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Oh Doctor, Doctor!

I've got all these 'boo-boos', you see…


'Alright. So. How exactly did this happen?' The pinkette mused silently to herself as she gazed around the barren room, emerald irises slowly rolling over every detail of the room as best as she can manage. Oh, it was barren all right. There was nothing in the room at all, aside from an old mattress on the floor, stuffed unceremoniously in the right top corner of the ivory tinted room. Well, the room was suppose to be white, seeing how in some spots it was, in fact, a brilliant bright white. However, the majority of the room was this, almost sickening, yellow-ish white color. Whether it was purely age that caused the discoloration of the room, Sakura couldn't tell.

'Oh, that's right; those bastards completely CHEATED!' she roared in her mind as she struggled, to no avail, against the bindings.

Currently, she was just lying on her side in the middle of the room on the dirty, stained room, her arms and legs bound in chakra strengthened bindings. Her thin, fragile looking wrists were bound behind her, her ankles in the same shape. There was something also around her neck; it felt cold and heavy, almost like a collar…. What?! If it was what she thought it was, then those perverted bastards were going to get it! The nerve! And the bastards, (she refused to call them anything but that) also didn't even have the decency to put her on the damn bed! Ahem… So back to the problem at hand. How, exactly, had Sakura ended up at one of the Akatsuki's bases anyway? Naturally, when being held against your will, it was only natural they had specific precautions set up for her. (IE, the bindings and the special little room they have set up just especially for her. Oh joyous. The bastards had this all planned out, didn't they? Ugh, of course they did.) But how, exactly, did they apprehend her then? Well…


Fluttering and dancing alongside with the wind as its partner, pink shoulder length locks slowly flowed lithely, like silk through water, around the emerald-eyed young woman. At seventeen, Sakura had made it into the ANBU rank. Now, very recently turning eighteen, Sakura was still considered new in her rank, so Tsunade naturally gave her, along with her more experienced teammates, easier missions. Naruto was a part of said team, making the ranking at the same time as she herself, seeing as the two promised they take these sort of tests at the same time. The other two on the team were much more experienced and hadn't once complained about receiving both new members and easier missions. In fact, they looked a bit relieved that the missions were easier and that the pay was still good.

At the moment, they were on one of these said missions, gazing around a seemingly lifeless forest. Now normally, Tsunade wouldn't want Naruto to go too far, seeing how the Akatsuki are still out and about. Though, seeing how there hadn't been one single active report of them lately from any village whatsoever, Tsunade finally saw it safe enough for Naruto and them to go a bit farther. She even upped the ranking to a high A. (She didn't quite classify it as a S, yet it was harder than the usual A. So, with Tsunade logic in play, it was now a 'High A'… Eh, they went along with it anyway.) It wasn't much of a mission, really; just follow a small group of missing nin from Mist rumored to have been spotted around the outer border. They were suppose to scout out any information from them (if there was any, that is) then either eliminate them, or bring them back to Mist alive for punishment, the latter being the more preferred, seeing how Konoha's relationship with them was a little more than shaky.

Turns out, it was false. Yes, the information on these 'missing nin' was completely false. And Tsunade said she got the information from a trustworthy source! But that didn't mean there weren't any missing nin about. Of course there were, when was luck ever on their side? Instead of a group of Mist missing nin, they only found one along with one from Konoha. Yep, it was none other then infamous Kisame and Itachi.

It was… Very hard for Sakura to describe the battle that suddenly ensued between the powerful shinobi. It was almost like a blur to her, really. The more experienced nin of their ANBU team decided to each take on a member of the Akatsuki, ordering Sakura and Naruto to remain strictly back-up. (Especially Sakura, since she had become a very experience medic in her training sessions with Tsunade in the past years.) Their teammates struggled with the two Akatsuki members, their movements quick and graceful, precise and deadly… However, they just weren't precise enough, nor were they quite deadly enough either.

