Summary: Everyone is out of college and ready to live on their own. Too bad for Bella there's no available apartments close to her job. When she runs into a guy from highschool, her luck starts to turn around and finds something she never expected to find, love.

A/N: I am hoping everyone will like this, I took a long break from writing along with deleting my other stories. I just recently started reading the Twilight series and finished each book within two days, I love them and I enjoyed reading them, as I hope everyone will love reading this. Also the whole story is of course, told in Bella's p.o.v and it is AU. Main characters will be Bella, Edward, Jasper, and Alice. Emmett and Rosalie will be mentioned not so much, if at all. I didn't know what to do with Bella's job. Please don't consider it stupid. I know she has a soft spot for music and other things, a way she is creative.

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The Roommate.

Living Arrangements.

It wasn't like I was expecting to find an exquisite apartment, that was also close to my work, in one day. Any normal human being would have their hopes crushed if they'd been expecting that, because for me; I am a very picky girl and finding such an amazing apartment was rather difficult. I recently graduated from college, majoring in design of all things. Now I was out on my own, in New York city, searching for an apartment which I had been doing for the past five hours and it was now nearing five p.m. I was staying in a hotel until I decided the right time to look for an apartment.

Leaving college was a tough thing for me. My roommate from college, as well as my best friend from highschool, was Alice Brandon. She was a very bubbly, mall loving, and petite girl. By petite, I mean she was small, four feet ten inches, to be exact. She would carry herself as she walked, as if dancing. She would do this all the time and it left me speechless. She was one of the most graceful girls I've ever met with ink black hair that was cropped just above her shoulders and spiked. We were nothing alike, but I love her all the more. Afterall everyone says opposites attract.

Me on the other hand...Long brown hair, brown eyes, pale ivory skin, weighing at 125 pounds, slender form, at the height of five feet four inches. What's there to describe here? I am a very simple and plain kind of girl, that trips everywhere she walks. I was nowhere in the sorts of graceful. The only guys that were ever attracted to me were either from the chess or fencing club. I know, it's sad. Yet, back in highschool there was only one guy that ever caught my attention, but the only way I'd ever be that close to him, was in my dreams. Alice was the guy magnet, whereas I was the disaster magnet.

I sighed deeply, feeling a strange hope build up inside of me, that maybe I would be looked upon differently here. I stopped my car at a nearby coffee shop, tired from all the driving. I pulled the keys from the ignition and stared into my mirror. My clothing was naturally unharmed, but my hair was a fizzy mess. I grabbed a hair tie from my purse and pulled it into a messy bun as I straightened out my lavender t-shirt. I was known for the jeans and t-shirt look. I could do much better and I knew that considering my job status. I liked to keep comfortable and that over ruled fashion and tight pants and mini skirts.

I pulled on my black hoodie, that was printed with little patterns of red hearts. It was a gift from Alice for my birthday last year. My cellphone started beeping and a ringtone I knew all too well rang out. I smiled brightly and picked it up almost too instantly as I walked out my car and into the coffee shop.

"Alice, you called just two hours ago, can't you live without talking to me for an entire day?" I laughed lightly, I didn't mind and wouldn't mind if she called every two hours if she wanted to. I didn't expect to feel this lonesome being in a new city and just talking to her made it better.

I heard tape being ripped from boxes as well as more boxes being piled on eachother, right then I noticed she had already found a place to live. I rolled my eyes knowing that girl was way too good when it came to looking and shopping. If this counted as shopping. I heard her cheerful voice come out as the noise in the background ended, "You know the answer to that question, Bella. Pushing that aside, I have a very big surprise for you!"

Taking out my purse I shook my head at her perkiness and reached for my wallet, "And what would that surprise be, Alice?"

"I moved to New York!" She nearly screamed through the phone, bursting my ear drums. But right as she said that I couldn't help but let out a squeal of delight, that had people turning their heads as I did.

"Really?!" I answered back excitedly as I juggled with my purse, wallet, and phone in both hands. "I'm so glad, I was beginning to feel like such a sap for being in a place where I don't know anyone, but how'd you find a place so early? I've been looking for hours."

