Disclaimer: I own the plot, but I don't own Digimon.

Author's Note: This Savers/Data Squad-centered drabble is for the weekly contest at the LiveJournal community, "Digimon Drabbles," the prompt being "revolution."

A warning to those unfamiliar with Savers/Data Squad: This fic may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk!

New World Order

The Digital World: my home, my toy.

I rule it with close branches, leaves, and computer blocks.

I promote those who do goodwill and punish anyone who commits crimes. And when I punish, I make sure they feel my wrath.


A word deemed fitting for these pathetic humans.

Especially after they invaded my home the first time.

How stupid I was not punishing them then! I should have trusted my instincts and attack them the first time they arrived.

Yet, after seeing Suguru bond with BantyoLeomon, I thought invading the Human World was unnecessary.

Why did I believe that?

His human, Kurata, attacks my world and murders my Digimon? Why did I trust Suguru? Why did I not order my Royal Knights to destroy the humans earlier?

But Suguru's vow— It sounds sincere, like my Digimon and his humans are capable of coexisting, after all. That this is a one-time incident…

Such foolishness!

Mercurimon was murdered? And by his human, Kurata?

That does it!

Suguru's life is over. He will never see the light of day again!

As for those humans on the other side…

I…will…kill them!

I will destroy their whole race along with their precious Human World! My Digital World and my Digimon will no longer live under their reign of terror!

My Royal Knights and I will invade their world, and we will kill them!

Each and every last one of them!

And all the traitorous Digimon that choose to side with the humans can die with them!

My Digital World will shine. We Digimon will create a new world order. The humans will be punished! Justice will be served!

And if it means playing mind games with my Digimon and my Royal Knights to support my cause, then so be it.