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Unprepared Battles

X Epilogue

For the first time in what felt like forever, Rukia was actually able to relax as she settled into the futon next to her husband. His hand snaking around her waist made her feel warmer than ever, and she placed her arm over his, taking his hand in the process.

She could feel Ichigo's lips on her neck, and smiled.

"Finally, he's asleep." Rukia whispered loudly enough for Ichigo to hear.

"Yes, finally." Ichigo replied, his lips touching her skin again. She wanted to turn her body to him, and kiss him fully on the mouth, but something told her not to, that kissing him at the moment would lead to other things, and Rukia needed to rest.

"Let's go to sleep, I'm tired." Rukia mumbled. Ichigo didn't stop with the kissing for a second, but she heard a sigh when his lips were suddenly gone.

"You know he fell asleep pretty early tonight. I'd say a good hour and a half earlier than usual." Ichigo said a little louder. Rukia shrugged her shoulders from behind.

"That's all the more reason to get as much rest as possible." Rukia replied. She could feel something brushing slowly against her shoulder, and smiled.

"It doesn't take that long." Ichigo encouraged. Rukia rolled her eyes and sat up so she could face him.

"Do you really get turned on that easily, because we have a little bit more time to rest than usual?" Rukia asked questioningly. Ichigo's expression was hilarious.

"Well, it's been a while, and I just thought that since we had this time, we could take advantage of it."

"Or better yet, you could take advantage of me. Ichigo, it's been three days. I think you'll survive." Rukia replied.

Usually, Rukia was all for having her way with Ichigo, but she just wanted to sleep, and enjoy the extra…hour and a half.

"Can I at least kiss you?" Ichigo asked, an irritated look beginning to form on his face. Rukia sighed.

"No, because if you kiss me, then you'll try to get me in deeper."

"Is there really such a problem with that?"

"Ichigo, you're sounding more and more like you father. Go to sleep." Rukia finally finished. The more time she spent arguing with him, the more time she wasted on sleeping. Not even turning to look at Ichigo one last time, Rukia slid back down into the sheets away from Ichigo, and closed her eyes.

"I do not sound like my father. That was an insult, take it back." Ichigo demanded from behind.

"Goodnight Ichigo." Rukia repeated, hoping he could hear the aggravation in her voice.

"Rukia, we could have spent the time we were arguing doing better things like —"

"Sleeping." Rukia cut in. "Ichigo, just get over it. You aren't getting laid tonight."

There was silence on the other end, and then she heard shuffling around from the other side.

"Fine, next time you have the urge to want me, I'm turning you down." Ichigo warned.

"That won't be likely." Rukia replied. She heard Ichigo mumble something under his breath before everything was silent, and for the final time.

It had been three months since their baby boy Hajime had come to the world of the living, or rather, world of the dead.

The three months had been tiresome and slow, because Rukia was constantly up with Hajime, coaxing and breast feeding him. He was a stubborn baby, just like his daddy.

Ichigo blamed Rukia on Hajime's stubbornness, but in the end, Rukia won the battle.

Even though she was often exhausted, it didn't come close to how tired she had been during the pregnancy. Rukia's body had somehow adjusted to getting only four hours of sleep every night, because the other three to four hours consisted of putting Hajime to sleep.

Rukia soon become overwhelmed by sleep, and fast. She wasn't kidding when she told Ichigo she wanted to sleep.

She needed it.

Ichigo wasn't the one that had to stay home all day with a baby, well, only sometimes. Rukia took him to work occasionally, but usually the maid that was staying with them babysat Hajime.

Morning brought about an earsplitting cry.

"It's your turn Ichigo, go get Hajime." Rukia mumbled next to him. She heard Ichigo grumble, but then nothing. Rukia sighed dramatically, and sat up from the bed.

"Ichigo! Go get Hajime!" Rukia demanded. Ichigo slowly opened his eyes and sat up. His hair was ever messier than usual, something Rukia found cute.

"What time izit?" Ichigo muttered.

"5 in the morning, now go." Rukia muttered back. Ichigo took a deep breath and slowly slid from the bed, not even bothering to cover up his bare chest.

"You've gotta be kiddin me." She heard Ichigo whisper.

Rukia watched as he left, chuckling when he almost bumped into the wall. She leaned back against her bed, crossing her arms over her chest. She always stayed awake, just incase Hajime needed her instead of him.

Sometimes he got hungry after all.

Seeing the flickering of a light from Hajime's room just across the hall, Rukia stood from their futon as well and made her way to the bedroom. She stopped before she reached the doorway, a huge grin upon her face.

Ichigo was holding Hajime sweetly, a smile on his groggy face. Hajime was smiling back, holding onto one of Ichigo's fingers with his own tiny ones. Ichigo started humming some sort of song, and Rukia wished she had a camera.

It was the most adorable thing in the world.

"Well, aren't you a great dad." Rukia finally cut in. Ichigo snapped his head up, though the peaceful expression had not left his face.

"Shh, Hajime's was starting to fall asleep again." Ichigo whispered. Rukia shut her mouth, deciding she would watch.

Slowly yet surely, Hajime's eyes closed, the tiny smile dropping from his chubby face. Ichigo placed Hajime slowly into the Chappy-filled crib, continuing to hum until he knew Hajime wouldn't move again.

Rukia moved next to Ichigo, and watched their child sleep in awe.

Hajime was so beautiful to her. His hair, that had originally been dark black like hers, had changed over the months to a reddish-brown color. It looked a lot like Inoue's hair color, only a little darker. Hajime's skin color was more of Ichigo's color, darker than hers at least. Ichigo wasn't for say a dark tanned man, but compared to Rukia he was.

