Witchfinder Chapter

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Chloe Richards sat on a park bench by herself. She knew it was stupid, but the girl she had been partnered with hadn't said anything when Chloe had wandered off, instead she elected to stay with her friends. They didn't completely wander away; she could still hear them on the other side of the rhododendron bushes. In a way she would be happy if a bringer would jump out of the bushes and cut her throat, at least then she wouldn't be a screw up anymore, or put someone life in danger.

"Pardon me, should you be off by yourself?" A quiet voice asked with a slight foreign accent.

Quickly looking up Chloe found herself looking at a Japanese man of average height, and above average fitness dressed in jeans and a black polo shirt. Chloe realized this must be one of the military people that were in town guarding the Hellmouth.

"We're not supposed to have anything to do with you guys," Chloe told him as she got up from the bench.

"Please, wait," the Japanese man said. "I've watched your training while on guard across the street; I think you need some help."

Chloe shrugged and rolled her eyes, "I need more than help. I suck. Kennedy keeps telling me I'm going to get someone killed if I don't stop screwing up. But I don't know how! All the other potentials, they pick right up on it, to me it doesn't make any sense."

"Yes, I've seen that, but Kennedy does not show you how to do it. She demonstrates, and then begins yelling. That is not how you train a trooper who is having problems absorbing a lesson. Also, it might be that your gift is pointed in another direction, no two slayers are identical. Each has unique powers."

"How would you know that?" Chloe asked, even more suspicious.

"At the turn of the century, the Slayer was my great aunt on my mother's side. My family has made it our duty to learn as much about the Slayer as we can. We had been approached by the Council to join. But studying how they treated, correction, mistreated the Slayer, led us to turn them down."

Chloe clearly didn't quite believe him, but sticking her head around the rhododendron bushes she said, "Stacy? I've run into one of the military guys, I'll be okay if you want to go somewhere else."

Kenshin heard, "Great!" Then, with out any further hesitation a number of footsteps hurrying away. Chloe came back and asked, "Okay, what do you think my problem is?"

Kenshin sat on the bench and motioned for Chloe to do the same. Shaking her head she moved to a rock on the other side of the clearing and sat on it.

Kenshin smiled, "Good, you are not too trusting. But you have courage."

Chloe gulped, "I'm not brave. I'm scared to death all the time. Every day I expect something to jump me and kill me."

"Yet you go on. Brave people are not people who do not know fear; rather they are people who do what they need to do even though they are afraid."

Chloe frowned, "You sound like a fortune cookie."

Kenshin frowned right back, "That is Chinese, not Japanese."

"You still do."

"Very well, I think the problem is that Kennedy is concentrating on the hard styles. I would like to see how easily you pick up a softer style. Let us begin."

Down by the lake, Kennedy asked, "What are you suggesting, taking over training the potentials? Giles has already shot that down."

Pete shook his head. He and Ding had decided that Pete would do most of the talking, working on the theory that a slayer would be more prone to go along with an English accent. Okay, it wasn't much of a theory, but it was all they had. "That would be ideal, but you are correct, Giles would not agree. So instead what I would like to suggest is that you strike up a friendship with Molly here," He said gesturing at the other potential, who now approached. "She has breakfast with her Uncle Alistair every morning. We'll rotate through the various instructors that we have in the unit and you'll have breakfast with them and they'll critique your performance from the day before and give you suggestions on what you are doing that day. Hopefully we'll be able to pass enough along that you'll be able to hand Buffy an instrument she'll be able to use to defeat The First."

Kennedy stared at the other potential. She liked the other potential well enough, she was cute, she had to admit, but she was also depressingly straight. Which lead to another problem, "If we do this, we have to tell Willow."

Pete cocked his head, "Why?"

"What would your wife do if you went out every morning to have breakfast with a pretty girl?"

Pete blushed; he and Ding had forgotten that. "Do you think Willow would go along with it?"

"I don't know, I'll have to ask."

"She's in San Francisco though."

Kennedy looked at him, "You know there is this new fangled thing called a telephone."

"All right, when you get back home give her a call. Then, just show up with Molly tomorrow for breakfast."

Kennedy agreed. She checked her watch and turning to Molly said, "Go round 'em up Molly. I'll take this side of the park, you take the other."

Kennedy spotted a couple of potentials down the path and jogged off to gather them. Molly headed in the other direction with the two Rainbow Officers trailing along behind. Turning she said, "I don't need chaperones."

"We aren't chaperoning you, Molly, for your sake. Do you know what your uncle would do to us if something happened to you?"

Molly shook her head, she was staying in the States when this was all over, with the Rainbow Troopers all but adopting her, no boy would come within a mile of her. She had no intentions dieing and old maid.