Trees had large gashes in them, falling victim to the wrath of Kisame's blade as well as a few stray swings of a katana from one of the ANBU. Heck, by now, Sakura was pretty sure a tree had fallen. The ground was broken in, slashes marring the once flawless grassy surface, small craters and ruble also littering its surface. Random kunai and shuriken had too pierced the ground and the surrounding trees. In just a matter of minutes, the small patch of forest the shinobi were peacefully gazing around in had turned into a full-blown out battlefield. Soon enough, against orders, Naruto couldn't take watching them any longer and joined in, deciding to help out the one whom had been having the most trouble, which so happened to be the one whom was battling Itachi. Sakura had called out to him, told him they were after him and that he had to get out of there as soon as possible you idiot! But Naruto, naturally, didn't listen.

About to step in herself, Sakura took a few steps forward, only to suddenly stop dead in her tracks. Jade irises quivered in her sockets, pupils contracting to mere pin-sized dots. And with that, said jade orbs became lidded, the light vanishing from her eyes before she slumped forward, the darkness swimming before her lidded eyes before it consumed her sight altogether… Apparently, Kisame and Itachi weren't the only Akatsuki there. This one, the tricky little bastard, had been lurking quietly and carefully in the shadows, masking his chakra with such expertise, even someone like Sakura hadn't noticed through all the mayhem his signature. The last, and only, thought that ran through her mind before she crumpled in an unconscious heap had been, 'Naruto… I'm sorry. Stay safe.'


…The next thing she knew, she woke up here in this god-forsaken room with a skull-splitting headache.

She groaned loudly, her green gaze concentrated solely on the floor, which was looking really good right about now for some possible skull smashing. Oh, it was very tempting indeed, especially with how stupid she must have looked on the battlefield. Either the Akatsuki had predicted what would happen, which was for the more experience ANBU to order Sakura and Naruto to stay behind, then for Naruto to join in, ultimately leaving Sakura by her lonesome, then have one of the Akatsuki's other guys swoop in unnoticed and knock out Sakura. Ugh! She felt so stupid! This just had to have all been planned out! They were tricky, conniving bastards, after all. But just then, a thought abruptly shot out from her angry thoughts. Upon bringing up the subject of Naruto, she began to wonder if they had managed to capture him as well. Her eyes widened at the thought. No. They couldn't have… Could they?

And anyway, why did they grab her too if they had him?! She scowled. Damn it, this better not be one of those cliché 'capture-Sakura-the-close-friend-as-bait-for-the-Kyuubi-container' plots! Especially when Naruto was right there, battling along side the steadily losing ANBU.

Just then, a door from behind her opened, causing Sakura to blink quickly, craning her neck the best she can over her shoulder to try and see whom it was. And what do you know! It's the Ino-look-alike! She snorted and rolled her eyes, laying her head back upon the floor. Well, to be honest, he didn't look that much like Ino... Just the fact that they both had hair covering one of their eyes was the only real similarity between the two... But it was still fun to use it as an insult against the bastard. The blonde pouted, his lower lip protruding slightly. "Oh, Cherry-chan. I'm hurt. Aren't you happy to see me?" he asked, feigning a hurt expression along with the pout.

Sakura merely rolled her eyes at him, a low growl rumbling in the back of her throat. "What? What was that, Cherry-chan?" Deidara asked in an all too sweet tone, taking a few steps closer to her. The bastard. He knew very well that she couldn't reply with this thing over her mouth! The 'thing' just happened to be a strip of tape, which had a small inscription of kanji characters on it. What did it read, you ask? 'Speak no evil'. That's what was on it. The bastards were, again, making fun of her, without her even knowing no less! He walked over to her until he was in front of her, cocky smirk set in on his lips. She looked up at him and narrowed her eyes, which in Sakura language must have just about screamed, 'get away from me you bastard.' And silently, she wondered why -with a roll of the eyes- he wasn't even tempted to turn to his heels and leave.