Rukia could see Hajime looking just like Ichigo, just like his daddy when he grew up. He even had a few spiky pieces on his head sprouting out from places. But there was one thing that Hajime did have from Rukia.

His eyes.

They were violet blue, just like hers. For her, the color of the eyes felt important, like it was the center of the baby or something. His eyes were what made Hajime warm, even though the colors were much more of a cold nature. Hajime's colorful eyes were her mark that he was her baby, that she brought him into her world, that she created him, and that he in return made her into a mother.

Rukia felt Ichigo's hand touch her back, and she looked up at him. Ichigo was still staring down at Hajime, a light smile upon his face. It made her happy to see Ichigo happy just because of their child.

Ichigo loved their baby just as much as she did. Rukia leaned her head onto his shoulder, and closed her eyes for a brief second.

He had to admit it.

He was such a sucker for the baby.

Anytime Hajime cried, Ichigo wanted him to stop it at all costs. He knew babies cried, quite frequently actually, but he just didn't like it.

It surprised him how much he loved the child, and how much he wanted to hold Hajime, and play with him, and just…love him.

He knew he would love the baby before he came, it was just crazy how Ichigo had underestimated himself.

And then there was Rukia.

She acted so natural as a mother, like everything came easily for her. The feeding, the changing of diapers, the constant loving, and playing. It fit her so well.

Somehow or the other, he found himself loving her more.

He smiled again and looked down at his wife, her head leaning against his shoulder.

She was back to her tiny, petite self, though some things were still intact, and he wasn't going to go into detail about which parts. He didn't really need to.

Ichigo was still getting used to seeing her without her huge stomach. Every time he'd come home from his division and see her, he had to remind himself that their baby was born, and that they were officially parents.

"Hajime's asleep, let's go back to bed." Rukia whispered from next to him. Ichigo just nodded his head, too tired to speak, and began moving back to their bedroom.

He moved down onto the futon first, and Rukia followed, resting her head against his chest. Ichigo brought a hand around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. Using his free hand, he took Rukia's hand that was touching his chest.

"You have to get up in an hour." Rukia whispered.

"Yah, I know."

There was a small silence.

"That sucks doesn't it."

"Yes, it does." Ichigo finished. Rukia lifted her head to stare at his face, an amused look on her face.

"You've really become a softie to that kid." Rukia whispered. Ichigo shook his head.

"No I haven't." Ichigo argued. Rukia closed her eyes and sighed.

"It doesn't matter if we argue, because I've already won. It's a good thing for you to be a softie. It shows that you have compassion for Hajime."

"When did you suddenly become my psychiatrist?" Ichigo replied sarcastically.

Rukia smacked his arm lightly.

"I don't get why it's so hard to admit that Hajime has you wrapped around his finger." Rukia said.

"Like you're one to talk." Ichigo muttered back, turning his gaze away.

"I never said I wasn't a softie to him." Rukia added sternly. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"You can never settle for the answer unless it's your answer." Ichigo added.

"No, I only keep my answer as the right answer when I know my answer is right."

"I think it's time to go to sleep." Ichigo mumbled, scooting down a little further to get cozy.

"Wow, who was the one earlier that refused to go to sleep unless he got what he wanted?"

"Well I don't want to right now. I want to sleep." Ichigo whispered.

"So then, you don't want me?" Rukia asked. He didn't know why, but her words bothered him. It caused something to stir in him.

With one swift motion, Ichigo flipped himself so that he was crouching over Rukia, his hands placed on both sides of her shoulders. She stared up at him with surprise.

"Ichigo," Rukia whispered, her eyes glued to his.

He brought his lips down to hers, brushing them quickly right before letting them trail down her neck.

"Don't say such things Rukia." Ichigo warned. He kissed her deeply, letting his mouth move along hers. She kissed him back, though there was something firm about it.

Ichigo pulled away from Rukia, and moved next to her.

"I better go to sleep now." Ichigo finished. Just as Ichigo closed his eyes, he felt a sharp pain smack into his head.

"What the hell Rukia? Why did you slap me?" Ichigo asked. Rukia shushed him.

"You're dirty at playing games." Rukia muttered as she leaned her head once again on his shoulder. Ichigo smirked.

"I told you I wouldn't give in next time you wanted to have your way with me."

"Who said I wanted to have my way with you. It's just kind of mean to lead someone on, and then completely stop like you just did."

"I'm a mean guy sometimes."

"Yes, you are." Rukia finished. "At least I don't have to get up in an hour, actually, about forty five minutes now."

Ah hell, she was right.

"Rub it in why don't you." Ichigo muttered.

"Just go to sleep." Rukia whined.

He wanted to continue to argue with her, but she was right, again. He did need to go to sleep. Ichigo was sometimes a little harsh to his subordinates when he didn't get a lot of sleep, and he hated to act rude to them.

After stealing one last kiss from his overly stubborn wife, he closed his eyes and let sleep consume him.

Ichigo dreamed of Hajime all grown up, looking just like him, only his eyes were a beautiful violet color, like his wife, Rukia.

Even though Rukia and Ichigo hadn't expected to hear the news of giving birth to a child only twelve months earlier, they knew that they would have to face the challenge, and do their absolute best.

They'd faced battles in their life before, whether it was fighting off deadly hollows, or simply trying to win against what ever argument they were arguing about. There would always be battles, some they were ready for, and some they weren't.

So they hadn't been prepared.

They had won though. They were ready.

Life was to be endured with hardships, a step at a time.

And they would prevail.

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