What has gone before

When Jack Ryan is informed that a US General in charge of a group that is tasked with combating the supernatural has gone AWOL with his men and seems to be heading for Sunnydale California to open the Hellmouth there, he sends John Clark and Rainbow there to stop him.

Riley Finn, who along with his team, had not deserted with the rest of the Initiative, briefed John and his partner Domingo Chavez on the supernatural and escorted them to Sunnydale. They met with Buffy and she agreed to work with them.

The next day Buffy and Domingo helped Robert Broadman, a forest ranger; rescue a family who had been trapped by a group of Shadow Hounds. Broadman explained he had learned of Buffy from a contact in the Sunnydale Police department.

Giles showed up with three potentials Slayers in tow. He explained that the Watchers Council had been destroyed and that he had sent out word that all potentials that could should try to make to Sunnydale. He also explained that the First seemed to be trying to break the Slayer Line by first killing all of the potentials, then Faith and her.

The British Government were looking for Giles as he seemed to be the only survivor of the Council but Clark wanted him Sunnydale so he asked Jack if he could set something up with them and they agreed to send some one to Sunnydale.

The Warehouse that Buffy first fought Glory is purchased as Rainbow's base in Sunnydale and the teams move in. Buffy and Giles go to check out the tree lot where Buffy faced the First last time and Buffy meets Trifurcates, who Giles tells Buffy was the first vampire, and is beaten badly.

Andrew Wells had been captured by Willow and was recuperating from an attack by Spike when Clark and company had arrived. He offered to get the FBI to come and take him to Los Angeles. Pat O'Day, a Roving Inspector for the FBI arrived and took Wells into custody. Clark suggested that he might want to wait until a mission they had planned to try to find and rescue Spike so The First would be distracted. Buffy suggested he take Willow along with him. The just made it into the mountains when they were attacked. Andrew was injured but Willow disarmed the attackers and managed to get Andrew and Pat back to Sunnydale General Hospital.

Rainbow, Buffy and Xander attacked the caves where Buffy had ran into Trifurcates and found many bringers and vampires and Spike. Suffering only minor injuries they managed to rescue Spike.

Getting their injured to the hospital they found Pat and Willow waiting. Clark showed up soon after and informed Buffy that President Ryan would like a meeting with her.

Imhotep's Key

Jack Ryan and Buffy met while Jack was stumping for candidates he would like to help. He offered what ever help he could deliver, but Buffy turned him down at Giles insistence. Giles feared that if they accepted help they would become use to it and he felt that The Council must be independent of any government. During the meeting it was learned that Elizabeth Elliot, one of the founders of the Initiative was broken out of the Sanitarium she was housed at after a breakdown.

Jack wanted Clark to establish a favorable relationship with Sunnydale's government and police force, but Buffy asked if she could meet with the police force first. She had always assumed that the cops didn't really know what went on in Sunnydale after dark but her encounter with Ranger Broadman showed her that they knew who she was and what she did. Buffy confronts Lt. Jonathan O'Connell; the head of Sunnydale's Night Shift and asks for an explanation. O'Connell asks to meet her at the local police hangout for dinner so he can explain. She agrees and meets him with Xander and Giles. He explains that the SPD was originally warned off by the Initiative and then the situation never seemed quite right for an introduction. He apologized then asked if they could help in any way. Giles agreed much to the chagrin of Buffy and Xander. Giles explained to Buffy that he knew of Jonathan's family and their exploits in stopping various Egyptian supernatural entities over the years, he also hopped that Jonathan could put him in contact with the Medji, a group that the O'Connell's have allied with different times to help them with their situation with The First.

The Medji were closer than Giles knew as they were in town searching for The Key, they had intercepted a message that indicated that with it they could bring back Imhotep. They wanted to find it first and destroy it.

O'Connell asked Buffy to accompany him out to visit the head of the local school board, Andre' de Vries. de Vries had a break in at his house and a ring that he said only had sentimental value had been stolen. O'Connell also told him of the shadow hounds that had been in the near by national park. Peter Langford, de Vries assistant, theorized that it was the work of some dabblers on the university campus because of the low number of hounds that had been present.