The smile left her face though, when she saw three potentials sitting on a bench next to the lake. Picking up some speed she jogged over to them, "Where's Chloe?"

Janice, Chloe's buddy gulped, "Over in those bushes?"

"By herself?" Molly asked. "Does she want to get killed?"

Janice defended herself as Pete and Ding caught up with Molly, "She's with one of those guys," she said pointing at Pete.

"You are supposed to stay together!" Molly insisted.

"She said I could leave!" Janice retorted.

"She's fourteen! You're almost 17! You're supposed to be looking out for her!" Molly finished by taking off at a run toward the bushes.

Pete took off after her while Ding remained behind, looking at them in disapproval.

Molly reached the bushes and ducked into the opening, fearing she was going to find Chloe spread all over the ground. Instead someone grabbed her arm, flipped her, and then put a submission hold on her. Molly glanced up to see how much trouble she was in. She found herself looking into Chloe's eyes; it was hard to tell who was more surprised.

"You see," Kenshin said to the young potential, "You show great potential in the softer styles."

Andrea Price's Office
Old Treasury Building
Washington, DC
18:20 Hrs

Andrea Price rose as her two guests entered her office. "Mr. Angleton, please have a seat. I want to thank you for agreeing to meet with me."

The lead figure, a trim, mature man dressed in a grey Armani suit. He had a little grey at the temples and a goatee that was still pure black, held out his hand to Andrea and said, "There is no thanks necessary Agent Price. After Jonathan O'Connell contacted us about you wanting some magical help, we thought it would be best to come in person and see exactly what kind of help you wanted."

Turning, he introduced his companion, "This is Jojo Easterling, the position he holds in our society is comparable to what your Daniel Murray holds in your government." Easterling was also in good shape, his suit, though nice, was nowhere near the quality of Angleton's.

Andrea's professionalism prevented her from smiling at the man's name, as the individual in question in a lot of ways reminded her of her husband, "Director Easterling?" She asked.

"Just call me Jo, Agent Price. I understand my given name often puts mundanes in the mind of a performing chimp, but I assure you, in our community it is a name held in much esteem."

"Jo, I apologize, it's not very professional to react to people of other cultures by their name."

"After dealing outside the Wizarding Community on many occasions I assure you I don't hold it against people any more."

Andrea nodded, moving on she asked, "I'm glad you agreed to talk to me, I have to admit, I was somewhat surprised that you did, after not making any attempt to contact us before."

Angleton nodded, "Our Forefathers originally came to the New World to escape an increasingly rules bound society that the European Wizards were creating. They felt that a person should be free to express and use their magic as they saw fit, and not be constrained from interacting with the non-magical world. They were some who came here seeking power; however, they usually found that those who used magic that were already established here took a dim view of the upstarts. They found that the Aztec and Mayan Gods were not quite as dead as was thought, and they most certainly did not play well with others.

"The ones that stayed east largely just wanted to live and let live. There were some ugly incidents, and not in Salem, thank you, but in the end we created a society that didn't have the restrictions that were found in Europe, but also that did not expose us to the common person either. The system worked, so we largely kept it."

Andrea frowned, "You mean you are totally separate from Mainstream America?"

"Not at all, we are American citizens and largely live side by side with non-wizarding people who are none the wiser."

"You mean like Bewitched?"

Easterling answered smiling, "Mostly. We aren't in anyway near as powerful as Samantha Stevens was portrayed, but there has been more than one case were a magical person has married a mundane. In some cases their families have supported the marriage, and some of the in-laws makes Endora look like pussy cat."

"Then why weren't your people incorporated into the Initiative?"

Angleton picked up the narrative again, "Because though we consider ourselves to be Americans, it doesn't mean we want our secret getting out. We looked at who was running the Initiative and realized that a disaster in the making. We didn't think they would be able to cover resultant mess up, and we thought that them being politicians, they would be looking for a scapegoat. If we were involved, our council had no doubt at all who would get that honor. We didn't have anything to do with the first Witch Trails; we didn't want to become the guest of honor at the second.

"After President Fowler resigned, President Durling pitched to us again. We truly thought about it that time, but most of the people who had been running the Initiative at the time were still involved with the program so again, we decided not to join."

"And after Sato kamakazied?"

"General Billingsly contacted Jo and said nothing had changed. We were somewhat surprised when we were contacted by Jonathan O'Connell and told you wanted to talk."

"General Billingsly kept us out of the loop. We've only just learned of the Supernatural, and given we've already had one near miss, it was decided to get some knowledgeable people in to help us out.

"I am curious though, you said thanks, but no thanks twice. Why did you agree to talk to us this time?"

