Here, I inserted a little song that I made up. I have the tune down and everything, but since I can't put it in here, I'll just post up the lyrics. xD Anyways, hope you enjoy this chapter. It's only the second, but I hope it's good.

Warning: Shino goes a bit OOC in the middle. But it's probably only going to happen this once.


Chapter 2: Weakened in Heart


Sakura sat alone at her usual table, picking at a stick of anko dumplings. Normally, she would've gobbled it all in just a few bites, but today, her stomach churned with disgust. This afternoon after school, which was only a few hours away, was the first rehearsal of Love's Silhoutte.

"Hey Sakura, the first rehearsal's this afternoon right?" Ino and Hinata joined their friend, sliding their lunch trays onto the table's surface.

"Yeah." She groaned and speared an anko dumpling, watching all its contents ooze out. It wasn't that working with one of the school's hottest guys bothered her like hell, but it was the nervous sensation she'd get whenever nearing the likes of Gaara. First of all, she'd have to face down the jealous and pissed fangirls. Second of all, Gaara had a tendency to be quick in changing emotions. One second, he may be acting all tough and indifferent. Another, he might be snappish and out of patience.

"What's wrong? Isn't having Gaara as your co-actor a good thing?" Tenten followed up behind Hinata, plopping down beside Sakura with a pudding cup.

"I seriously don't know." The said teenager side-glanced at the redhead, who sat in silence with his two older siblings.

"I-I'd say it's a good thing S-Sakura-chan," Hinata spoke softly.

"Yeah, yeah. We all know you'd kill to act with Sunshine Boy over there." Ino jabbed a finger at Naruto, who was… snorting ramen up his nose. Oh, gross.

Tenten chuckled. "He's not that bad. I mean, he's easy to make friends and he's pretty nice. Remember that time when he let you borrow a pencil, Hinata? And you practically fainted!"

"T-Ten-ten-chan!" Hinata flushed a deep crimson.

"HEY! Where's Shika-kun?" Ino suddenly remembered and popped the question out of the blue. Wow. So much for caring for a friend.

"I don't know." Tenten shrugged, returning to her hoagie.

Hinata, relieved to be let off the hook, replied, "I-I think he's w-with Chouji-kun and Kiba-kun."

"Naturally." Ino huffed, crossing her arms and ignoring her chicken salad.

Sakura rolled her eyes at her friends' behavior. Her own problem had already been forgotten and Hinata was now the center of attention. Which was a good thing for herself. She really didn't like it when her friends teased her, but it was their own kooky way of bonding. Finally chewing thoughtfully on a bite of dumpling, Sakura looked back once again at Gaara. He was totally ignoring his arguing elders. At that moment, she wondered what he was thinking….



The school bell rang loudly, echoing throughout the school. Crowds of eager students filed out from the classrooms, buzzing excitedly.

Great. Auditions. Sakura moaned inwardly, slapping a palm to her forehead.

"Hey Forehead! You ready?" Ino bounded on over, tugging at the pink-haired girl's arm.

"I think so…" Sakura allowed herself to be dragged to the auditorium. She didn't have much choice anyway, what with Ino's demanding personality.


"Let's get in a line, everyone. Come on! Chop, chop!" There was Jiraiya-sensei once again, commanding all the amateur actors.

In a hustle, all the students were in single file, eager to start reading off the script.

"Now, just as an announcement, today, we're not going to be acting. It's your job to go home and memorize your lines first." Sasori-sensei stopped to take in the fact that the students just groaned. "Ahem." With that, everyone quited down immediately. Now that Sakura thought about it, Sasori-sensei kinda looked like Gaara…. "In replacement of reading off of the script, Jiraiya and I thought we should focus on the songs. None of you have had a chance to even get familiar with them yet. I doubt any of you know what we're even singing."

"Wait. We're singing?"Naruto looked confused.

"It's a musical, dobe." Sasuke was right beside his best friend, looking incredibly bored.

"Sasuke's right. It's a musical." Jiraiya wiggled his fingers. "Anyways, the songs are-"

"I'M NOT SINGING DIRTY SONGS!" Shino suddenly burst out. Whoa. Everyone turned to look at Bug Boy. Had the world come to an end? "If I have to sing vulgar songs, then I QUIT! I cannot act like this!"

"Ahem." Jiraiya stared at his student. "The songs… weren't composed by me. Unfortunately."

"Ok." Shino shrugged and fixed his dark sunglasses, which shielded his mysterious eyes. Ooh… The suspense.

"Now. As I was saying, the songs are all pretty easy to learn and they sound really good as well. Let's welcome our one and only piano player, Kurenai Yuuhi!"

Applauding broke out through the air as a tall, lanky woman stepped out. Her piercing red contacts scanned the polished keys of the piano as she sank into the stool, satisfied. Perfect. Just perfect.

"Here are your music sheets. First up, we'll have Lei-Ming come and practice her solo. Listen to the music first, then try to do it yourself." Sasori-sensei came around, passing out packets of lyrics. Oh joy. More things to memorize.

Wait. FREEZE! Did he just say Lei-Ming? As in the person who'd be impersonating Lei-Ming? Did he really mean… Sakura? She froze in place, her muscles tensing. She may be one hell of an actress, but what made her think that she could sing? Sure, her voice had been tested out before in front of an audience, but she was FIVE and in a freaking CHOIR! Ugh…

"Sakura-chan, go on stage!" Someone nudged her.

"Huh? Oh, right Naruto!" Sakura hurried up. How did the blond know her name? And what was up with the 'chan' part? Oh well. Some things were meant for later.


Sakura knew the tune to her solo already. She was now ready for a full run-through of the song. Great. Her palms were sweating as the piano started to play a melancholy melody, which rebounded through Sakura's heart. For some reason, she felt a deep connection to the song, which was about the death of love, supposedly. It brought out something within her. As her cue came around, her vocal chords pushed out the most amazing voice she'd ever sung in. Definitely one of her better days.

Was surprised when I watched him turn away
No regret etched on his face
God I didn't know what to say
Throat was dry of words

When a train comes crashing in
Knocking sense to your brain
You take that chance
And tackle it again

Time just runs along, doing its job
It further breaks every shard of your heart
That you've already dropped
Life just comes along, completing stories
Of the melancholy type
That beckon tears to just fall

When the heart's in a weakened state
I'm holding onto the cracks
Looking like I'm out
Soul is drowning in black

When a plane comes crashing in
Knocking sense to your mind
You take that risk
And drink up 'til divine



Silence. Everyone's blank stare told her that there was a slight possibility they didn't appreciate her performance. She was on the brink of dying of embarrassment right there on the spot, but applauds started to echo in the room. Whistles, cheers, and uproarious claps were brought up.

Sakura was flushed when she bowed. No, she wasn't really the boastful type, but it really does feel good when you're being flattered so.

"Good job. I think I'll enjoy working with you." A light hand was placed on her shoulder when she exited the stage and started to make her way to the back of the line.


So what'd you guys think? I've always envisioned Sakura as having some graceful moments. I mean, in the series, she's never really had a chance to dress up or anything. In ending credits and stuff maybe, but in the series, I don't believe she's had a chance to put on something beautiful.


P.S. The song's called Weakened in Heart.