Hello. Thank you one last time for reading the story, your great reviews, and all the kudos.

Just so you know, I honestly don't have an epilogue or a sequel for this, as the characters haven't given me more to say.

But, here's what I do think...

Beth/Blaise - They have three children, girl-boy-girl. All three have some magical abilities, but only the youngest girl will go to a magical school to further her abilities. Their son uses his abilities to get girls and is very smart. And, the oldest girl, at heart a Slytherin, uses her abilities to get in and out of the trouble. They are all lovely, happy, children and love spending time with their parent's friends' children. And, they think it's super cool that they can get to and from Draco and Hermione's manor on the edge of London via the fireplace. It's their favorite place to visit, because Draco took a part of their grounds and installed both a practice quidditch pitch and an ongoing carnival with every ride imaginable. The youngest daughter has a crush on Snoop and Ron's son.

Georgina/Ron - They are happily married after getting through their rough patch and have also stayed in the States, although they go back and forth to visit his family and friends quite regularly. Their only child, a boy, has his mother's inquisitiveness and his father's looks, although his hair is a bit darker. He spends all his time reading the book his Aunt Hermione gave him, Hogwarts, A History, in preparation for the day he goes. And, although he won't admit it out loud, he wants to be in Ravenclaw. He is very good at sports, and is a rather adapt quidditch player, but he would honestly much rather read. Being from such a large family, Ron didn't want more children, and Snoop was more than fine with that.

Lucius/Narcissa - As a couple they are as strong as ever. Lucius has softened a bit more, but maintains his edge. He now allows himself one day a month to have a two-hour debate with Hermione over one event from their shared past, as a way of helping them both heal. He dotes on all four of his grandchildren, but his unspoken favorite, is the only boy, who has given him a chance to do the things he never got to do with Draco as a child. Narcissa has gained some weight and looks less skeletal and more motherly, and she is finally happy with her life. She loves being a grandmother and spends a lot of time with Jane as they lunch, babysit, or talk on the muggle telephone Hermione insisted they install. Both love they fact that Hermione and Draco moved back to London, so the children could be closer to their grandparents. But, even more, they love that they now have real discussions and spend time with their son.

Rich/Julie - They are more than happy to have their daughter living closer, and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. Rich has begun to enjoy the rare times he spends with Lucius at family events, as he enjoys the man's biting humor. They spend a lot of time with Narcissa, as she has embraced the learning of all things muggle. When their third grandchild was born, they retired from working at the various locations of their dentistry practice, to devote more time to helping their daughter and son-in-law. Rich enjoys his standing early Saturday morning meetings with Draco, as the younger man learns how to play golf.

Draco - He joined the British Ministry aurors and works closely with Harry. They are not partners, but often get each other's opinions on cases they are working on over dinners at one another's homes. Their purchase of joint quidditch boxes for all home games kept the tabloids in stories for weeks. Draco and Ron still don't like each other, but maturity and the ability to keep their conversations solely focused on their shared interests, has made things go more smoothly than either would have believed. He loves Hermione more each day and enjoys bragging to others about her success.

Hermione - She expanded her counseling practice until there were offices all over the country, and counselors in most every specialty. When they moved back to London she expanded her practice there and has offices in both muggle London and Diagon Alley. She loves Draco and finds a new reason to like him almost every day. She likes to tell everyone she meets how great he is in his auror position and how fast he is rising in the ranks. She also hopes after their fifth child is born to be able to convince Draco that he doesn't actually need his own quidditch team.

Draco/Hermione – why, the lived happily ever after. Of course!

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