Title: Sweet Betrayal
Pairing: Chlark/Kaloe/Clois/Chloe+Other
Rating: NC-17, eventually
Summary: The only way Clark and Chloe can be together is through sweet betrayal...
Disclaimers: Not mine, belong to the same people they have for five years, so enjoy...


Clark sat and starred at it, he knew it was wrong but that couldn't stop him. That ring brought out the bad in him, a side he should have learned to keep locked away a long time ago. He knew if he put that ring on he would go to her again, just like all the other times. He had told himself each time was his last, he couldn't keep doing this to Lois. But after a few weeks without her voice, her touch, her love he would put that damn ring on and run to her.

Chloe knew it was wrong, but his need for her was too great to deny. She would tell herself after each time he left her she would not let him back, she had to stop hurting Lois. But whenever he came knocking on her door she always let him in. She had moved far away hoping that it would stop it all, no not stop it. She never wanted it to stop, no matter how much she was risking losing all her loved ones. She knew that no distance could keep him from her, no matter how far she fled, he would find her and run to her in only short minutes. And that was something she clung to.

They both knew they were betraying the one person they loved more than they did each other, but they couldn't stop. If anything it only added to the passion it brought between them. They fed off the thrill of being caught someday, they feared that day but didn't think of it till after the fact. Each had their own reasons for doing it, Chloe because having Clark in this way was the only thing she had ever wanted. Clark because she was the one person he could totally trust and love with all his heart.

If he hadn't left her that one day so long ago, left because Jor-El gave him no other option, he was to finish his Kyrptonian training. He left without warning to anyone, not even Martha. That's what, in the end, had hurt Chloe most. Not that he just left as they were only beginning to date, but that he didn't tell her or try to contact her. She was furious soon fell into a deep depression, where Lois was her only savior. Another reason that added to the wrongness of it all for Chloe, she was betraying the one person who had cared for her at her weakest moment.

Five years, five long years he had been gone. He had come back and searched for as soon as his feet could run to her. He wanted to tell her everything and apologize so deeply for leaving her. She knew she would be mad, but she would understand once he told her the entire story. She would be the only one, say for his mother, to understand and forgive him for leaving.

When he rushed to The Planet to find her, he didn't see anyone he could recognize but Lois. That caught him completely off guard, "Lois?'

She turned with wide eyes at that familiar voice, "Clark? You're back…"

"Where is Chloe?", he had cut her off, he had so many questions for her but this was most definitely at the top of his list.

Suddenly Lois' face fell and she got a look of sadness on her face. Clark feared the worst, "Lois, she's alive isn't she?"

Her head jumped up and her eyes wide, "Yes, god sorry Clark, yes she is alive." Lois started to shuffle papers and kept avoiding his eyes.

"Then why do you freeze up and get all depressed at the mention of her name?" If anything the mention of Chloe's name brought only joy to Lois' ears.

Keeping her head bowed Lois muttered out, "She is on her honeymoon…" she let it settle before she looked up to gauge his reaction.

Never did Clark think words could hurt so much, but those caused a pain even greater than kryptonite. He had lost Chloe, she found a replacement, not that he blamed her for moving on. She didn't know where he was and if he was ever coming back, but he just couldn't believe he would never get the chance to be with her again. He knew the only thing he could do was accept it and be happy for her, "Is she happy?"

Lois saw the pain creeping through his features and it hurt her to see him in so much pain. But she had to admit he could only blame himself for this, and by the looks of it he was. "Not as happy as she was or would be with you, but yes she is very happy."

Clark nodded, tears starting to sting his eyes, "An…and he treats her good?"

Her own tears were beginning to form behind her eyes, "Do you think I would let her marry him if he didn't?"

He chuckled, knowing it to be completely true and he loved Lois at that moment for being overprotective of Chloe. His finger was tracing the edge of Lois' desk, then he looked up to meet her eyes, "Will you tell her I'm back and to call me at home when she is ready to talk to me?"

Lois lifted her arm and rubbed his, "Of course I will Clark. I am really sorry, I just hope you two can resolve everything. Your disappearance really hit her hard, she sunk into depression and it took her a long time to get back. But I know she still loves you, hope you know that too." She gave him a strong hug and talked in his ear, "Now get home and see your mom, she needs to know her boy is okay."

Her hug was welcomed and much needed on his part, he nodded at all she had to say. "Thanks and I will, take care Lois." Clark let her got and turned to leave The Planet. Once he was a safe distance from anyone who could see him he super sped home.