Hi y'all yes another new story. It's in present day. The demons are demons, half-demons are half-demons, and humans are humans. They're in school and everyone fears Sesshoumaru. Even the girls. Still eye candy to them but afraid to approach him. The families are Sesshoumaru's dad and step mom, him and his half brother. Kagome's mom and dad, her and her brother. No grandpa because I don't like her grandpa. Okay I think that's all you need to know.

Weirdo-girl and sesshoumarusama33: it's about time you shut up.

Me: excuse-a moa.

S.S.33: oh great she's gone French on us.

Me: Creole madam mazel.

WG: what you're Creole?

Me: that would be correct.

WG and S.S.33: great you suck at fighting. We can no longer talk to you.

Me: fake crying thoughts: thank goodness. Bunch of losers I say

WG and S.S.33: WE CAN HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!

Me: damn flying monkeys with doughnuts.

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Today was Kagome's first day at her new school. Her father and another guy joined their companies together, so they moved to Tokyo. Kagome didn't really like where she lived so she had no complaints. Right now Kagome was in the front office getting her schedule.

"Here you go Ms Kagome." the lady at the front desk handed Kagome her schedule and other stuff.

"Thank you." Kagome took the papers, then left the front office. As soon as she stepped out into the hallway Kagome got looks. From the guys it was 'Oh a new girl' and from the girls it was 'bitch'.

Kagome rolled her eyes and walked on. Since most of the electives were full Kagome's first class was wood shop. All she cared about though was that she got into art. Kagome headed straight for her class. So far her fellow school mates were all just a waste of air.

When she got into the class room no one was there. "Why would they? They have like twenty minutes to do whatever. And I'm standing here talking to a wall… fine wall don't talk back to me… yeah well two can play that game."

"Excuse me ma'am."

"The wall finally talked. Yeah."

"Over here."

Kagome turned towards the voice. "Hi are you the teacher?"


"Hi I'm Kagome."

"Oh you're the new student."

"I think so. I don't really know a lot."

The teacher sat down at his desk. He pulled out his grading book, then asked for Kagome's schedule. He wrote down her name, then pulled out his seating chart. He told her all the tables were taken but the desk in the back was open.

Kagome took her schedule back and went to the desk in the back. She put her messenger bag on the floor and pulled out her sketch book. She was about to start drawing when someone caught her eye. It wasn't more the person. It was more his hair.

'Wow. I've never seen silver hair. Blue, purple, and green yes, but silver no.' Kagome thought. She watched the dude walk over to his seat, sat down, put his stuff down, pull out a book, and start reading. Kagome kept staring at his hair.

Well the dude must have noticed someone was staring because he turned around and looked at her. Kagome quickly looked down at her paper and started to draw. The guy turned back around and focused on his book.

Once the warning bell rung, kids started flooding into the room. To Kagome's luck they were all guys. 'Oh goody for me.' Kagome thought sarcastically. 'What a girl can't pick up a piece of wood? Are they going to break a nail or something?'

Most of the guys, well never mind, all the guys stared and whispered. Kagome rolled her eyes and went back to drawing.

When the final bell rung the teacher took control of the room.

"Before we start on our projects I wanna tell y'all that we got a new student." Directing his attention towards Kagome he asked, "You don't really wanna do that introducing thing do you?"

"Not really."

"Okay class her name's Kagome and if you want to know anything else you have to find it out from her. Now Kagome we've already started a project so just watch someone and help them out if they need it."

"Okay Captain Bob." Kagome looked down into her messenger bag and when she looked back up her desk was bombarded with dudes. "Helllllo."

All at once the guys started talking and Kagome couldn't understand them. Kagome grabbed her sketch book and pencil and got up and walked away. That guy with the silver hair was still at his seat grabbing stuff from his back pack.

Kagome sat in the spot next to him. "Hi."

The guy only looked at her.

"Um well I'm Kagome as Captain Bob told everyone."

He just kept staring at her.

"Um okay so those guys over there creep me out and I don't want to watch them act all macho and then stab themselves in the eye. Mostly that would be fun to watch but I like these shoes and blood doesn't go good with them so I was wondering if I could watch you. Which I forgot my bush back at home so you'll know who your stalker is."

The dude just kept staring at her.

"Please. I'll let you join the pretty pony club and you can be my bestest friend and I'll make you a sundae."

"Don't touch anything and don't talk."

Kagome was going to open up her mouth to say thank you but he said not to talk so she just closed her mouth. Kagome followed the guy into the next room, which was the work shop room. The guy had a table next to the wall, so Kagome sat down and leaned against the wall. She had nothing to do so she started drawing.

Like thirty minutes later,

"Kagome." The shop teacher stuck his head through the door and called out to her.

"Yes Captain Bob?"

"Come here please."

