"Lois I can't believe I am about to do this." Chloe Sullivan stood in front of a large full length mirror as her cousin went around making sure everything on Chloe's dress looked perfect.

Lois stood up behind her cousin and looked at her in the mirror, "Chloe, shut up. You have waited for this day since you were fourteen, you deserve it more than anyone."

Grabbing Lois' hand Chloe smiled and held back the tears before Lois yelled at her again about her make up. "I know, but I am just so full of happy nerves."

"Well that's good, I mean we wouldn't want you full of depressed nerves." One last fluff of the thing veil and Lois was done. She stepped back to take in her baby cousin and tears began to form in her own eyes. "You look so gorgeous Chloe."

"Hey, if I can't cry than neither can you," Chloe dabbed away the small tear that escaped her eye. "And thank you,"

A quite knock at the door and both of them turned, "Come in" Lois called to the unknown visitor. When the door opened Todd poked his head in and then walked in closing the door behind him. "Hi"

Both girls smiled at him and he knew he was the luckiest guy alive to have them both in his life. Nothing like a Sullivan-Lane woman to make you realize how lucky you are to breathe their air. Lois looked radiant in a crimson dress that reached to the floor, it was strapless and a little lower cut in the mirror. Her hair up in a very elegant up-do on her heard with small curls framing her face, she was a vision.

And then there was Chloe, always looking so beautiful in white. The simple strapless gown hugged to her in all the right places and flowed just perfect over her body. White always made Chloe look like an angel, and the beam of sunlight through the window added to her glow. The small veil fell from the tiara in her hair that was half up and limply curled, laid back just like her. "You too look amazing."

Again both girls smiled at him and Lois walked over giving him a light kiss. "Don't we always?"

Chloe just giggled and nodded to Todd, "Thank you again doing this."

His turn to smile, "You know I wouldn't miss this for anything. But they are ready for us out there so whenever you are we can start the ceremony."

A sharp breath of intake went through Chloe and she looked into Lois' eyes. "Ready?" came the soft words from Lois' mouth.

Chloe let out that deep breath and closed her eyes and nodded, "I'm ready."

"Let's go get this girl hitched." Lois hugged at Todd's arm and went to grab Chloe's hand as they all walked out of the dressing room out to the ceremony.

Clark and Chloe had decided to hold the ceremony in late spring at a small garden park just outside of Metropolis. The reason why they chose it, it had lily trees by the dozen all around, and lilies were Chloe's favorite. These said lilies were in full bloom and their fragrance was everywhere and intoxicating. The guest sat in a wide open spot and had a perfect view of a small waterfall that was behind the altar

Clark stood at the altar fidgeting with his flower when he heard the music begin to start. He whipped his head up as the crowd stood and looked to see Lois coming down the aisle with Pete on her arm. Clark had called Pete to be his best man, even though their friendship had lost some strength since he left Smallville as a Junior, he was still one of his only guy friends and they talked.

As Lois and Pete broke apart Lois gave him a wink and took her spot across from him waiting for Chloe to come. Pete, gave him a big pat on the back and stood at his side too waiting for Chloe to step onto the white runner.

When she finally did Clark's jaw dropped at her beauty, never had he anticipated Chloe to do anything but make his jaw drop but she was gorgeous beyond comparison. She had been very adamant about not letting him see any part of her get up or even seeing her for the last two days, she was a skeptic like that. And these last two days had been possibly the worst of his life, because he had the right to be with her but she wouldn't allow it because of stupid tradition myths.

But now it was all worth it because the smile upon her face from his reaction was more than he could ever wish for. Once their eyes locked they never left each other and the entire crowd could sense just how deep and powerful their love was. As Todd and Chloe reached the altar they stopped just before and the pastor walked up and asked, "Who gives this woman away to marry this man?"

"I do sir," Todd said from Chloe's side and it caused them both to look his way, breaking their trance. He smiled at Chloe and she back at him and mouthed him a 'thank you.'

"Very well, thank you." Said the pastor from behind Clark and motioned for Chloe to release Todd and stand beside her groom. She un-looped her arm from Todd's and gave him a brief hug before she walked up the few steps to reach Clark.

Giving her bouquet, of lilies of course, to Lois she turned back around and grasped at Clark's hands. Her grip was tight, but confident and he held her hands with care for he didn't want his joy to go overboard and break a finger or two of hers. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we gather here today to join in the union of Clark Joseph Kent and Chloe Jean Sullivan. If there are any persons who disagree to this union speak now or forever hold your peace."

Silence passed over the garden as every guest in attendance knew that it was about time these two got married and weren't about to argue. "Alright then, let's begin…."

The ceremony went by as all other traditional ones do, until they reached the vows. "Clark and Chloe have prepared their own set of vows to read to each other, starting with Clark we will hear their vows to each other."

Clark had a piece of paper in his pocket that he had planned to read from but the only problem was it was blank. He had tried over and over to put down his love for Chloe in words but it never seemed to turn out right, so his decision came to just winging it. Plus there was no way he was letting go of Chloe's hands right now. Clearing his throat he looked into her eyes once more and started to speak.

