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Edward's Point of View.

The Roommate

Reunions and New Beginnings

It was about 30 minutes until the reunion started, and Alice had Bella up in her room for the past hour. I was beginning to worry that Alice had forced Bella into wearing something over bearingly unlike her, being something tight and seemed to be a children's size, that it would stress Bella out of her breathing, more so than usual.

But when they descended down the stairs, Bella was laughing as the two came in linked arms. They seemed to be wearing similar black jeans, but something like that would be something Bella would originally hate, but apparently didn't mind at all, however, the two had completely different shirts on.

Bella's shirt was a clean white tank top where, at the middle of the chest, turned into one of those stringed materials that cleverly showed skin. There was a line of buttons from the top of the opening down to the end. At the sides, two pieces of sewed on cloth that matched the shirt, flowed down to the end of the waist. Undoubtedly, my smile already showed her how beautiful I thought she was. Which was why, when she walked up to me, did she place her finger on my lips to stop any comment from coming out.

"I already know what you're going to say, and thank you," she removed her finger and replaced it with her lips, causing me to smile against her lips. There was a soft 'aw' behind Bella, and she turned around and rolled her eyes at Alice, but a, I assumed, held in laugh escaped. It was good to see Bella so happy and open about relationships, whereas when she saw Alice and Jasper, she once struggled to get them to stop public displays of affection. In any other instance, she would have been furious at Alice.

I kissed her forehead while linking my hand with hers as Jasper announced that it was time to go. We would be taking the rental car, and Jasper was taking the wheel this time. I opened the door for Bella, which she did a show of popping out her house key and saying 'take good care of it', as if I were some sort of valet. "Very cute, Bella."

"What, you never heard that joke before?" She asked innocently.

"Usually you're suppose to do it when I'm opening the door for you to get out of the car, not in. Why take the car when you're still in it?" I remarked with my brow raised.

Bella glared at me teasingly before scooting over and allowing me to take my place beside her in the backseat. Alice, at the passenger's side, laughed as she shut her door. "I thought it was a good joke! What with your over 'gentlemanly' attitude."

"And what's so wrong with being a gentleman?" Edward asked accusingly.

"Nothing, nothing at all. But you seem to over do it just a notch," Alice raised her hand and did a motion like she were turning a volume button on a stereo, symbolising the 'notch' in her words.

"Edward doesn't over do anything, I think it's really sweet. It's one of the things I love about him," Bella spoke up and grabbed for my hand, once again linking it with hers. I rose her hand to my lips, kissing it for one instant before claiming a triumphant win at Alice. I did win the little argument, reason being said argument was over Bella's joke, and if Bella finds it alright, then Alice's argument is therefore, invalid.

"Of course she's going to agree she's your girlfriend," Alice turned her head as Jasper started the car, and stuck her tongue out at me.

I laughed and shook my head at her. "You act like such a child."

"And that's what I love about her," Bella smiled widely, unknowingly thinking that we both should consider our petty argument as a tie, but jumped when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket as Jasper started the car and began driving.

Whatever she read on her phone, she frowned at and wrote back. That made me curious, so I asked her about it. "What was the text about?"

She let out a small scoff and shook her head. "Rosalie felt the need to describe her night with Emmett. By describe, I mean she wasn't vague with anything," She gave a small shudder while the rest of us laughed, knowing very well that seems like a thing both of them would do. Who knows, Jasper and I might be getting a text from Emmett next.

The rest of the ride to Forks Highschool remained in a pleasant silence. Bella began getting nervous the minute we stepped out of the car, I grabbed her hand reassuringly, telling her that there was nothing to worry about. But it didn't seem to help her any as she suddenly gave a certain look to Alice, and I automatically knew something was up between them. Bella wouldn't be that nervous, and sending looks to Alice, unless something was up.

"Alice," I said in a warning tone. "What are you two planning?"

She automatically gasped and pointed at me accusingly as she countered my question with another question. "Why do you have to just assume that something is going on?"

"Oh, gee, I wonder."

"You know, Edward, it'd be nice for a little trust coming in my direction," she huffed, crossing her arms as Jasper rose his brow at me and took his place at her side.

Bella turned her head and looked up at me, biting her lip. "There's nothing going on, Edward, honestly."

"Then why are you scrunching up your nose."

"Huh?" She asked, not even trying to hold her confusion as to what I meant by that.

"When you're lying, your nose scrunches up."

Bella rubbed her neck with her free hand and laughed nervously. "Boy, do you pay attention! My mom is the only one that knows about tha-" Bella was cut off by Alice grabbed onto her elbow and dragging her away from me. "Alice, what are you doing!?"

