A/n: Ok, this is a very bittersweet moment for me. Here I am, posting the last chapter of my most favorite fanfiction I've ever written. If had the time, and the ideas, I would want this story to go on forever….but like everything else in the world, things have to come to an end. It just stinks that I'm ending it on Chapter 17…I hate ending stories on chapters that aren't divisible by five. I know I'm weird like that. But anyway, this chapter is kind of a twist (and I mean twist) of the original ending of the movie. I figured "Hey, since I already contorted and twisted the original movie, making it into a kick-ass fic, why not continue the trend with the ending?" Ok, I've rambled enough. Onward to the final chapter!

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One Month Later...

"Yes, you got it chief. Thank you, bye."

Riley hung up the phone and placed it back into its cradle that resided on the granite countertop before heading into the living room to join Ben. When the techie had left him last, the treasure hunter has his nose in a book, reading about some guy in history that did something important and had a lot of fun. Riley entered the room, 'shocked' to see Ben in the exact same spot as before. The computer geek rolled his eyes and jumped over the back of the couch, landing with a plop on the empty cushion next to the treasure hunter.

"They want us in Cairo next week for the opening of the exhibit," Riley informed Ben, who nodded without looking up from his book. "They're sending a private jet," He added. Ben sighed, knowing where this was going.

"Riley, we've been over this," He said, slightly exasperated and finally looking up from the text. "It was too much. I couldn't accept it."

"Ten percent was not too much." The techie countered. "I would've taken it."

Ben chuckled. "Yeah I know you would've." He closed his book and put his arm around Riley's shoulder, pulling him closer and planting a soft kiss on the young man's forehead. "Tell you what, next time we find a treasure that redefines history for all mankind, you make the call on the finder's fee."

Riley frowned. "That's not funny." Ben smiled and shook his head.

"Well, I'm sorry for your suffering, Riley," He said, kissing the techie's cheek. "I guess living in a million dollar house with the person you love doesn't suffice. You'd rather have all the money in the world. You know, that's a pretty lousy way to treat someone who saved your life no more than a month ago." Ben jeered playfully.

Riley dismissed the remark with an eye roll. "I like the house, Ben. And I'm glad I'm, you know, alive to share it with you."

"I'm just glad you're alive," The treasure hunter murmured, resting his chin on the top of the techie's chocolate brown hair. "Promise me that on our next adventure, you won't go getting yourself kidnapped?"

"We're talking next adventure already?" Riley said with mock exasperation. "I don't know Ben, I don't think I can handle gallivanting around the globe, looking for untold riches and having my life at stake every 4.5 seconds." The techie grinned. "Awh, who am I kidding? Being threatened at gun point's the best part of this whole treasure hunting gig. Oh and speaking of new adventures…." Riley removed a folded piece of paper from his front jean pocket and handed it to Ben, who looked down at it, puzzled. "I, uh, found this in the attic. I think it might be a treasure map of some kind…." Riley informed him with a wink.

"Ah, a map," Ben mused, recognizing the game the techie was playing. "And where might said map lead me to?"

Riley wagged his index finger in Ben's face, before getting up from his spot on the couch and sauntering over to the stairs. "I think a great treasure hunter such as yourself will be able to figure it out in no time."


A/n: Well, there you have it. Sorry it's a little on the short, non-exciting filler side, but I figured Ben and Riley kinda needed this after all they went through. And I did say that it would be a twist of the original ending, did I not? Ok, let's play a game called "Everyone who reads this chapter has to review" It's really quite fun. :) Thanks again to everyone who read this story. I really had fun writing it and I hope all of you had fun reading it. And…((sniffs air)) Do I smell a sequel…hmmmm