Angleton smiled, "Both of the former presidents didn't really want to get involved in the supernatural world. They never really looked at how the Initiative was set up. Fowler turned it over to Elliot to do with as she pleased. We have no proof, but we believe she had plans for that creation of Walsh's beyond building something to deal with demons and monsters. Durling really wanted the whole thing to go away. He continued the Initiative as a search and destroy force, but he maintained a benign neglect toward the organization. If the whole thing had vanished, I think he would have been a very happy man.

"President Ryan is different; he's not a politician looking for an easy out. He is a duty driven individual who will act in regards to oath he swore when he became the President of the Untied States. So, it was decided that we should work with his administration as much as possible. He is rumored to be someone who gets the best people available for a job, and that when he doesn't understand something, to ask questions and actually listens to his experts."

Andrea nodded and leaned back in her chair, "Fair enough. What I was hoping for was to have an expert look at magical defenses around the White House beyond the ward in the basement, and to pick up a couple of wizards or witches that could travel with President to provide some magical muscle."

It was Easterlings turn to frown, "You haven't had magical protection for President Ryan until now, why do you want to add it?"

Andrea smiled grimly, "Have you ever read Nietzsche?"

"Some, he is too depressing for my tastes."

"Mine too, but you're right, there is no way that the President will back off from this. As I doubt that the main players are going to be very happy with it, I think we have to go with Nietzsche when he says, "Be careful when you look into the Abyss, for it is looking into you," I'm going to need some expert help, and I think you guys might be the people to supply them."

Legettie's Italian Restaurant
111 Main St.
Sunnydale CA

Robin Wood turned to the other members of the Student Exchange Committee and said, "All right folks, before the coffee and deserts get served, let's vote on the caterer for the Awards Dinner. We've narrowed it down to three, based on price, selection, and reputation. They are the Angel Food Services, Rybec Catering, and Simpson's Merrymaking. Sandra?"

Doc Sanchez shrugged, they're all pretty close to each other," I think Rybec's is probably the best choice."

"Andy?" Robin asked the schools secretary.

"Works for me."

"Anyone have any objections or wants to go with another company?" Robin asked the rest of the people around the table.

When everyone shook their heads Principal Wood said, "Okay, Rybec's it is. I'll call him tomorrow and let him know. Next meeting we'll finalize the menu and then that part of the program will be taken care of."

"Any other order of business?" When everyone shook their heads he stated, "This meeting is then adjourned."

A half an hour later, after enjoying some of Leggettie's fine coffee and deserts the meeting broke up and Sandra headed for the parking lot, she'd be a little early for work, but that was fine.

"Sandra!" She heard Robin Wood call, turning she found the principal walking her way.

"Anything I can help you with Robin?" She asked when he got close enough so she wouldn't have to shout.

"I was wondering, you're off tomorrow night, right?"

Sandra nodded.

"I was wondering if you have anything planned. If you don't, I'd kind of like to take you out to dinner and a movie."

"Sure, Thomas can baby sit. So, what time do you want to pick me up?"

"Would six-thirty be too late?"

Sandra smiled, "See you then."

7571 Prescott St.
San Francisco, CA
15:52 Hours

"Okay, I have a list of demon bars in the city. I'll hit them and pass the word I'm in town and looking for the Witchfinder. I'll also pass on that I won't be happy if I don't get something by noon. That should shake things up enough for us to get some results," Buffy told the gathered people.

Dan and Cindy had brought Buffy back to the Halliwell's. He had wanted to meet the witches and to learn exactly what Buffy was going to do overnight. He knew that the Slayer was used to working alone, and he was honest enough to know that he didn't have enough men briefed in to cover her anyway. That still didn't mean he wanted her out there by herself. "Buffy, I think you should take some backup with you."

Buffy shook her head, "Willow is the only one who could really help, and I think she's of better use here doing research. If she can figure a way around this aversion spell, it'll make our lives a lot easier."

"What about me?" Phoebe cried indignantly. "You know, we've done okay before you showed up. This is our town; we know it better than you do."

Buffy turned to Phoebe, "I'm not trying to take over your town Phoebe. The problem is where I'm going I can get in and out with minimal fuss because I'm the Slayer. If I take an audience, then the demon's macho is going to be up and I'll have to waste all kinds of time busting up the place before they'll talk to me."

"I still want you to have some back up Buffy," Dan Murray said sternly. "I want them standing by outside with you wearing a wire so they can keep track of what is going on. So if you need help you can get it. If nothing else, we'll have a record we can go over to see if there was something you missed"

"How many?"

"Three, myself, Pat, and Darryl, we'll be outside in a van listening in. We'll be in body armor, and have assault weapons. I realize that might not do a whole lot damage wise, but we can at least serve as a distraction."

"You do what I say, when I say it, no arguments. This is my territory, I know what I'm doing," There was no give in her voice.

"Fair enough."