And just then, one of his slender hands reached forward quickly and ripped the tape off from her lips. On the outside, her glare merely intensified. However, on the inside, she was screaming her head off about how much it freaking stung! He merely smiled a sadistic smile before grabbing her forearm and lugging her to her feet. From behind, the blonde quickly cut the chakra bindings off of her ankles, enabling her to stand firmly on her own two legs. He took hold of her wrists, grasping her wrists with harsh force as he leaned in, close to her ear. "Try anything, dear Cherry-chan, and I won't hesitate in blowing you to smithereens, yeah." He said suddenly, his voice coated in false sugar. You know, that nasty sugar substitute? A bit too sweet, but at the same time, not quite the right sweet you're looking for? Yeah, his voice was even worse then that.

He abruptly pushed her to the bed, her smaller form landing none-too gracefully upon it. Her head had almost hit the wall for crying out loud! Deidara chuckled softly, resting one of his slightly callused hands upon one of her slender shoulders. "You understand then, don't you? I don't need to remind you that this room has special… Precautions to ensure your stay, yeah?" His visible cerulean blue orb shone with an odd, unreadable gleam, as though he took pleasure in all this! Freak! Though, he was probably right; this room probably had god-knows what in and around it, knowing the bastards and their careful planning. She'd really have to think out her escape. Sighing softly in defeat (she made sure to make it sound that way), she nodded her head softly, her pink locks bouncing with every movement. At the moment, Sakura thoroughly refused to speak with the Akatsuki scum.

A soft, deep and smooth chuckle bubbled from the depths of his throat, "Good. I'll be back then. Don't you move. Wouldn't want anything to happen now would we, hm?" He mockingly asked, his tone sounding a bit lighter than it had been a few seconds before.

And with that, he left the room, carefully shutting the door behind him. Slowly, Sakura gazed around the room more carefully, noticing that there were actually two doors in the room. Hmm, perhaps one of them led to a bathroom. But anyway. How the hell was she going to get herself out of this mess? Thinking for a few moments, she looked over her person, not finding as single item, other than her clothes, that could help her out. Both her weapons and medical bag had been taken from her, leaving her with just the clothes on her back. She no longer felt the reassuring pressure of a kunai against her ankle or her thigh either. Nope, nothing but clothes. She sighed, trying with all her might to ignore the fact that maybe the bastards had done some sort of strip search in order to make sure she was rid of all her weapons. Oh yes. She most definitely had to keep that out of her mind in order to stop herself from –attempting- to kill yet another Akatsuki member.

A few more short minutes passed, and still, she couldn't think of much. Maybe if she found out why she had been caught in the first place… But really, she swore, if this was some stupid plan on getting Naruto through her, then they had another thing coming!

Soon enough, Deidara entered the room once more, smirking from ear to ear. He held a tall glass of water in one hand, a shiny apple in the other. Offering her the apple, he out stretched his arm to her. Although the kunoichi was pretty hungry, she refused to eat or drink anything of their's! What if it was-

"It's not poisoned, if that's what you think." He practically snorted out, that cocky smirk still in place upon his lips. "What would be the point of going through the trouble of brining you here only to kill you with poison? How boring, yeah." The explosives expert concluded with a nod, setting down her cup of water next to the mattress and the apple upon the bed as he sat down upon said bed.

It was silent between the two for a few moments, the emerald-eyed kunoichi looking any where but at the blonde beside her. The faint lights from above her flickered slightly, making a slight bussing sound that disrupted the silence for a brief second before returning to its original state. It was then that Sakura decided to break the blanket of silence, only to pipe in with a few unanswered questions. "Alright then. So tell me. Why the hell am I here, huh?" The pink-haired kunoichi all but snapped, her lips practically curling back into a snarl. At the look on her face, Deidara chuckled, shaking his head slightly, "Later," he responded, pausing before looking back at her. God, that smirk was beginning to piss her off now. Hiding something important from her, the bastard! And he acted so damn cocky around her! Like he was rubbing it in her face that he knew and she didn't! Ugh, prick! "Alright then, so why are you still here?" Alright, this time, she had to admit, she completely snarled at him, her eyes narrowed to mere slivers of emerald, upper lip twitching every so often.