"Damn it I knew they would catch me spray painting the wall." Kagome set her sketch book and pencil down, got up, and went into the other room.

The guy didn't really pay attention to Kagome's absences. When he put his screw driver down, it rolled on to the floor. The guy bent down and reached out for it. The screw driver had rolled towards Kagome's sketch book. The guy saw her picture and picked up her book. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Kagome had drawn him. He wasn't in the clothes he was wearing now and he wasn't standing in the wood shop work room but it was him. After staring at the picture for a couple more minutes, he put it back, grabbed his screw driver, and continued what he was doing.

Kagome came back twenty minutes later. Kagome noticed that the guy was looking at her when she came back. She smiled at him then sat back down. Her drawing was almost done. Just a couple more subtle shadings and that's all she needed. When she was done she watched the guy.

"What's your name?" Kagome asked him.

The guy looked up at Kagome.

"Right. Sorry no talking." Kagome looked down at her feet.


Kagome looked up at Sesshoumaru. "Nice to meet you Sesshoumaru."

To Sesshoumaru the whole thing felt weird. No one's ever talked to him in this school. They were all afraid of him. After a couple days of his arrival he stopped talking to people. Even the teachers barely talked to him. They only talked to him when they needed to.

"So is this school as strange as I think it's going to be?" Kagome asked.

"Stranger probably."

Kagome smiled. "How long have you been at this school?"

"This is my third year."

"And you're a…"


Kagome started to laugh. "No are you a junior or a senior?"


"Oh so you came your sophomore year."

"That's the most logic answer I can think of any other at the moment. The other one has to deal with aliens."

Kagome started to laugh again. Kagome noticed that people were staring at them. "This class is strange."

Sesshoumaru looked up at his class mates. They instantly looked back down or at something else. Sesshoumaru looked back at Kagome. She was looking at everyone else and shaking her head. Kagome looked back at him and smiled. Sesshoumaru went back to work on his project.

Fifteen minutes before class ends,

Kagome helped Sesshoumaru clean up so they were done before the others. They were sitting in the other room. Sesshoumaru at his spot and Kagome sitting on the table next to him drawing. Sesshoumaru was looking at Kagome's schedule. Besides this class they had two classes together but he didn't tell her. It was just going to be a surprise.

"Not many normal classes." Sesshoumaru said.

"Nope. I got sick a lot in eight grade so I was home schooled and since I was in bed and couldn't do anything else I got really far in my studies and by the time my eight grade year was over I was in the middle of my sophomore year. So I continued being home schooled until my mom said I need to interact with kids my own age instead of talking to the plants."

"Did they talk back?"

"While I was medicated they did. Afterwards they didn't like me anymore and they stopped talking."

"Are you a senior then?"

"Yes. There are some classes I haven't taken yet so that's why I'm here besides my mom or else I would have graduated last year. What about you?"

"Four scores and seven years ago I was born at a young age, in a log cabin. Dinosaurs roamed the earth and aliens abducted cows."

Kagome was cracking up.

The bell rung to indicate class was over. Kagome got down off of the table and put her messenger bag over her shoulders. Kagome pulled something out of her bag and handed it to Sesshoumaru. "You're very photogenic. See you later." Kagome gave a small wave then left the class.

Her next class was sketching. She was really excited about it. Drawing was her favorite past time. Her teacher made her introduce herself. More guys tried to flirt with her while the girls were snooty bitches. Someone told her this school was full of preps, but seriously. Not a single normal person except Sesshoumaru. Only normal person she's meet so far.

Kagome had first lunch. She brought her stuff with her to lunch so she could draw. She got her food and sat down in the court yard. It wasn't long before a guy came and sat next to her.

"Hi." He said.

"Hi." Kagome didn't even look at him.

"You're new here right?"


The guy laughed. "A funny girl. Not too many around here."

"What a shocker?"

"What's your name?"

"Yabada hut."

Kagome saw from the corner of her eye that the guy got up and left. She looked up and saw him walk away. Kagome shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well."

She turned back towards her drawing and out of the corner of her other eye she saw Sesshoumaru. She turned towards him. "Hey."


"You can sit you know."

Sesshoumaru was just standing there. He sat down and Kagome closed her sketch book. "How was sketching class?"

"It was good. There was no one remotely normal."

"There is no one normal in this school."

"Except you." Kagome smiled and turned towards her food.

Sesshoumaru still couldn't believe that this girl was talking to him. No one has talked to him since his eight grade year.

"Where's your food?"

"I'm not hungry."

"Are you bulimic or anorexic test subject 1025?"

"No. I'm just not hungry."

"Are you sure? I'll share my lunch with you."

"I'm fine. I promise."

"You sure?"


"Okay. So what's your second period class?"

"English IV."

"How was that?"

"We're reading The Grapes of Wrath. What do you think?"

"Very boring."


"What class do you have next?"


