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Chapter 1: Jiraiya's Gone Big



Note to Students: Jiraiya-sensei has oh-so generously created a new musical for the junior class of Konaha High.

Tryouts for Love's Silhoutte

Time: 3:30-4:00p.m.

Where: Auditorium

Further Info: See Sasori-sensei (Room 103)

ALL Juniors Encouraged To Attend!

Extra Credit for Drama Class Included


Sakura Haruno shifted her weight onto her left foot, staring at the neon pink flier posted on the school's message board. Oh, so now Jiraiya-sensei had FINALLY put his writing skills to good use. She was pretty tired of having to see the dirty old man's perverted novels strewn on his already-messy desk. Not that she had aa very strong grudge against pervert4ed fifty-something-year-olds, but it's kinda disturbing when your own biology teacher is like that… Well then again, maybe that's the reason the principal, Tsunade-sama, put him in that position. Jiraiya-sensei had a thorough knowledge of the human body. Both genders. Literally. Anyways, the pink-haired teen had an audition to worry about this afternoon rather than letting her mind wander about the weirdness of her school.

First of all, she needed the extra credit so she had better score a part. It wasn't that Sakura was a horrible actress, but she just didn't like the assignments Sasori-sensei (drama teacher) gave out. In other words, Sakura tended to be a bit rebellious.

"Hey Billboard Brow!" Ino Yamanaka, the best friend, appeared, as if by magic, which she referred to as 'stealth.' But, Sakura was going to stick to her side of the story.

"Ino-pig, are you trying out?" Sakura kept her eyes on the poppy-colored notice.

"Of course! Everyone knows my drama grade!" Ino's sky-blue eyes sparkled with pure enthusiasm. True, Ino would be quite the opponent in battling for the main character slot. No matter. It was still worth a try.

"Well, you'll just have to try and beat me!" Sakura stuck out a pink tongue before whirling around and disappearing into the sea of teens. It was official. Sakura was looking forward to these try-outs.


Lei-Ming: No, I-I don't think it'd work.

Sho: But, we could create our own memories. I know I can never replace Tobi, but we could—

Lei-Ming: Please. Don't mention Tobi.

Sho: Sorry….

Lei-Ming: Excuse me. I need to make a run to Ano Tea.


Sakura re-read the part she'd be enacting. She sighed. Ino was already making her way onstage while she was stuck in the freakin' end of the line. How troublesome… Crap. Shikamaru's troublesome habit was rubbing off on her. Ah, the lazy ass. Though, he was one damn good friend.

"Tobi, is that you?" Ino began when her cue to speak came.

No answer—just some rustling.

"H-Hello?" Dang. Ino looked professional. She shivered as if outside, where the actual scene took place.

Suddenly, Sakura felt insecure. There were so many other people ahead of her… A shuffling sounded behind her. What the heck? Sabaku No Gaara? Trying out? Sakura blinked. He was, like, one of THE most popular people, aside from Sasuke Uchiha, who Sakura considered was one pompous ice cube.

"What?" Gaara's sea foam eyes flickered to the girl in front of him. His 'question' actually was more of a statement.

"Huh?" Sakura felt her face go red. She must've been staring! God, how embarrassing… "Uhm… I was just wondering why you'd be here."

"Why? I can't be here?" Gaara withdrew a black iPod Touch from his pocket and began listening. It was probably some loud heavy metal song by Papa Roach or Atreyu something…

Sometimes, Sakura wondered why Gaara was popular. Oh, and why Sasuke was too. They were both the brooding and mysterious type. Gaara was good-looking, she'd hand him that, but other than that, he's a complete mystery—like a shadow of some sort. He didn't talk much, he skulked in the shadows, and didn't seem to have any friends, save his siblings, Temari and Kankuro. But, they were both older and never had a chance to hang with their red-headed baby brother until lunch or after school. Hm… Sakura stepped up as the line moved. Maybe that's why he had so many annoying fangirls. Sakura glanced to the side. Yups. There they were, ogling him with pink hearts in their eyes. Don't they get it? Just forcing themselves onto him would never work. Oh well. As long as they're happy. But before Sakura could move on to over-analyzing the Uchiha….

"Ms. Haruno?" Sakura jerked awake from her daydreaming.


"Your turn." Sasori-sensei rubbed his temples in frustration.

"Go on! Impress us." Jiraiya giggled like a school girl, giddy at the fact he was watching his masterpiece come to life. Hn. At least someone here was encouraging.

Sakura clambered onto the stage, which suddenly seemed very high. Why were there so many people here? Her eyes darted about nervously and she could vaguely feel a bead of perspiration form above her brow. There was Ino, looking calmly up at her from one of the auditorium's plush, red seats. The bubbly blond took a long swig from an ice cold water bottle. God. Sakura would kills for some nice, cool refreshing water.

