A/N: This is a one shot I did along time ago, but I just realized that for some reason I never got around to posting it on this site. Hope you all enjoy.

Characters: Sinclairs/ Mackenzies

What was Once Mine

You're grateful for being allowed to witness this huge day for her, even if it is only at a distance.

You wonder if you're alone in this feeling. This joy mingled with heartbreak.

Watching her walk across the stage brings tears to your eyes. After years of waiting for this day to come it's finally here. Your little girl is grown up.

The end of the ceremony finds you alone wandering through the crowded parking lot. You told your family you lost something and had to find it. It was the truth. Your eyes scan the crowds, looking for the face you dream of every night.

When you see her you can't help but stare, envy radiating off you. Joy lights up her face as she reaches her family. You can hear her amused but slightly annoyed laughter ring out as a blonde little boy throws himself into her arms and steals her cap. Her mother jogs to their side and you wonder if her camera is also filled with pictures of what could have been.

She rolls her eyes as she's nearly blinded by the camera in her father's hands. Her mother beams proudly at her side as she giggles at the words coming from her fathers mouth. They look happy.

Regret fills you, followed by guilt.

You love your life and your family. You did what you felt was right. Even now, you wouldn't change the decison that changed your life forever. It would have destroyed you to give your baby up. Still, you lost a piece of your heart that day.

Her mother looks up and catches your eye and you know. You're not alone in this, because she feels it too.

Wiping the tears from your face, you turn to find your family.

This is not the first time you've left what was once yours with the Mackenzies.