The Plague

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Day 6

- Repopulate -

Jump City Population after the Plague: 1,987


A light breeze kick up the sweet scent of the ocean water. Everyone breathed in deeply, washing away all the pain and the sickness. Others, who were well, went to clean up the city with the sea water. Children laughed as they splashed in the cool water, everything seemed to be rupturing back to normal. In the distance the walls were being taken down as the plague was over. Five friends rested at the end of the beach, away from the crowd.

"It's finally over."

Four heads tilted towards the green titan, who was gazing out into to sea. Starfire smiled as she squeezed Robin's hand softly. A smile tugged at his lips and he kissed her hand lightly, she giggled and kissed him on the cheek. Cyborg and Beast Boy stuck their tongues at the mushy love stuff. Raven rolled her eyes and shoved the two boys into the water.


Raven chuckled, but her smile was whipped from her face when she saw the two evil smiles gracing both boys lips.

"You know what this means Raven." Cyborg whispered as he narrowed his eyes.

"War." Beast Boy finished and both of them launched a splash attack on her. Raven shielded her face from the on coming water. After a few minutes both boys stopped and looked at the now soaked Raven. Raven looked up and smiled, which terrified both boys.

"You know what this means, right?" Both boys gulped.


She then summoned her powers causing a decent sized wave to come crashing toward the boys. A small gasped escaped their lips as the were engulfed in the wave. The wave was so big that it splashed the happy pair on the beach. Now everyone was soaked. Starfire and Robin looked over at the three titans, both looked at each other quickly and smiled.

"You thinking what I'm thinking Star?"

She nodded and they both got up and crashed into the ocean. It was every titan for themselves as they began splashing each other and enjoying the day.


3 days later

The power was running and the once destroyed city of Jump City was being restored to its former glory. A normal day in the titans tower. Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing video games, which was annoying Raven who was reading. Starfire cheered her friends on and Robin had just walked into the living room.

Starfire turned to see him walk in and she smiled. He walked over to her and took a seat just as Cyborg kicked his car into overdrive and beat Beast Boy.


Cyborg did a small victory dance as Beast Boy sulked in his seat, Raven shut her book and walked over to the couch and sat next to Beast Boy.

"Since Beast Boy's skills can't surpass mine, let's watch a movie."

Everyone agreed, but Beast Boy protested about the skills comment. He shook it off and ran for options. He picked up a DVD and ran back over to his friends.

"Dude what about this one?"

Beast Boy held up the video, it was black and the letters were spelled out in red, dripping like blood. On the front was a zombie terrorizing a bystander.

"It's called The Plague!"

All four titans protested at once.


Beast Boy fell to the floor, knocked off his feet by their shouts.

"Fine, fine well just watch Wicked Scary 3: The Wicked Revenge."

All four groaned as he popped the movie in.



Jump City Population Now:7,876

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