"Hmmmm…" He began, drawing it out as he gingerly rubbed his chin with his index finger and thumb. "Oh, that's right. Well, I should be guarding you, just in case you try anything suspicious, but also, I was curious, yeah…" He said, nodding, as though silently agreeing with his answer. Again, the jade-eyed beauty rolled her eyes, "Curious, yeah?" She mocked, her eyes no longer narrowed as she gazed at him with a mocking smirk of her own. Instead of seeming insulted, Deidara just nodded, his smirk still in place. "Yeah!" He replied cheerfully, smiling all the while. However, really, he was quite ticked at the obvious insult. He'd gotten it a lot, and he did not want to see her accomplished smirk adorn her lips. However, he couldn't guarantee if he could pull off such a stunt again

At his response, her eyes narrowed again. Bastard. Bastard. BASTARD. "Curious about what?" She managed to ground out between clenched teeth, trying her best to at least put on a smirk. Seeing her discomfort, his gaze momentarily darting down to her fisting and unfisting hands, Deidara had quite the hard time holding back his laughter. However, he managed, and replied with, "What else? You." He'd said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, his tone screaming 'duh' loud and clear. Cocky little… She sighed, resisting the urge to roll her eyes yet again. After managing to control her anger, she looked back up at Deidara, only to find that he was staring at her. She stared right back at him, completely unnerved by him. Sure, he was a insane, S-class murderer part of an equally crazed organization… But oddly, the attitude he put off suggested he really wouldn't hurt her… Unless she gave him a reason to, that is... Alright, so that put her off a little.

"…What are you looking at?" she asked, raising a brow at him. The blonde explosives expert just stared at her for a few more moments before abruptly standing, choosing not to answer her rudely asked question. (The thought that staring was rude, apparently, never occurred to him.) He'd concluded, in his staring, a few things. One, that she was rather pretty. Her beauty was exotic, what with her pink hair and light green eyes and all. Her breasts weren't enormous, dare he say that they were, maybe, just right? She wasn't ultra curvy, though still rather attractive. And two, that maybe, while doing such a boring 'assignment', he could make this more interesting and fun... At least, for him.

A wild, untamed grin slowly curled upon his lips…

"…Let's play a game."

Her gaze slowly shifted up to his face, watching the mischief dancing in his one visible azure eye and how damn taunting that smile was (she ignored the fact that his smile was dazzling, despite how crazed it really looked.) Sakura watched him carefully for a few moments, afraid to answer his suggestion. Play a game? Oh god, what did this sicko consider a 'game'? Blowing up buildings? Blowing up toddlers? Tossing infants? Torturing squirrels? Torturing her? DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS? Other sickening thoughts streamed through her oddly active imagination, her silence bothering Deidara to no end. He rolled his eyes at her, grabbed her arm surprisingly gently, and stood up, pulling her up with him.

The blonde stood in front of her silently, the grin shifting back into his signature smirk. "We're going to play a game of doctor and patient, yeah. You're the doctor, and I'm the patient…" Oh, that smirk of his practically gleamed with mischief. Though, despite the obvious plotting behind his cocky smirk and gleaming eyes, she had to put her opinion in on his suggestion –now more like a demand- of playing this little 'game'. "What? How old are you, five?! Why would you want to play such a childish game?!" She all but yelled at him, her eyes narrowing. What the hell was he up to?

He just chuckled in response to her and shook his head, moving behind her slowly before cutting the chakra ropes from off of her. "Just to remind you, you're out of chakra, and even if you weren't, we have a special accessory here that'll make sure you don't try anything with it…" The blonde stated, gently slipping his slender finger under the collar only to tug lightly at it, a soft chuckle bubbling from the depths of his throat. She glared at him silently, her hunch about there being some sort of collar to restrain her chakra being completely correct.

She scowled as he suddenly appeared in front of her, displaying just how fast he could be. The pinkette wasn't stupid; she knew the example of his speed was a bit of a threat. It clearly said how fast he was and that he wouldn't struggle in catching up with her. Sakura had been about to respond, until Deidara quickly cut in, a pout present on his lips rather than his usual smirk.

