(A/N): Hi guys. It's been a while. There are several reasons for that, not least of which include a hard knock to the head and the latest chapter of Burning Bridges sitting on my screen and blatantly mocking my attempts to write it. So this is me trying to dip my toes back in the water and get back into writing. Fic's for SKF, because...well, just because. And thanks go out to Suzaka as well, who unwittingly furnished the song that inspired this drabbly fic.

Disclaimer: Really, this is getting absurd.

This Stupid Game

Riku grunted in protest as his back collided painfully with the brick wall. Roxas ignored him, lips harsh and demanding against Riku's own as the Nobody untied the blindfold and pulled it away from the silver-haired boy's eyes. Riku squeezed his eyes shut, gritting his teeth together when he felt Roxas's hands clench around his collar.

"Look at me."

The demand came in a dead, flat voice that made Riku's chest twist for more reasons than he cared to contemplate. He blinked his eyes open to find Roxas staring at him, eyes flat and unreadable – shallow pools with only the illusion of depth behind them. "You never take this damn thing off," he muttered, one fist curling around the thin ribbon of black cloth.

Riku flinched and cut his eyes to the side. Roxas's voice remained flat and void of emotion – Riku would have preferred some sort of inflection in the Nobody's voice, no matter how fake it might have been.


Ignoring the way his stomach twisted, Riku managed a shaky sneer. "Why do you think?" he breathed.

Riku wasn't sure, but he thought he saw something behind Roxas's eyes shift, click over and finally crack before the Nobody took a deliberate step back. The blond's lips curved in a cruel imitation of a smile. "Bastard."

His tone chilled Riku right to the bone – Roxas might have been commenting on the weather. The Nobody glanced down at the dark cloth in his hands, and Riku had to squeeze his eyes shut against the person his mind wanted to paint in Roxas's place. His throat spasmed as he tried to pry some sort of apology from his vocal chords, but before he could speak, Roxas flung the strip of cloth at him.

"Put it on."

Riku's fingers clenched around the blindfold before he rested his head back against the wall, swallowing thickly as he let his eyes slide closed. His hands shook slightly as he tied the cloth back in place, making certain it was secure before he pushed himself upright.

He heard rather than saw the Keyblades sing to life in Roxas's hands, and he extended his own hand to summon Way to the Dawn. "Bastard," Roxas repeated softly. Riku barely had time to mentally agree with him before the Nobody struck.