"Ahem. You may start." Sasori shuffled a few papers and looked up.

Wait. Sakura, calm. Remember those breathing techniques Gai-sensei taught the class right before a dodgeball game?

Yeah. Those were pretty stupid. CHA!!!

Oh great. It was her again. THE Inner. Just when she thought her double spirit had poofed away…

So? He said they calm the 'youthful' heart and soul.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Sakura moved her hands up, then down as she breathed. Here goes nothing.

"No… I-I… Don't think it'd work." Sakura's eyes were downcast as she wrung her wrists nervously.

"But… We could create our own memories! I know I can never replace Tobi, but… We could—" Sasori-sensei read from the script as Sho.

"Please." Sakura's eyes watered. She clutched her wrists harder. Damn, it was all coming naturally! "D-Don't mention Tob-Tobi…"


"Excuse me." Sakura wiped away an involuntary tear. She looked up, straight at Sasori-sensei, like he really was Sho. "I-I need to make a run to Ano Tea." Her eyes had a shifty, uncomfortable look to them as her feet carried her hurriedly away off stage.

"Thank you, Sakura. The nervous wringing was a nice touch," Jiraiya complimented.

"Thanks." Sakura smirked. The wringing part wasn't exactly an act. She really was hella nervous and if she hadn't been so focused on her acting, she probably would've peed in her pants. That would've made her the laughing stock of the school for the rest of the air.

"Hey Forehead! You actually did pretty well!" Ino offered some water to her friend.

"Thanks, Piggy. I can say the same to you." Sakura accepted the refreshment. "Good luck with getting the part of Lei-Ming."

"You too. You'll need it." Ino flashed one of her million dollar smiles.

Either Ino used her mind-reading (that was her special power of eavesdropping without getting caught, but that sounded too evil) or she was just being over-the-top arrogant. Sakura liked to think it was the latter.

"Ok, Gaara. Go ahead."

Now this got everyone's attention. Gaara in theater? Not really the most expected mix.

"WOOHOO! GO GAARA!" Naruto Uzumaki. The sunshine blond in the front row. Was he Gaara's friend or something? Why was he cheering so loud? Sakura furrowed her brows. She didn't know Naruto that well, but she knew enough to know he was a loud, cheeky ramen-lover with some special friendship power that she envied so.

"Hn." Gaara glared at an oblivious Naruto and proceeded. He'd be going for Shu's part.

"It's Lei-Ming… I'm worried about her." Gaara had a low, husky voice, embedded with an air of fear and confusion. Perfect. It was a no-brainer he'd get his part.

"What for?" Jiraiya read from his own script. He was pretending to be Shu's best friend, Tai.

"I don't know. I've been… following her lately. I saw her at the liqour store not too long ago to buy a few joints."

"Joints?! Lei-Ming KNOWS smoking's bad for her."

"I know!" Gaara's eyes crinkled in a worried fashion. "I-I hope she's ok…."

One word: Wow. That was probably the most emotion Gaara's ever shown in the extent of his young teenage life. And that wasn't even real! Damn, he's good. He made it seem as if it were really happening.

"Forehead, I think they've got themselves a winner." Ino gaped in awe.


A week passed already. What a drag…. Shit. Double shit. Shika's stupid bad habits…. The pinky cursed underneath her breath and dragged herself to the school's message board.

Goosebumps formed on her fair skin and it wasn't from the cold. Frankly, she felt pretty scared to know if she had gotten the part of Lei-Ming.

"Excuse me." Sakura pushed past some student. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Shino. He was that one who had brought bugs to show-and-tell back in kindergarten. Hm… Sakura almost laughed out loud at the incident. It had happened so long ago when Shino Aburame accidentally let out a whole swarm of beetles. The teacher had freaked and practically had a heart attack.

Anyways, to the cast listing!



Main Characters:

-Lei-Ming: Sakura Haruno

-Shu: Sabaku No Gaara

-Tai: Shino Aburame

-Ayame: Ino Yamanaka

-Tobi: Sasuke Uchiha


That was all Sakura read up to. She, out of all people, had gotten the part! She… WAS LEI-MING! OMFG! Squealing in delight, Sakura squeezed her way out of the throng of students that had now gathered and headed towards her locker in a daze. She was Lei-Ming. Not anyone else. And Gaara was Shu!

Wait. GAARA WAS SHU! Sakura froze in mid-step.

Did this mean they needed to rehearse together? She had read over the whole script and thanks to Jiraiya-senseit, Shu and Lei-Ming had a lot of intimate parts… Oh great. Just great.


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