Somewhere inside of me I knew that she was smiling just as widely as I was. I know she'd love it here and as soon as she was done unpacking we'd have a big shopping trip just for her pleasure. We had a connection, you kind of get that after being friends for so long. I was waiting for an answer when a sweet, velvety, yet masculine voice came from behind me. I was too lost in the sound of it that I couldn't comprehend what he was saying. Stupidly, I jumped dropping all my things to the ground.

The man let out a low chuckle as I bent down to pick up my things. A bright red blush appeared on my face despite my attempts to not seem so flushed just by the sound of his voice. I wasn't a teenager anymore, but I was sure acting like one. I could hear Alice screaming through the phone, asking what happened, and I knew two options. First she either heard the voice thinking I was being abducted, or second she thought I was tripping over myself still. I looked up to find the face of that voice, he had knelt down to help me and I was immediately surprised. A guy helping a girl in New York? It's not an everday thing, or so I've heard. People were too busy around here to care about anyone else, though it was my fault I dropped everything in the first place.

I felt myself apologising before I could even look the guy straight in the face or get a recognition on him, "I'm terribly sorry. I'm such a clutz."

"You always were, Isabella Swan."

I choked on my breath and a shiver sent down my spine as my heart began to pound rapidly against my chest. Now I definately knew who this guy was. Back in highschool that guy I had a major crush on.. I could never look at him long enough before he noticed. So I would tend to just listen to that angelic voice of his and somehow I managed to keep that voice memorised all these years. How had he known I was always a clutz? That was the major thing that surprised me. He never paid attention to my clumy walk let alone my full name, to my knowledge anyways. His looks were a shocker of course, but I always knew he was this gorgeous, this perfect.

Over the years I suppose he got more muscular and oh how I wanted to feel how muscular he actually was right there and then. He now brushed his beautiful bronze hair instead of leaving it a complete mess, still back then it was just one of those things that left me falling head over heals for him. His green eyes now sparkled more than ever, and he easily stood over me without any effort.

I found myself staring too intently as he waved his hand infront of my face to snap me out of it. "E-edward Masen? What..what a surprise."

Edward smiled that famous crooked smile as he did back then, one of the many things he did perfect. I knew it was just a major crush, but never before have I felt this way about anyone, whether it be his stunning looks or amazing voice. He laughed once again and just that laugh made me feel suddenly dizzy, "You do realise you left someone on the phone?"

Blinking, I stared at him confused. I gasped and found out I left Alice on the phone for who knows how long, due to my session of oggling at the god infront of me. I took a deep breath and looked away from Edward and held the phone back to my ear. "Alice. You still there?"

I heard her sigh in relief and that instantly made me know she was thinking of something along the lines of option one, that I got abducted. Truth was something did get adbucted, my breath, because the moment I looked at him, he took that away. "Yeah, Bella. What happened, are you alright?"

Once again I heard her ripping boxes open in the background and I could tell she was getting aggravated when she couldn't get them open. I held out a finger to Edward, wanting him to wait there because I had a lot of questions to ask him. I didn't know where the strange confidence I received was, but I was grateful that it was there. I turned and walked to a corner of the shop and saw Edward smiling before he turned and walked over to one of his friends I assume. "Yeah, but Alice, You won't believe this. You remember Edward Masen back from highschool?"

"How could I forget such a face? He was Jasper's best friend back then too." I heard a sucking noise and I only assumed she was sucking her finger from cutting it on the box.

The mention of the name Jasper made me grin. Jasper is Alice's long time boyfriend, they are completely inseparable. He graduated just two years before we did, but they still managed long distance after two years of being together. I turned around once more and my eyes widened when I realised the person Edward was talking to was indeed Jasper Hale, the golden honey blonde hair, golden eyes man himself. He was fairly muscular and taller than Edward.

It was his dream to open a coffee shop. The guy was crazy about two things, Alice being one of them, coffee being the other. He had said something about it being calm and keeping peace. The guy was nuts, but made a good cup of coffee. Another dream of his was to open it in New York, due to the cold weather they received. "Alice?"

"Yeah hun?"

I ran through multiple thoughts in my head before I could answer her again, "You found a place to move into, right?"

"Yeah, I thought you'd notice by the sounds I'm making. Why do you ask?"

"Did you by any chance move in with Jasper?"

I heard her hesitate a moment and I only thought she wanted to make it another surprise for me. Jasper was like a brother to me when I first found out Alice and him were dating. Seeing him again was indeed surprising. "Mhm. How'd you know?"

