"Sorry to spring all this on you, it's just. Well despite it all, I feel comfortable talking to you about it you know?" Casey sat semi stiffly with a pint of ice cream in between her and Amy. Both their hair was twisted up in a messy bun and faces caked with coop, toes and nails painted, and eyebrows fully sculpted. She had to admit that Amy was really fun, she dismissed Derek soon after she got there and they talked about choreography and last year, it wasn't until Amy said 'Casey can I ask you something personal,' did she start to feel stressed. "Like I dated him, you dated him, and now we both have insight, I mean you don't have to tell me anything I know it's selfish for me to talk to you about him since you both didn't break up that long ago… it's just… I don't know what's wrong with him these days!"

She tugged at her blonde locks rocking forward for a minute before growling.

"No it's okay, I know what you mean. Uh… so what exactly…" Casey started trying to keep herself cool.

"It's like… It's like I'm a decoration you know, arm candy? Like it's not the same as when we first dated, he's… darker." Casey swallowed hard and nibbled on the end of her spoon.

"What do you mean darker… has he ever… you know…" Amy's confused eyes widened with realization and she shook her head.

"NO! Oh gosh no! Max couldn't hurt anything not in a football uniform, you know that. He's just distracted… I don't know if he really likes me, or if he's just using me."

The rest of the night involved mindless chatter and movies, but Casey couldn't concentrate anymore. Her mind was running a mile a minute, and when Amy decided they should go to sleep.

She was on the floor in Derek's sleeping bag, after insisting that Amy take the bed. She couldn't let go of her mind and slip into the peaceful slumber that she missed. Was that what Max was doing? Using Amy as a distraction, or a decoy? She quietly zipped out of the bad and tiptoed next door not bothering to knock. She opened the door with her head inside.

"Derek?" she whispered, and he stirred in his sleep. "Derek!" she said a little louder as he jolted up right.

"Casey, are you okay?" Casey walked in closing the door behind her and stood at the side of Derek's bed.

"What if he's using Amy to try and get to me, like a Decoy, make me think that he's done with me?" Derek seemed to wake up completely at the turn of the topic. He threw back his covers and was standing in front of her, his hands folded around her shoulders bent down to look in her eyes while he held her at arms length.

"Did she tell you, or say something-"

"She said he's been acting dark, not really into her-"

"That's why she wanted a sleepover? To get you to dish about your ex so she could have a good relationship? What a cold hearted bitch!" Derek was furious pushing away from Casey to pace the room.

"Derek, its okay really… it's not like I still like him." She told him and that caused him to stop his cocky grin surfacing.

"Yea… it would be hard to hang on to him with Triple D in the way." Casey swatted him rolling her eyes. He caught her wrist while she went to hit him and he pulled her to his bed yanking her down beside him his arm wrapped around her waist and he buried his head into her neck whispering more snarky comments about himself.

"Seriously, I like you Derek. Not him." She blushed badly, at the vocal need to reassure him, and she could have sworn that his face felt hotter on her neck too.

"You better." He said. Casey frowned pushing herself up to leave. She wasn't about to help stroke his ego, and she had just officially told him that she was really truly into him, and all he said was you better, she was a little ticked.

"Where are you going?" Derek said sitting up and catching her wrist.

"To bed where else?" her tone was sharp and curt and it made Derek laugh, he had seen and heard that tone many times but it was always because he annoyed her, not because he had bruised her pride.

"Nope." He said yanking her back. She stumbled onto the bed and Derek rolled over lying most of his weight on her so she couldn't move, and let his head fall onto the crook of her neck again breathing in her scent.

"Derek, what if she wakes up and I'm not there."

"Tell her you went for a quickie." Casey couldn't even hit him for that one.

"Seriously." She said trying to push him off.

"Nooopppeee!" he said before yawning and making a show of snoring loudly.

"Derek, Derek! Seriously Derek get off!" she said but his snoring just got louder. Finally she sighed exasperated, and relaxed under him. After a few seconds, she felt his lips caress her neck and could feel the slight scrape of his teeth before his head turned so his lips were at her ear.

"I like you too Casey, more than you know." Derek finally looked up about three minutes later and when he did, Casey kissed him, her lips were urgent against his and her tongue forced his startled mouth open. Derek was surprised and almost pulled back but Casey rolled him over taking advantage of his shock. Both his knees were propped up and she was straddling him hands on his stomach while she kissed him.

He had no idea where to put his hands, the forwardness threw him off. He went through a mental check list crossing out legs and hips and settled for her back and neck.

His hand held her face to his while his other pawed at her back, stroking and tugging her closer.

"Say it again?" she whispered pulling her lips away from him. This time he looked right into her eyes falling back against the pillow.

"I like you, a lot; more then I ever liked any other girl." Casey smiled brilliantly before leaning down slowly and placing a soft chaste kiss on his lips. She pulled away slightly but kept her lips brushed with his.

"You better." She repeated smiling while she saw his eyes snap open, she jumped up with victory straightening out her clothes while she walked to the door. Derek was propped up on one arm looking at her with awed astonishment while she waved and shut the door.

"Oh Casey McDonald, your going to kill me!" he sighed covering his eyes with his hand, smiling goofily before flipping over and falling into a deep dream about that kiss.

A/N: Sorry everyone but the filler was needed but I hope the Dasey fluff keeps you happy! story will be wrapped up in a max of ten more chapters, but they probably will be kind of short but full of action and confusion and awsomness... trust me!