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It had been much to long since Sakura had last seen Team Kakashi in one place together. They had all split ways shortly after the defeat of Pein and his Akatsuki, each going into different fields or returning to old ones. Sai had returned to Root, Sakura had gotten all jounin testing out of the way and now led the medical division of ANBU, Naruto had gotten his jounin ranking as well and was training to pass ANBU qualifications, and Kakashi, now without any pupils, had been given a new team of genin. Sasuke was a different story completely. Currently, he was in a coma in a private wing in the Konoha Hospital.

Sakura looked over the three men to her left and a small smile took her features. She had missed them all, and yet knew that they had no place for each other anymore, no matter how hard Naruto tried to visit. She turned her gaze back to the front of the room, Tsunade sat behind her desk with a pleased expression. "It's good seeing you all together like this, unfortunately pleasantries have to wait. I have called you all here over Kakashi's genin team. Sakura looked up at her old sensei who remained stoic, staring forward.

"You see, Kakashi has a group of three who have much potential and yet very little cultivation in their gifts. He has suggested they be able to witness each of your own strengths and perhaps find their own. I suggested you three because you were his original team and your skills also offer a range. It will only take a day, and though it won't be ranked as a high level mission you will still be paid and your daily duties will be covered," she looked at Sakura when she said the last part. "So would you three like to participate?"

"Sure!" Naruto grinned. "If Kakashi-sensei missed us so much he should have just invited us out for ramen, but hanging out with some kids will be fun!"

"If my duties are covered I don't see why not," Sakura replied.

"No." Sai answered simply.

Sakura and Naruto both stared at him for a moment; Naruto suddenly clapped him on his back, "Don't be a baka! It's a mission! And a day off!"

"It will interfere with our training schedule and you will gain nothing from it." Sai simply looked at the taller blonde.

Sakura watched on as her two former team mates argued on. So they had been keeping in touch, she had no idea Sai was training Naruto for the ANBU exams. Sakura frowned, and here she was with only occasional trips to Sasuke keeping her company. Apparently Naruto had won the battle and Sai agreed to take on the mission. Naruto must have doubled their training to keep Sai's strict regiment in place.

"So then it's settled!" Tsunade smiled. "Tomorrow you are to meet at the ninja Academy by noon to meet Kakashi's team and begin your demonstration."

"Alright! Team Kakashi reunion!" Naruto hooted. "Isn't that cool, Sakura-chan?"

Before she could answer, a knock sounded at the door and Shizune entered looking slightly frazzled. "Tsunade-sama, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we need Sakura at the hospital."

"Yes, Sakura, forgive me for taking up so much time out of your schedule." Sakura flushed when all the eyes in the room turned to her.

"It's no problem Tsunade-shishou!" She bowed. "Tomorrow then," she smiled at Naruto before hurrying from the room.

"I just know taking this mission is going to be a bad idea, but I miss the old days sometimes you know?" Sakura sat across from Ino, who sipped at her tea with practiced grace.

"Well why would it be a bad idea?" Ino, sat back smiling. "You haven't seen them in so long and the mission sounds pretty easy."

Ino had changed drastically in the few years after Asuma had died. She had begun to take her jutsu very seriously, and was currently a field interrogator and spy. Her family Kekkei Genkai was quite useful when you had to find answers quickly and couldn't return to Konoha for a "proper" interrogation. But unlike Sakura who had split completely from her team, Team 10 was still very much intact and the name "Ino" was usually not talked about without hearing "and Shikamaru" behind it. The two had become engaged shortly after Ino's nineteenth birthday and were blissfully happy.

"I have so much work to do and even though Tsunade says its going to be covered, I know there is no way it will all be done," Sakura grimaced.

"You are going to be late if you keep whining to me you know," Ino was looking at her watch.

"Damn." Sakura stood and placed some money on the table. "I'll call you after – are you staying here?"

"Yeah, Shikamaru and Chouji are meeting me here," Ino grinned up at the pink haired woman. "Tell Sai and Naruto I said hello, forehead."

"Yes, pig."

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto waved wildly as he watched her walk closer to their old academy. Sai simply leaned back against a wall, barely glancing her way to give her a nod.

"Hello Naruto. Sai. Where are Kakashi and his team?" she looked around, as if she had missed them sometime as she had walked toward the building.

"Late," Sai said simply as Naruto went on about – everything and then some.

She looked Sai over, he had grown taller, but other than that and age – little had changed in his appearance or attitude. She felt a smile creep onto her face but when he met her gaze she looked away, back toward Naruto. He was still going on – trying to make up for lost time. Sakura had almost begun to sit down when she felt the chakra of the young genin and their sensei. They turned the corner with Kakashi standing behind, book eclipsing his face. She smiled at her old sensei when his gaze flicked up, and when the corner of his eyes scrunched up she knew he was smiling back.

"This is my old team," Kakashi began once everyone had come face to face. "This is Sakura, Naruto, and Sai."

"I thought his name was Sasuke," a loud brunette in the middle scowled.

"Sasuke is in the hospital," Sakura spoke. "He's in a coma after defeating Itachi. Sai came in to act as our fourth team mate in his absence."

The brunette stared up at her with wide brown eyes, as if entranced. "You're totally hot!" he grinned and Sakura blanched.

Naruto laughed heartily at that, while the black haired female on the team scowled at her team mate. The third, a boy with red hair, looked around him before introducing himself. "I'm Yukio."

"I'm Takako," the girl spoke, "This is Hiroshi – ignore him!"

Naruto stepped forward and gave himself a booming introduction in spite of Kakashi already informing his team of their names. Sai had stepped up and was speaking quietly with Kakashi. Curious, Sakura walked to Kakashi's other side to join in their conversation.

"So Naruto and I will fight and Sakura will heal all our injuries so we can all show our skills?" Sai asked, seeming to want to get things over with as fast as possible – but you could never tell with Sai and emotionless attitude.

"No, all three of you will be fighting and Sakura will heal all your injuries." Kakashi responded, taking out his book again. "I'll watch."

Sakura chuckled, looking over to Sai, "Don't worry, I'll hold back."

"It won't be necessary, you won't land a solid punch," his smile was only half fake, he was getting better with the emotions thing, however his return to root had sent him back a few paces.

"Alright!" Kakashi announced. "We'll begin with a spar; you three will watch these three and their techniques. I want you to be able to study their movements and pick out the rights and wrongs of their actions." He looked back at his former team. "Ready?"

The three of them nodded, Sakura felt a wave of adrenaline rush through her and she pulled on her black gloves as they made there way to a large clearing. She'd finally be able to let loose some frustration she'd been having at work.