"Doctor… I'm not feeling so well."

She rolled her eyes. Oh. He had to be kidding. He looked at her, the pout more evident than it had been moments before… Oh God no. He was serious about that whole game thing? When she didn't respond, his hand abruptly darted out and grasped her wrist harshly, though the playful pout never left his lips.

…Sakura sighed. Defeated.

"…What's wrong?" She asked with a groan and a tone that suggested she was bored out of her mind.

He sighed dramatically. Oh here we go.

"I've got all these 'boo-boos', you see..." The blonde bastard said, still pouting innocently. Innocent. Him. Yeah, alright.

"What the hell are you talking about?! You don't have a scratch on you!" She roared with narrowed eyes and fisted hands.

Deidara shook his head and sighed, looking off to the side as though he were ashamed. "No, no. But I do. You see, under my shirt..." He said, trailing off as he looked back up at her expectantly. Did he expect her to...? Oh no. No, no, no. She wasn't taking part of this -suddenly perverted- game any longer. So, what did she do? She didn't respond. The pinkette crossed her arms across her chest, her eyes becoming mere slivers of emerald. He gazed into her narrowed eyes, the pout still present on his lips, even as the bastard tightened his grip on her wrist for a moment or so before releasing her.

..Another sigh escaped past her lips.

Deidara: 2 Sakura:... a whooping 0

"'Boo-boos' you say, eh...What kind of... 'Boo-boos'... Do you have under there?" She asked, trying desperately to prolong the inevitable. -Which was the removal of the blonde bastard's shirt.

His pout slipped off his lips for a moment, revealing what his lips really wanted to do at the moment; grin. Deidara's grin quickly vanished as quickly as it had appeared and the pout was up again. "Well... I would take off my shirt and tell you, doctor, but I just feel so weak..." He said, a bit over-dramatically. But oh he was having too much fun with this kunoichi. She was quite fun to tease... And to play with.

She had to stop herself from rolling her eyes for the millionth time that day. Hesitantly, she unclasped the clasps of the Akatsuki cloak, merely letting it drop to the floor and pool around the blonde's ankles unceremoniously. His pout, again, fell from his lips, a teasing smirk plastered there in its stead. Mentally, she braced herself as her fingers trailed down to the brim of his mesh shirt. And mentally, she was also cursing him off, but that was beside the point.

Sakura gripped the edge of his shirt and lifted it slowly at first, gazing at the slightly sun-kissed skin underneath. She quickly shut out her inner self, whom had begun to point out how he was quite nicely sculpted. Not too muscular, but not too lean either. Very pleasant. Though she tried not to gawk, Deidara had seen her momentary pause in the removal of his shirt... And his over-sized ego swelled. However, he didn't let on that he'd seen her stare a second to long at his chest and mid-section.

Once she'd pulled it over his head, she'd tossed it carelessly to the side, her bored and slightly annoyed expression back in play. "I'd don't see anything that looks remotely like a 'boo-boo'." She commented as she crossed her arms across her chest, looking more than displeased and bothered.

He didn't even bother hiding his smirk with a pout any more.

"Oh, they're there alright... And they're so painful... Doctor... Could you kiss them better?" He asked, making his last sentence sound sickeningly sweet. Oh. Great. Why didn't she see this coming?

"No way-!" She started, but never got to finish, for he quickly raised one of his slender, large hands and pressed a finger to her lips.

"But Doctor..." His lower lip quivered, "They just hurt so bad. You've got to help me..." The blonde's voice was both sweet, innocent, and.. Threatening? Oh yeah, definitely a bit threatening. He traced her lower lip for a moment or so before he drew his finger back, watching the pink-haired medic carefully. She quickly resisted the almost over-powering urge to rub her bottom lip, as though his finger had left visible evidence of being there. But it felt like his damned finger was still there, for her lip tingled scarcely. She quickly ignored it. Ugh, it looks like she was going to have to get this over with as quickly as she could.