"Chloe, I have tried so many times to write down these vows but nothing ever seemed right to express the love I have for you. I knew from the day I met you that there was something different about this big city girl who wanted to see my farm. Back then I had no idea it was the sparks of love beginning to kindle the fire that I now have deep in me. We have had our trials and tribulations and you stuck by my side every time, never turning your back on me. I promise from now on to always be there for you, always there to protect you and keep you safe from whatever your nosey ways gets you into trouble. But most importantly I promise to love you with every fiber of my being forever and always."

It was pointless for Chloe to try and contain herself any longer because Clark's words had been way to beautiful for her to keep composure. She felt his grip get stronger as he talked, and she loved that he was needing her to help him stand, he was allowing her to give him strength. When he finished she brought his hand up to hers and kissed it to let him know it was okay. "And now you may go Chloe."

The pastor brought her out of her trance and she laughed as she realized that she had forgotten she needed to say her own vows. Small laugher burst from the crowd and it gave her more confidence to continue, "I am never this quite, that's what their not used to."

More laughter erupted from the crowd and from Clark as they knew all too well that it was true. But Chloe returned her gaze to Clark and found her focus again, taking a deep breath she squeezed his hands and began the words she had been trying to put together for years.

"Clark, considering I have been trying to find the right words to tell you how much I love you since I was fourteen forgive me if this seems juvenile at times. I have loved you since the first moment I saw that plaid covered farm boy who had to show me around Smallville High. Not only were you gorgeous but kind and welcoming to this big loud mouthed city girl who constantly busted your chops. We have been on one big rollercoaster these last twenty some years, but it has been the best ride of my life. There were times when I didn't think my journey would end with you, but I should have known you better, known you would fly back to me. So I promise never to doubt your love, to always be there for you to protect and drag you into my trouble. Lord knows how many times you have saved me in the past and now I promise to save you from time to time, I pledge my undying love for you right now till I take my last breath. I love you Clark Joseph Kent for everything you are."

There wasn't a dry eye left in the house, Clark included, but he echoed Chloe's actions taking both her hands and lifting them up to his lips, placing a soft kiss upon her knuckles.

After regaining himself the pastor motioned for Pete to get the rings out, "And now we will have the couple exchange rings, Clark you first." Clark looked into the man's hands and saw two gold rings in his hand, taking the smaller one he held it delicately in his hand. "Now repeat after me, 'I Clark take you Chloe…"

Clark knew the words and didn't need the help of the pastor, but he humored him, "I Clark take you Chloe to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold from now until forever, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. I promise to love you and protect you until the day we die."

Next Chloe took the larger ring and recited the same words back to Clark in a shaky voice and slid the ring on his large finger. When both rings were firmly placed on both of their fingers the pastor raised his head and said, "I now declare you by the state of Kansas husband and wife, you may kiss your bride Mr. Kent."

Clark didn't quite wait for his cue before he grabbed Chloe and held her face in his hands. Chloe let out a squeal as she felt the gap be filled with his body against hers and his hands on her neck, she quickly responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and hugged him as strong as she could. Their lips met and it was instantaneous sparks, even people in the crowd could feel it.

Shouts, cheers, and applause began but none of it was heard by Clark and Chloe as they embraced in each other's love. The kiss was long and sweet, they just didn't want to part from the other. Finally Pete tapped them each on a shoulder and they turned to look at him, "You two need to find a room."

Both laughed at him and looked out to the small sea of people who were waiting for them to walk back down the aisle and allow the reception to begin. Once more looking to each other Clark and Chloe grabbed hands and started their descent from the stairs and down the aisle.

The reception was held in a tent just on the other side of the garden, right along a small pond. The guest filled it as soon as the couple was out of site and began to get their food and take a seat. Clark and Chloe ran into her dressing room and took a few moments to be alone and gather their thoughts. But once they had been informed that all the guest had arrived and were seated they began walking to the reception ready to have fun with loved ones celebrating their union.

"And I now present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kent." Called the DJ from his spot on the floor as the happy couple strode in hand in hand, everyone stood up and began to clap and cheer again. As they made their way to their table Clark and Chloe stopped to say hi to a few guests, but finally they reached their chairs at the middle of the long main table. To Chloe's right were Lois and Todd and on Clark's right were Pete and his mother. As soon as it quieted down Pete stood and clanked his fork against his glass to get every bodies attention. "Can I get everyone to focus their attention up here for a minute?"

The heads all turned in his direction and the room became practically silent. "Thank you, my name is Pete Ross and I have been best friends with these two since eighth grade, and I could have told you then they needed to get married." Laughter erupted and Pete shot them both a look, "But neither would admit that, Chloe so determined to be the best journalist she could that a relationship wouldn't fit in her schedule, and Clark well we all know that Clark was a bit sidetracked by a certain raven haired girl."