"Me too. Which room?"


Kagome rummaged through her back pack and pulled out her schedule. "Hey that's where I'm headed next."

"I know. We also have fourth period together too."

"And you decided not to tell me why?"

"Just didn't feel like it." Sesshoumaru shrugged his shoulders.

Kagome hit him on the arm. "Meanie."

After lunch was over Sesshoumaru and Kagome went to their class. Kagome talked to the teacher. The teacher told her where she could sit. She was happy to find out it was in front of Sesshoumaru.

"Don't be dipping my pig tails in ink." Kagome said.

"Can I cut them off?"

"Yes, but no ink."


Kagome and Sesshoumaru worked together on their math work. When math was over they headed to their chemistry class. Kagome was happy to find out Sesshoumaru didn't have a lab partner so she could be his. They took notes the whole class. How fun right? Then got their homework assignments. The teacher told Kagome to get the other notes from a student because it would be better from a kid's view than a teacher's.

"So I need the chemistry notes." Kagome said to Sesshoumaru.

"That's what the teacher says."

"Can I barrow yours?"


"Please, please, please. I'll be your bestest friend in the whole wide world."

"Fine. Where do you want to go?"

"Well I'm tired of people and my house is full of toxic fumes from the paint, so how's your house?"

"My house will be fine. Do you need a ride?"

"No I got a car."

"I'll meet you by your locker. Which is number…"



Kagome and Sesshoumaru parted ways once they exited the door. Kagome squeezed through the crowd to her locker. Lucky her the guy from lunch was right next to her locker.

'Goody.' Kagome thought sarcastically. She walked up to her locker trying not to catch his attention. Kagome started putting in her locker combination when the guy asked,

"Is he with you?"

"Is who with me?"

The guy took his head out of his locker and looked around. "Never mind."


"So we never got to finish talking?"

"Because you walked away."

"Well he… um…"

"Okay. Bye now." Kagome closed her locker and turned to walk away.


Kagome turned back towards him.

"My name's Nick."

"Congratulations for knowing your name. if I had I metal you would surly get one."

Nick did the whole cool guy lean on the locker thing. "What's your real name gorgeous?"

"Don't call me gorgeous." Kagome turned around to walk away again, but Nick grabbed her hand and spun her back around.

Nick didn't let go of her hand. "Come on."

"No. Now if you'll…" Kagome didn't finish her sentence because the guy let her hand go and walked away. "Freak."

Kagome turned around and bumped into someone. "Oww. My nose." Kagome backed up a step and rubbed her nose. "Hey. You ready?"

"Yeah. Your nose okay?"


Kagome and Sesshoumaru walked to the parking lot where they got into their cars. Before they left Sesshoumaru gave directions to Kagome and his cell phone number just in case. Kagome gave Sesshoumaru her cell phone number just because.

When Kagome pulled up next to the side walk in front of his house she saw Sesshoumaru leaning against his car. Kagome got out of her car, then went to the back seat to get her bag. When she walked up to Sesshoumaru she said, "You leave really far from the school."

"Yup." Sesshoumaru stood up and started up the drive way. Kagome was right behind him.

"Your house is big."

"Just the way my father likes it."

"You don't like it?"

"I'm not materialistic."

"So if you had a little cottage in the woods…"

"Home sweet home."

Kagome just smiled.

When Sesshoumaru opened the door they were greeted by a maid. "Good day sir."

"It's really scary how people pop out of no where these days." Kagome mumbled to herself.

"Is there anything you want me to take?" The maid asked.


"Alright sir. You two have a good day." The maid left to go do whatever. Most likely to go have sex with a vase.

"She's kind of creepy." Kagome said.


Kagome grabbed onto his sleeve.

He looked down at her.

"You're not leaving me alone in this place."

Sesshoumaru nodded his head and walked on. He headed for the kitchen where he found his stop mother doing the dishes. His step mother was one of the few who talked to him. He talked to her sometimes.

"Hi Izayoi."

Izayoi continued to wash dishes as she talked to him. "Hi Sesshoumaru. How was school?"


"Good? Nothing is ever good when you go out."

"Today was different."

"How so?"

"The flying monkeys gave him his cookie back." Kagome said.

Izayoi turned off the water, turned around, and dried her hands on a towel.

Sesshoumaru looked down at Kagome. "Flying monkeys?"

"Wizard of Oz. duh."

"I know that but flying monkeys?"

"Hey dinosaur roamed the earth."

"I guess I can let it slid then. We're going to go study."

"Now don't lie Sesshoumaru. You know we're going to go up to your room, close the door, turn the music up really loud, and make hot steamy passionate sex."

Sesshoumaru covered Kagome's mouth. He said bye to his step-mom then left the kitchen. He took Kagome to his room.


Hey y'all how'd you like it. I hope ya did. Well got to sleep. Peace.