"...Where does it hurt?" She asked with, yet another, sigh.

A grin curled upon his lips as he pointed to his shoulder. She leaned in close and gently kissed his shoulder, her soft lips barely grazing the surface of his smooth skin. "Now lower." He suddenly stated, causing her to look back up at him, her eyes narrowed. Her head dipped slightly as she gingerly kissed his collarbone, eliciting a slightly shudder to wrack his built frame.


Cursing loudly at him in her mind (who knew someone who looked so innocent has such a colorful vocabulary?), she kissed and inch or so less beneath his collarbone. His smirk grew.

"Lower.." He repeated, watching her through slightly lidded cerulean blue hues.

Her lips ghosted over his pectoral muscle, which twitched slightly under her lips' touch.

His voice deepened slightly as he once again said, "Lower..."

'God damn this bastard! I swear, when I get out of here, he's the first one going on my hit list of Akatsuki to kill!' Her mind screamed, though she gave no hinting of her thoughts. She kissed softly under his pectoral muscle, her green gaze set upon the floor as she pulled her lips away. She couldn't take it any more. She'd been about to just walk away from him, back to the bed maybe. However, he must have sensed her plotting, for one of his larger hands, surprisingly gently, threaded through her pink locks and anchored itself in place.


Again, he said the dreadful word! Now she was beginning to get too low to just bend her neck. So she squatted slightly and kissed him again.


Smooth lips pressed against warm, taut skin again.

"Lower..." His hand messaged her scalp, his form was slightly hunched over as his other hand firmly placed at the nape of her neck, encouraging her light, yet enticing, actions.

She kissed his navel now, his muscles twitching beneath her lips..

"Lower." He practically groaned this out, his visible eye momentarily shutting.

Now, she kissed the area just above his hip bone.

"Lower..." His voice almost sounded breathy as his hand momentarily left her pink locks, only to softly trail his warm fingertips against the side of her face, leaving a strange tingling feeling in his fingers' wake... Was he enjoying this a little too much? Just her luck; of course he was.

UGH. She kissed his hip bone, her lips lingering a second longer then she would have liked.

"Nn... Low-"

"You know damn well where I'll be if I kiss any where lower you damn perverted bastard!" She interrupted him with a shout, red in the face. Whether it was from anger or embarrassment, she wasn't sure. It was probably a combination of the two. Who cared if he was an S-class criminal?! He definitely wasn't going to get away with this so damned easily, nor was he going to get anything like that.

His wide smirk turned into an even wider grin as his fingers trailed back to her hair, gingerly stroking her silky smooth pink locks. "But, Doctor Cherry..." What the hell is this now? A damned pet name?! "The absolute worse injury of all is there, yeah.." Then, he chuckled softly. "Hm, it seems that you're going to have to take off these too." He said, and he quickly removed his hand from the nape of her neck, only to use said hand to slip his thumb under the brim of his dark pants. Oh she wasn't stupid. She knew exactly what he meant when he said 'worse injury'. Fucking. Sadistic. Pervert. His grip on her hair tightened, making it no longer gentle and, dare she say, a bit comforting despite the fact that it was the blonde bastard's hand in her hair.

Alright. Now she couldn't take it any more. "I don't care how 'bad' it is, I'm not going down there!" She snarled at him, close to barring her non-existent fangs at him. His hand remained in her hair, fisting itself tightly in her soft, smooth and silk locks. "Oh, but I think you do, Doctor Cherry..." The blonde bastard was still playing this sick little game. "The Patient always comes first, does he not? Besides, there may be... consequences if the Doctor doesn't do her job correctly, yeah." Although it was obviously a threat, the statement was said in a such a deep purr, almost as though he'd never said such a thing and was attempting to seduce her.

She ground her teeth together, using all will-power she possessed not to try and knock the dumb blonde's lights out. Oh god, she was really going to have to do this, wasn't she?

'Well, although he lacks in the personality department, at least he is pretty h-'

'NO NO, don't you dare! Don't even think about finishing that sentence!'