More laughter, even from the bride and groom as they had long gotten over that rough subject. Lana was now happy with Jason living in Pairs, neither had heard from her in years. "These two may have had their ups and downs but one was always there for the other during those moments, and even though I moved away our junior year I knew that some day down the road I would get this invitation." He held out the wedding invitation that everyone in the room had received. "Now I had to admit, you two took way longer than I expected, but I am glad to know you have finally found your way to each other and the happiness you both deserve. I love you guys."

Applause took over the entire room and Chloe stood to run and give Pete a big hug, she whispered in his ear, "You are the best friend a girl could ask for, thanks."

Clark as well hugged Pete but didn't have any emotional things to whisper in his ear, just a good ole pat on the back. As soon as he sat down Lois took a stand and began whistled instead of clanking her glass, it got peoples attention. "Thank you, I am Lois Lane, maid of honor and big cousin to Chloe Jean."

Chloe eyed her for using her middle name and Lois just laughed, "I have obviously known Chloe all her life and Smallville over there I have known for long enough." That got everyone laughing and Clark just rolled his eyes at her. "But I do love them, and know they are meant for each other. Chloe's gonna kill me for this but, I have watched her want Clark since she was fourteen and to finally see her get her man, it makes me believe in love and happiness. You can't find a more perfect couple if you tried, Chloe Clark, I love you both dearly and am glad I could be a northern star to lead you both here."

Again Chloe jumped up from her chair and threw her arms around Lois, "You are so dead, I love you." Both women exchanged smiles and then Clark came up to give Lois a brief hug. Lois stayed standing and then Pete stood as well and they stood behind their cousin and friend. Pete took the microphone, "And now comes the time for the groom and bride to share their first dance. Normally it is to 'their' song but Lois and I have prepared some thing."

Lois took the microphone from Pete, "It is a song we thought would be perfect for these two. So up you go and bust a move."

Clark and Chloe both looked to each other with confusion written on their face, but they stood and walked to the center of the dance floor and awaited the music selection. Once the song started playing, Clark took Chloe in his arms and listened to the words as they filled the room.

When the visions around you
Bring tears to your eyes
When all that surrounds you
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength, I'll give you hope
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call
Was standing here all along

The words held more meaning to Clark and Chloe than many knew, secrets and lies had been a huge part of their past and both had been the others strength and hope when one needed it. Chloe lifted her head from Clark's chest and smiled, "They know us all to well." Clark smiled down at her and just nodded, he wasn't sure he had ever heard the song before and if these first words were so true to their situation he didn't want to miss any.

And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you
Right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

Chloe knew the song very well, her being a NSYNC fan over a Backstreet Boys fan back when boy bands were cool. She knew that both Lois and Pete knew this because she had told Lois of her love for the song, and Pete had caught her blasting it in her room a few days after Spring Formal. But now it meant so much more that they had chosen it for her and Clark. She laid her head back down on his chest, to listen to the rest of the song in his arms.

And I've loved you forever
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore
I give you my word, I give you my heart
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow
Forever has now begun.

As the song progressed Clark understood more and more why Pete and Lois had chosen this song for he and Chloe. it described their relationship to a tee, and with the mention of a vow it was perfect for a wedding song. Resting his chin on the top of Chloe's head he closed his eyes and took in how absolutely perfect this moment was.

Just close your eyes
Each lovin day
And know this feeling
Won't go away
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

Martha watched as her son held the girl of his dreams in his arms, and a feeling of joy spread over her. It was almost the same joy that had over come her the day Jonathan had said they could keep Clark. And also finally that fear for her son of never being capable of finding love was released, she need no longer worry how blind her son was to the love that Chloe had been offering him for so long.

Over and over I fall
When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby
I just wouldn't be living at all

Pete, Lois, and Todd watched on from the wedding party table and smiled as they watched what they had known for a long time was to be. Pete, even though was in love with Chloe for years knew that they would never work and knew that she and Clark would. He just needed Clark to see that, and after a very long time he had and Pete was very glad to see his two best friends so happy and in love.

And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you
Right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you babe

Lois, she was the proudest in the room of this whole event. It was because of her that these two finally got back to each other and stopped pussy footing around their love. She doesn't regret one moment in her long plan, for it brought Clark and Chloe together and also she found Todd. She couldn't be happier than she was now.

Just close your eyes
Each lovin day
And know this feeling
Won't go away
Every word I say is true
This I promise you

Todd held Lois as he watched Chloe and Clark be completely in their moment. He was a bit envious of Clark that he could share something so special with Chloe, but he wasn't going to complain when he had Lois in his arms. He was so happy for Chloe and that was all that mattered, that she was happy. He placed a small kiss on the top of Lois' head to let her know that he was happy to be there with her, and always would be.

Every word I say is true
This I promise you
Oh I promise you

As the soft song came to an end Chloe again raised her head to look up at Clark. "You know I think that might be better than the one we picked out."

Clark nodded, "I might have to agree, but I still like ours. Can we have two?"

Chloe giggled, "I don't see why not. I love you Clark Joseph Kent."

Her words meant the world to him and he was so glad he would get to hear them everyday, but what he loved more was getting to tell her the same every day. "I love you too Chloe Jean Kent."

The End