probably him just being over protective as he finally admitted to being.

Almost instantaneously following, a subordinate Ichigo did not recognize ran into the room.

"Kurosaki-taichou, Izuru-fukutaichou, urgent call from Yamamoto-taichou! There has been a hollow encounter, and he has requested that you two leave immediately!" The man said forcefully, his face full of seriousness. Ichigo rose to his feet, along with Izuru.

"Alright then, let's go Izuru-san." Ichigo commanded. Izuru nodded and the two rushed out the division, heading towards the entrance to the human world.

Joining them were the captains and vice captains of the sixth division, the fifth division, the tenth division, and lastly, the thirteenth division.

"I thought that all captains and vice captains were to come if hollows attacked." Ichigo mumbled to Renji while the gates opened. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Well I guess not. There must not be that many hollows."

Ichigo smiled at Rukia, who looked ten times as uneasy as she had before. He was desperate to talk to her, to console her, but the minute he began taking a step towards her, the gates were fully opened, and everyone began ascending to the human world.

It was down right crazy the amount of hollows flew in the sky, looking for hungry meat. Ichigo's eyes nearly widened at the sight. "No wonder Yamamoto asked the captains and vice captains to come." He mumbled to himself. The hollows, sensing everyone's reiatsu, flew towards them, the hunger deep in their eyes. The fighting quickly began.

It wasn't hard to destroy the hollows, it was just…aggravating. When ten of the hollows would die, another ten would almost instantly replace them. Ichigo saw Hitsugaya and Byakuya released their shikai, killing the hollows with more ease. Rukia's shikai had been released since the beginning. He continued on his killing spree, spotting Matsumoto, Renji, and even his own vice captain in the process. Everyone was doing fine.

Until Ichigo noticed something.

The hollows Ichigo were fighting suddenly began looking…side-tracked about something, looking around wildly. Ichigo didn't spare them any mercy as he swung his blade at their heads, but just as more came, they had the same strange look, as if searching for something. Every hollow around him turned to one direction, and finally, Ichigo followed their eyes.

Rukia was the only Shinigami in the direction he looked towards, and Ichigo realized the hollows were all staring at her.

Something inside of him told him it wasn't right. Something made him feel fear as hollows began flocking towards Rukia at a fast speed. He looked around him, and even hollows that had been fighting the other Shinigami sped towards Rukia. He saw a look of surprise in her eyes before she began fighting again.

Ichigo took off towards her as the fear began to grow and grow. He knew she could handle hollows, but why were they all going to her? She wouldn't be able to handle so many. To his luck, everyone else moved towards her also, and began fighting once again. Ichigo moved right next to Rukia.

"Are you alright?" He asked, even in the midst of battle. Rukia kept her eyes forward, and slashed a hollow that had tried to take her down.

"I'm fine." She replied. Something in her voice gave him the feeling that she wasnot fine.

Byakuya moved next to them using flash-step a second later.

"Kurosaki, take Rukia back." He demanded. His voice held anger for some reason.

Ichigo shot an attack, killing a whole load of hollows. "I don't understand—"

"Now." He demanded, and threw Ichigo a look that could kill. Ichigo slowly nodded, and pulled Rukia to the side. Rukia looked confused, but did not struggle against Ichigo once she saw Byakuya's furious face. She herself looked surprised, but moved away with Ichigo.

He quickly opened the gate to Soul Society, still confused at why he was moving her away. Something in his gut told him to listen though, especially since the hollows had moved towards her at a quick pace. Rukia stepped into the portal silently.

The moment they stepped into the gates of Soul Society, the questioning began.

"Rukia, what's goin on?" He asked, staring at her with hardness. For once, he couldn't read her expression.

"Ichigo, I wanted to tell you earlier, but you were so busy." She began.

"Tell me what?" He asked, keeping his stare on her. Rukia averted her eyes the other way.

"Look, I missed my period this month, and so, I went to see Unohana-taichou today." Rukia paused again. Ichigo wasn't quite sure what she was getting at.

"Ichigo, I'm pregnant." She finally said.

After finding out the news from Unohana, who could only tell that Rukia was pregnant because of Rukia's off-balance reiatsu, Rukia had decided to wait until Ichigo got home that day from work to tell him the news.

But then the stupid hollows came, and she was forced to go to the human world. The only person that had known was Unohana, so she went ahead and left, figuring she could tell Ichigo afterwards.

Rukia hadn't planned on blurting it out to Ichigo after such an attack, but she never really knew how to word it to him. And therefore, Ichigo stared at her blankly.


"Yes Ichigo, I'm about two weeks, and Unohana barely caught it. I didn't think it would be such a problem to go to the human world, but when a woman becomes pregnant in Soul Society, her reiatsu sky-rockets at the most unexpected of times because of the child, and during the hollow attack, I had my first bounce of reiatsu. That was why the hollows were fleeing towards me."

"But Rukia…you're, you're pregnant." Ichigo repeated. His body was extremely tense.

"That was why I was acting uneasy to you, because I didn't know for sure, and I didn't want to say anything until I knew one hundred percent."

Ichigo stared at her blankly for a moment longer, but finally let a smile come. He moved towards Rukia and wrapped his arms around her. She hugged him back, ignoring the fact that they were in public.

"I really wasn't expecting you to say something like this." He whispered to her. Rukia knew he was probably in shock.

"Nii-sama figured it out, which was why he told you to take me back to Soul Society." Rukia said. Ichigo tensed against her again. She remembered seeing Byakuya's angry face, so he must have known.

"That…is not good." Ichigo replied.

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