Chapter 12

6 and half months later

"I can't believe you're finally married." Maria said looking at Kristen who was looking at with a huge smile on her face.

"And I can't believe you are due any day now and I am shocked as hell that Kevin let your ass next this arena." Kristen replied pointing her finger at her.

"Hey I can't help it I have a little bitty stomach that looks good on me and I have wanted to see how things were going." Maria said putting her hands on her hips.

Traci and Gail walked into the locker room that they were in and ran over to Maria and hugged her tightly and then looked at her stomach.

"It's like a beach ball." Traci said touching her stomach.

Maria laughed at her friends as they all started to touch her stomach.

"Maria when is the little girl due?" Gail asked with a huge smile.

"Any day now." Maria replied as she touched her little stomach.

Right as she finished her comment she grabbed her stomach and bent over and breathed for a little bit and smiled.

"You've been in labor all day haven't you?!" Kristen said pointing at her.

"It's nothing just little bitty contractions." Maria replied again then touched her stomach again and breathed a little bit hard.

"You're a lying little bitch too." Kristen replied with a little laugh.

Maria held her stomach again and held onto Traci's shoulder and looked at her.

"Where is Kevin?" Kristen asked looking at her.

Maria was thinking and had another contraction.

"Either in the ring cutting a promo or back stage doing a promo." Maria said as Kristen took off at the ring.

Kristen ran down the hallway like she was bring chased by someone. She looked at the monitor and Kevin was indeed in the ring cutting a promo with Joe in the ring.

"Shit." Kristen said to her self right as Jim Cornette walked up. "Jim!" she added with a smile.

"Kristen Nash!" Jim said mocking her making her smile. "What?" he added.

"Maria is in labor and well Kevin is out in the ring is it ok if I run out there and whisper in his ear that his wife is about to have his baby?" Kristen said looking at him with a smile.

"Sure." Jim said with a smile.

Without a 2nd thought Kristen took up the ramp and the crowd cheered loudly when she got to the top. Kevin and Joe looked up at her with a shocked faces. She ran down the ramp and slid into the ring and pulled Kevin down and whispered something in his ear making his eyes get wide.

"Got to go guys." Kevin said looking at Joe. "I'm gonna be a dad again." He added with a smile.

He followed Kristen out of the ring and ran up the ramp and to the back.


"Where is she?" Kevin asked looking at her.

"Locker room with Gail and Traci." Kristen replied as they ran to the locker room.

Gail and Traci looked up at Kevin and Kristen as they entered the room. Maria was sitting on the couching breathing.

"Kevin Scott Nash." Maria said breathing heavy. "I am going to kick your ass for putting me in this pain!" she added.

Kevin picked her without another word and ran out into the hallway where Scott was standing with a questioning look.

"What is going on?" Scott asked looking at them.

"Move out of our damn way Scott Oliver Nash." Maria said breathing heavily. "You are about to be uncle if you don't move the hell out of the way it will be right here in this hallway!" she added but louder.

Scott moved out of way and Kevin along with Maria walked fast to the parking lot. Kristen held onto Scott's hand while they ran to their car.

"We will meet you guys there." Traci and Gail said waving as they got into Gail's car.


"Kevin I hate you!" Maria said breathing heavily. "I am going to kick your ass when this baby comes out." She added squeezing his hand tightly.

Kevin laughed at his wife and kissed her forehead. Kristen and Scott walked into the room laughing at her reaction as they walked in.

"I will kill him." Maria said breathing heavily.

"I bet you are going too." Kristen said wiping some sweat from her brow.

She looked at Kevin and within a few minutes another contraction she grabbed Kristen's hand and squeezed it.

"LET GO LET GO LET GO!" Kristen said pulling her hand away from her friends and shook while Kevin and Scott were laughing at her. "That hurt." She added.

Maria growled and held onto the bed rail and looked at the Doctor who walked into the room and looked at some paper work.

"Well Mrs. Nash I would say its about time bring this baby girl into the world." Dr. Amber said with a smile.

"About damn time!" Maria said with a smile and breathing heavily.

"Before we get started I know that you were getting the medication but it seems to not be working. Are you ok?" Dr. Amber said as they were getting her ready.

"I'm fine I just want to get this over with." Maria said breathing heavily. "I want to meet my baby girl." She added.

Dr. Amber nodded at her and checked her and smiled as she put on her protective cover and some gloves on. Kevin kissed Maria's forehead and looked at her with a smile.

"Ok Maria I want you to give me one big push." Dr. Amber said looking up at Amber.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me." Maria said as she gave one big push. "This girl doesn't want to come after 19 hours she better come now!" she added with a little laugh.

About 20 minutes Maria gave one big push and laid back against Kevin's chest.

"Well everyone she is here." Dr. Amber said as the baby came out the rest of the way.

Maria sighed brightly as Dr. Amber put the baby on her chest.

"Do you have a name for her?" Kristen asked looking at her.

"Everyone I would like you to meet Jakayla Jazz." Maria said smiling as she kissed her baby on her forehead.

Kevin looked at his wife then back at his baby and smiled brightly.

"Hell has been paid because I have my wife and family back." Kevin said kissing Maria on the lips.

Maria kissed back gently with the nurse took Jakayla to the nursery. Kristen and Scott smiled at each other then looked at her.

"It won't be long before Jakayla has a little playmate." Kristen said smiling.

Right as she finished her comment Maria looked at her.

"You're pregnant?" Maria asked looking up at her.

Kristen nodded and hugged Maria while Kevin and Scott were laughing.

"Papi your going to be another for the 3rd time damn you dawg." Kevin said patting his hand on his back.

Everyone in the room busted out laughing and the girls smiled at each other.

Hell has been paid and not losing my family not now not ever..Maria thought with a smile on her face.