When O'Connell got home he was contacted by the Medji who explained their mission and they asked for his help. When they explained about The Key O'Connell told them that he thought that it was Dawn Summers. Amed Bey, the commander of the Medji thought that maybe Anck-Su-Namun had bit off more than she could chew taking on The Slayer.

When Amed and O'Connell explained the situation to Buffy, she decided to bring Clark and his people in and explain what was going on. Sam Finn and the rest of team three had arrived so Riley and her went to the meeting. When Buffy explained that The Key had been placed into Dawn, Sam realized that there was no way for such and artifact to be hidden in a person, that the vessel would have had to have been especially constructed to hide it. Buffy and the Scoobies got defensive about Dawn, but Clark said that he didn't care how Dawn got here, she was here.

Anya thought that she might have some books on Imhotep in storage with the rest of the stuff that had survived Buffy and Willows fight in the Magic Shop last May so she and Willow head out to it. O'Connell got a call from his sister that she had found the ceremony that Anck-Su-Namun would be using to raise Imhotep and that she didn't need The Key for it, rather she needed a witch that had resurrected someone.

By the time the group got to Secure store Willow had already been capture and Anck-Su-Namun and her henchmen were fleeing. Anck-Su-Namun shot Buffy in the leg as Buffy chased after the van they had kidnapped Willow in. Anck-Su-Namun had left henchmen behind to delay pursuit, but Rainbow and Team Three arrived in force and killed all but one of the bad guys.

Realizing that they would not be able to cover up what had happened, Frayne Murphy, the local FBI agent, and O'Connell cooked up a plan to claim that a known terrorist group was responsible for the blood shed. Bob Holtzman used this as an excuse to head out to Sunnydale.

Buffy was recuperating at home while the search went on for Willow. Hank Summers came to town because he had to get Buffy's signature on some child welfare documents. Dawn greeted him as 'Sperm Donor', but then remarked that he really wasn't even that. When asked for some clarification Buffy decided to explain everything to him. Hank left thinking his eldest daughter had slipped over the edge and he needed to get her some help.

Bob Holtzman showed up just as Hank was leaving and let Buffy know he knew she was the Slayer. Clark called Jack who told Clark to make a deal with the reporter. Clark and Holtzman agreed to imbed Holtzman in the operation, in return he would give the administration 72 hours warning before he published.

The British Government's representative to question Giles arrived in Sunnydale accompanied by Lara Croft. Lara besides escorting the representative had business with the Slayer. Ranger Broadman with several of his men also arrived. The Crown representative, once convinced that Giles had not been turned, offered the Crown's help. Giles turned them down for the same reasons he turned down Jack Ryan's offer. The Rep pointed out to him not to forget he had friends, and that he shouldn't be to proud to except help.

Lara gave to Buffy a gift, a knife named 'It Is', which supposedly ignored all magical defenses. When Lara learned what was going on she offered to stay and help. Clark wasn't thrilled, but Colonel Alistair Stanley, his second in command suggested he accept the help.

They managed to locate where Anck-Su-Namun was holding Willow and organized a rescue. Using Peter Langford who was an expert with locks and wards they managed to sneak through Anck-Su-Namun's magical defenses and attacked. Willow meanwhile found her self in the Ante-room of Hell with Imhotep. He explained that they would switch places, she would remain in Hell, he would return to the realm of the living. To facilitate the transfer he showed Willow all the reasons she deserved to be in Hell. Willow was fading when her old Love Tara appeared and explained that people didn't deserve to go to Hell, rather they chose to go there. She also chided Willow for cutting herself off from people; finally as Willow was being drawn back she called out, "Know What You Know!" In an ugly and close fought battle, the rescue force succeeded in rescuing Willow and capturing Anck-Su-Namun.

While Willow was recovering in the hospital Andrea Price asked her if she would be willing to check out the White House and make recommendations to make it more magic resistant. Willow told her if she could get her out of the hospital she was ready to leave now.