I shook my head, disbelieving. "He owns a coffee shop, right?"

A gasp escaped her lips and she laughed happily, "A mind reader are we? Bella Swan, you are a mad genius. Yes he does. But what does Edward Masen have to do with any of this?"

"Because, he's here..right the coffee shop...with Jasper."

It was funny that I couldn't even believe it myself. After all these years everyone would have thought I would get over this crush on Edward Masen. But seeing him once again suddenly brought all the feelings I had for him back up. Everyone, except Edward, back in highschool knew I had this crush on him, most knew I didn't stand a chance, even now I knew that.

Alice let out another squeal before dropping something, hopefully it wasn't a knife from cutting boxes open, "You do know what I'm thinking, right?"

I shook my head even though I knew she couldn't see it. I understood her most of the time, but never knew what she was thinking, she had a very..opinionated mind. "No." I replied simply.

"Double date!" She screamed, once more bursting my ear drums before I heard a door slam shut. There was something I did understand about her, the slamming of a door meant she was getting ready for a night out.

Slapping my forehead I turned the volume down a little on my phone, she was loud enough that I could hear her on the lowest setting. I didn't want to spoil her fun, but there's no possible way. "No way, Alice. There is no way in hell Edward Masen would want to have anything to do with me."

Edward must have heard me because when I looked back at him, he raised a brow curiously before saying something to Jasper and began walking towards me. Jasper had an amused look on his face before waving at me. I smiled and waved back, wanting so much to go back and hug the life out of him.

"Hey Bella, we have a lot to catch up on." Jasper called over to me and I nodded in agreement before he went to his next customer.

I replied simply enough and knowing Alice, even during an argument with me, she would want me to say a hello for her too. "Hey Jasper. Alice says hi."

I saw a smile slowly appear on his face just at the sound of her name. He must really be in love with her...

"Come on Bells" Alice whined, a certain sort of whine that said she had something important to tell me, but wanted to do it in person.

I felt my face burning as Edward leaned down so that he lips were right by my ear, "Yeah...come on..Bells." He whispered, nearly seductively. I flinched nervously and ignored him the best I could. How did he know what Alice said? The volume on my phone was turned down so low. I know Alice was very loud, but hearing it from that far away was nearly impossible. He must of been behind me without my noticing. I turned my face away from him, which earned me a smirk from his beautiful face in response.

I ignored Edward fully and turned my attention back to Alice on the phone. "Alice, honestly. Maybe when I find a place to live we can go out and do something. But by the looks of it that won't be for awhile."

"I wish you could live here. Sadly there's only one bedroom and there's no telling to what we would do to keep you up at night."

I made a disgusted sound through the phone in which she laughed at. It was true things like that, coming from them of all people, would keep me up. I wouldn't want to be a burden on the two love birds anyways. Especially after all this time they haven't been together.

Edward cleared his throat, trying to get my attention. I looked up and narrowed my eyes, irritated that he interupted my conversation, but no one could possibly stay mad at someone with that face. He looked down, apparently amused by my irritation. "What do you want?" I sneered.

"Well you for one, you're absolutely cute when you're so irritated."

And that little bit Alice must have heard because she was now giggling once again. Was I the only one around here with bad hearing? I felt my face grow hot and I must imagine how stupid I looked, multiple shades of red I bet. Someone like Edward, thinking I'm cute? Flirting with me? What universe was I in exactly? I calmed down before I faced him again, trying to sound as casual and cool as possible. The last thing I wanted was to sound like a complete idiot infront of him. "Get on with it, Masen."

Nice. The whole last name dodge instead of first name. If he thought I was cute in anyway and if he was indeed flirting with me, I was certainly going to play hard to get. To get him thinking I was actually in his league though I knew I wasn't. It felt good, but then again, I felt stupid also.

He rolled his eyes. I take it that girls always play hard to get around him, yet he probably never wanted them, why would I be any different? Even if he had said he wanted me, which he was probably joking. It looked as though he was thinking over something before he replied. "I have an apartment with an extra room. Having over heard your problems with finding a place, I would be glad to let you live at my place for as long as you like."

