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Chapter 2 – Getting Down to Business

Lena held on to her canvas bag and duffle bag as she got off the plane. Six hours on a plane in third class was not her idea of fun. Babies cried, people snored and stupid stewards ran their snack cars over the toes of people like her so that they could get some sort of alcoholic beverage for rich jerks in first class. She was also annoyed that she hadn't eaten in 6 hours, and every time she had the attention of the stewardess, the stewardess would 'conveniently' forget about her.

Lena grasped her things close to her a she made her way into the airport. People pushed past her as walked through the crowded building. She watched the families pass with screaming children and clueless tourists dressed in tacky Hawaiian print clothes looking confused. Lena stopped at the waiting area and glanced around. A balding man in his late forties dressed in a suit and driver's cap held up a white billboard reading 'Lena Corleles'. Lena smirked and walked over to the driver.

The driver looked a bit surprised at seeing Lena, but said nothing. "Your car is waiting for you as requested, miss. Mr. Benson will be expecting you when you arrive." The driver had a light British accent, reminding her of Alfred the butler, from Batman. Lena nodded, and followed the driver out after denying him the act of carrying her bags for her. Lena placed the bags in the back of the car after the trunk popped open. The driver seemed a bit surprised that Lena had not allowed him to do anything for her, but stayed silent in realizing so. Silently, he opened the back door of the car and she climbed in.

Lena sat up in her seat, looking out the window as the driver went to the driver's seat. He quickly slid into his seat and drove off. Lena leaned over to lay across the back seat when she bumped into a white paper box sitting on the back seat. Curious, she picked up the box and lifted the lid. She frowned, seeing a pair of fishnet stockings and very revealing, short black dress. Lena frowned and felt heat rush to her cheeks. At this moment, Muffy suddenly appeared and sat beside her, speaking for her "Hey driver! What is this shit?"

"Mr. Benson requested that you change after your trip so that he may enjoy your company after you arrive at his home, ma'am. He thought would find this 'lovely attire' and that you might enjoy a sit down dinner with himself in his dining room, though I feel that dress is too inappropriate for a coworker, ma'am." The driver looked front while talking to her, not even looking in his rearview mirror to see her expression. He seemed a bit intimidated by the woman in the back seat, who had spoken to him so rudely. Muffy could intimidate anyone really, including her best friend Lena, whom she had been friends with for years.

Lena still frowned and looked to say something, but said nothing. Muffy looked disgusted and tore the dress from the box. She pushed the window button down just as the driver was merging onto the highway. Cold night air blew fiercely through the window as they drove. "This is what I think of his 'lovely attire', Jeeves." Muffy quickly let got of the dress and stockings as the car accelerated. The clothes went flying into the night air, out onto the highway. It made no sound as it seemed to float away in the wind. Muffy smirked and looked at Lena. "Have a back bone! You aren't some whore! You don't have to do what he wants!"

Lena nodded and laid her head back against the seat. Muffy scooted closer to Lena and moved Lena's head on her shoulder. "Muffy, I can sleep in a car without your help…and besides…I think you're scaring our driver." Lena noticed how the driver seemed more on edge than before they had started driving. She sighed. Muffy was partly to blame for this.

"What's wrong, love? Nervous about meeting Jason?" Muffy looked at her with worried eyes as Lena laid her head on her shoulder completely. "Look, I already met him before. He loves me. And he's going to love you too. Just don't take any of his crap. You'll have nothing to worry about. Besides…I'll be there with you. He won't mess with me." Muffy smiled and cuddled Lena. "It's what best friends are for."

The drive from the airport lasted close to an hour. Lena slept the entire time, leaning on Muffy's shoulder. The driver said nothing else to the entire drive. It was still dark when they arrived. Mr. Benson's place was anything but a small home. It was an extravagant LA mansion. The house looked the same as Muffy had seen it before. Even the stupid clay mail box of a half naked mermaid in front of the house still stood. Muffy smiled to herself as she shook Lena awake. "Hey girl. Wake up. We're at Jason's house. And it hasn't changed a bit." Lena groaned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Muffy shook her again. "Wake up, damn it!"

"I'm up! I'm up! I'm up!" Lena sat up suddenly, totally awake. When Muffy yelled, it was a good idea to do what she said. Lena shook her head, letting her hair hit in the face a few times before waking up completely. "So…we're here already?"

Muffy nodded and slid out of the car. Lena slid out after her, her eyes widening as she looked around. Muffy sighed and fluffed her blonde hair. "You really shouldn't be that impressed with this dump. This is only his vacation place. Notice the scantily clad mermaid as his mail box." Muffy strutted over towards the door as Lena pulled the bag out of the car trunk and thanked the driver. "Hurry up! He's waiting!"

Lena struggled along with the bags, following behind. Muffy sighed impatiently and rang the door bell. She then disappeared behind Lena reached the front door. The door opened. A man in his twenties, blonde, with a golden tan opened the door. He had only a white towel around his waist and sandals on his feet. He had a toned, muscular body that most girls would die to touch. "Hey Muffers. Change your hair color again? It looks cute. Makes you look shy, like a school girl. Very sexy."

Muffy did the talking for Lena. Lena spoke in utter disgust, but Muffy covered it up with this satiny feel behind her voice. " I missed you. How much did you miss me?"

"Very much." His lips crashed with Lena's, making her feel extremely awkward. After breaking the kiss, he dragged her in, bag and all. What had Muffy gotten her into?


Lena woke up the next morning in a room that she had never seen before, having no recollection of the night before. Her head hurt a bit, like she had been hit in the head a few times with a tennis racquet. Muffy had obviously been drinking again. She sat up in the bed, under the purple satin sheets. She glanced at the dresser. The clock on the dresser read 11:00 AM. She was still fully dressed, so obviously nothing had happened that night. She glanced around. The room was very expensive looking, from the sunken hot tub in the closet to the flat screen TV to the closet the size of a large bathroom, to the bed itself with made of an expensive wood and purple satin drapes around it. She was afraid to even get out bed, afraid she might destroy something expensive by just glancing at it.

Slowly she slid to the side of the bed, dangling her feet over the expensive looking white carpet. She looked closer to then realize some slippers (that coincidentally matched the sheets, the walls and everything else fuzzy and purple within the room) on the floor. Lena slowly slid her feet into them and walked towards the door. Outside the door were a set of stairs. She walked down them, leading her into the large, extravagant kitchen. All was quiet.

Lena had expected loud music or a loud splashing hot tub jets from the types that Muffy usually dated, but she heard nothing. Lena slowly made her way across the black tile floor, only the sounds of her slippers hitting against the floor filling her ears as she shuffled along. This man, Jason Benson, had seemed like the rock star type who took drugs, drank and had wild parties every waking moment…so how was it possible he could be so quiet at this hour?

Lena glanced around, looking around the kitchen. There was no evidence that breakfast had been started or already ended; not in the sink, on the stove or in the dishwasher. It was odd for a house, even one this big to be so quiet. Lena slowly crept across the rest of the kitchen. No one and nothing. She kept walking until her ankle hit into something soft, yet firm. A stair in the middle of the cut between the dining room and the kitchen? Surely that wasn't meant to be. Perhaps a stool?

Lena looked down and gave a loud screeching scream. Below her, lying cold was a Jason Benson in a white robe, his drink cup spilled and shattered on the floor and a stain forming on his robe.