She really didn't need to admit to herself that, why yes, he was, in fact, quite attractive. And that she wondered what he really would be like if he wasn't a crazed member of Akatsuki. Nope. Her pride would not allow it. She would never allow it, damn it!

Currently, he was grinning down at her and, freeing his hand from the brim of his pants, leaned over and grasped Sakura's wrist, bringing it to the very spot where his hand had been moments ago. While her wrist was in his hand, she felt something wet and slimy slide against her wrist... Sakura ignored it. She really didn't want to know, and didn't need any surprises at the moment. She was having enough 'fun' with being forced to... Well, yeah... That.

"Come on, Doctor..." He encouraged her, gingerly stroking her hand in an almost caring manner, though she couldn't help but pick up the teasing in his tone when he uttered the word 'doctor'. Alright, alright. So, since she didn't want to die quite yet, she braced herself once again and unbuttoned his dark pants, sliding them off his narrow hips until they too fell and pooled exotically around his ankles. 'Thoughts, Sakura. Thoughts.' She scolded herself mentally, her sea foam green gaze planted firmly on the liquid-like cloth that had collected around his ankles. Deidara stepped out of them and kicked them to the side, kicking his Akatsuki robes off to the side along with the pants.

Alright. She was only doing this to avoid death. He was an S-class criminal, after all, and would not hesitate in killing her if she didn't do as told... No other reason. Though, then again, he could just kill her anyway right after she'd finished... She shook her head briefly. No, no! That would not happen! She sighed and pressed her lips gently against the waistband of his boxers, the blonde explosives master still smirking down at her. "Doctor, I think you, being a Doctor and all, know that that's not where the injury is..." Damn right it wasn't. She could see the 'injury' just fine, which was pushing against the fabric of the soft garment. "...I see it, don't worry."

Teasingly, she stroked the bulge slowly and slightly, her index and middle fingers merely ghosting over the covered arousal. His form quivered slightly, shuddering from Sakura's teasing strokes. Figures the little hellion would try to get back at him in some way, even if it wasn't quite the way Sakura had in mind. Her revenge schemes

About to pull the boxers down, a knock suddenly rang throughout the room. Sakura, at hearing the intruding noise, bolted right up... Then she looked back at Deidara, a wide, wide smile upon her lips. This smile seemed to scream, 'YES! There is a god!' Oh god, what a lucky break that was! Mentally, she was cheering and jumping up and down while pointing at Deidara, screaming 'in your face!' repetatively. Soon after knocking, the door cracked open slightly, before a deep, smooth voice traveled through the thick air of the room. "Your shift's over, Deidara..." The other voice did not question why Deidara was practically naked... Nor did he question why his cheeks were flushed with a deep red, or why his breathing was heavy and a bit irregular.

Deidara's eyes narrowed at the voice. Bastard. He did it on purpose! Ruining his fun like that! And just when they were getting to the good part too. Reluctantly, he began collecting his clothes and pulling them back on, feeling the gaze of the green-eyed kunoichi burning into his back. He knew she saw this as a win but oh, he'd get her back alright... Unless, that is, she was staring at his back for a whole different reason. Although he doubted the latter, he couldn't help but smirk at the thought. As he did the last clasp of his Akatsuki robe, he began to walk towards the door, an angry pout the present expression his face wore.

Sakura could barely contain the grin from sliding upon her lips.

Before he left the room, he stopped at the door and turned slowly towards Sakura. "Hey, Doctor Cherry. It's too bad one of your other appointments had to interrupt ours... It seems we'll have to reschedule, eh?.. I hope you can make it up to me and solve my problem, which I'm sure I'll still be having trouble with later on..."

With that, his cocky grin returned and he winked at her before leaving and closing the door behind him...

...Leaving a steaming Sakura to curse loudly to herself.

Deidara stood by the door for a few moments, listening to her display of vulgar language... Before chuckling softly to himself, walking off as he said softly to himself, "Such colorful language, yeah..."


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