I bit my lip, now forgetting about Alice once more. Living with Edward Masen, a dream come true, sure. I was never one to impose and was always the first to turn down anyones generosity. Besides, he hardly knew me. Who wasn't to say I would stalk in his room at night and ruin that perfect face of his. Of course I wouldn't, but I also didn't trust him and if he was messing around right now, then I would really look like an idiot if I accepted the offer. I shook my head once, looking up at him. "I couldn't. Besides I'm looking for a place closest to my new job."

Some part of me knew he wouldn't let this go as he took me by the shoulder and smiled. "I swear to you Bella this is not a joke. Where do you work anyways?"

And Alice called me the mind reader. I wondered how he knew I thought he was kidding. "Down by Maples, the tallest building there..I think," I laughed and ran my fingers through my hair, wondering how to explain the direction. I didn't know how well he knew the addresses and street names. "It's the building that produces that major clothing line, Urban Response." I smiled shyly.

A grin stretched accross his face. "I live just up the street from there, nearly walking distance. And I must say I would never see you going into something like that."

"Not many people do see me like that.." I mumbled carelessly, of course I never told anyone of the soft spot I had for sketching things out.

The next few minutes were dragged on by silence before he tapped his foot impatiently. "Well are you going to take me up on my offer or not?"

I, to say in the least, was shocked. "You were serious about that?"

He nodded his head, but I knew he was getting aggravated by my slowness. "I told you. I've got two rooms. So you don't need to worry about..anything."

I noticed how he emphasized anything. Spite the extra room, there was no way I could keep control living in a place with such a..a.. I couldn't even explain him at all anymore. "I..I can't really. I don't want to impose." And how I hated the other 'I' word that would put impose down in the dust.

"But I insist."

When I was about to reply, I heard my name being screamed out of my phone. I picked it up quickly, almost dropping it on the way. "I am so sorry, Alice!"

"You better be! If you weren't my best friend I would just kill you for leaving me on the line that long!"

I gave Edward a sympathetic look, my eyes just begging him to give me a minute, he nodded in response. "Alice. Really. You know how distracted I get." I lied. Only on rare occasions would I get distracted. If I was easily distracted I wouldn't be designing things for this major clothing line, which I still hadn't told Alice about my 'new job' yet, knowing she would just about tackle me due to her love in clothing. Still she was the only one that know my love for sketching.

"No I don't know. Now are you in or not?! I heard you talking to Edward, forgetting all about me. Certainly if he's talking to you he wants to have some part in your life."

Damn Alice for being my best friend, and damn Edward for his beautiful face. I couldn't say no to either of them. I hesitated and said, "Fine." I knew they both knew I was talking towards both of them. Besides I was tired enough as it is driving around all day long. I didn't want to waste any more time arguing, especially when I would most likely be going out later on tonight with a hyperactive Alice. I knew I could trust any friend of Jasper's though, especially if I spent most of my time watching that friend for a long time.

As if on cue they both said 'great' at once leaving Alice to hang up on me and Edward to grab me by the hand and lead me outside.

"Now wait just a minute!" I nearly shouted and released my hand from his, not wanting to get out of control for holding his warm..masculine. Bella. Bella..Bella..I taunted myself and shook it off, definately not wanting to get anything else that was warm and masculine of his in my mind. "You are sure you're okay with this?"

Edward let out an exasperated breath and smiled that smile and I was certain that I would believe anything he said. "Of course. Not everyday you get a pretty girl to move in with you, especially when you haven't known her long." He winked and I fidgeted in place, giving him a warning look, he raised his hands up in defense. "It'll be great, trust me. We can..catch up on things."

Catch up on things? What was he getting at. When were we suppose to 'catch up on things' if we had nothing to catch up on. We hardly ever talked to eachother. "Right." I muttered before grabbing my key out of my back pocket.

"Bella Swan, are you doubting me?"

The tone of his voice would have made anyone laugh and I couldn't help it. I looked towards him and smiled. "Just show me the way to your place." I said before opening my car door and throwing my things to the passenger side.

He shook his head in disgrace, "I believe it's now called our place."

I will never understand why he opened up to me so quickly. It's as if he knew me perfectly.. It surprised me by not only that, but at how well I could talk to him. I knew it would be great. I repeated his line in my head, only.. I edited it. It's not everyday you get to move in with a handsome guy, especially when you've been crushing on him since 9th grade.

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