It was probably meant for only Bella's ears, but Alice was loud enough for us to hear. "You don't just up and admit that, now he definitely knows something is going on!"

Before Jasper and I had time to question them, they were nearly running inside the school, ignoring the man who was greeting everyone who walked in. "What do you think they're up to?" I asked, my edgy attitude returning. Something bad was going to happen tonight, or was that just a gut feeling?

"I don't know. They are acting pretty suspicious," Jasper halted once we entered the building and looked around at all the directions. All of a sudden he turned around, his eyes wide. "You don't think she knows about the proposal, do you?"

"No, how could she? We've been as discrete as we could about it," I thought back to this morning, when I had a major run in with Alice. I was certain she saw the ring, but that didn't necessarily mean she thought it was for her. I had told Jasper about it, and he'd been pretty tense ever since. "Would you just relax? I'm sure Alice thinks it's me who is proposing to Bella."

"Yeah, but what if she told Bella that?"

My hands clenched at my sides, I wasn't prepared for that. "What if she did?" I asked, wondering that myself. Would she want it? She told me just earlier that she hadn't even thought about our future, yet.

"What if she's expecting that, and then her hopes are crushed and-"

"Jasper!" I nearly yelled. I slapped his back encouragingly. "Come on, man. I've never seen you so nervous in your life. I'm sure Bella hasn't thought about me proposing to her, we even had a talk about our future earlier. You just need to calm down. There's no reason to be so worried about this."

For a moment he sighed, and nodded his head, in what I hoped in agreement, but just an instant later, he rubbed his neck and opened his mouth to talk once more, but before he spoke, I walked off to find Bella, simply wary of his nervousness and 'what if' questions.

When I found Bella, she and Alice were talking to someone I've never really met before. I saw her in the halls a couple of times in the past, but other than that, she always pegged me as the quiet, shy type. She had light brown hair that, even now, she seemed to put up in a pony tail. I wrapped my arm around Bella's shoulder and she looked up at me and smiled. If something was up between them, her smile definitely made me forget all about it.

"Bella! You didn't tell me you were dating Edward Masen!" The girl nearly gasped, a hand raised over her mouth when I looked at her.

"Yeah...it just..kind of happened a few months ago," Bella laughed awkwardly. I rose my hand that was rested on her left shoulder and stroked some hair away from her eyes. I heard both Alice and the girl they were speaking to 'aw' in response. I sighed, having been tired of all the 'aweing' every time I did something with Bella. I had to admit, I was glad I still made Bella speechless. She stood still for a few moments, unwavering, not even breathing for that matter. When I shook her, she came back to reality and clapped her hands together, and rubbed her neck with her hand once more. "Right! So, Edward this is Angela Weber, Angela, as you know, this is Edward Masen."

"Oh, how could I not know? You always spoke about your crush on-"

"Angela!" She groaned, her hand hitting into her forehead. I let out a low chuckle. Even if I already knew about her crush on me from back when we went to high school, she seemed to still hate talking about it. But I was merely glad that she didn't mind talking about our relationship that we had now, so much.

"I'm sorry, Bella," Angela cringed a little, but soon let out a laugh. "You're just the same as I remembered you!"

"You're not as I remembered you, Angela," Bella stated, but smiled anyways. She seemed happy, in a way, that Angela was different now.

"I know. I ran into Eric Yorkie earlier, he said the same thing."

"You guys went to that girl's choice dance together, right?" Alice asked, her arms crossed. She seemed to still be angry at my accusation from earlier, but I knew she was doing it for show. If my assumption was wrong, I'd have a lot of apologizing to do later on.

"Yeah! But I haven't really ran into him since. You all seemed to have hit it off pretty well. I'm surprised you've kept in touch after all these years. Are you still dating Jasper, Alice?"

She nodded, beaming. "Yep. I moved in with him just about the same time these two love birds found each other."

I looked at Bella, who had her eyes gazing at the ground and shaking her head. I just rubbed her shoulder a bit, and that seemed to make her feel better as she joined in the conversation once more. I took this as my chance to look around the room, trying to find anyone I knew.

The school gymnasium was already filled with people, a few I knew, and a few I've seen around quite a few times. Even some of our old teachers were there, which made it really feel like old times.

And then popped in the girl that tormented Bella, and for a more suitable choice of words, was the most vexatious girl I've ever met. Lauren Murphy. I've always loathed the girl, even more so after I heard what she did to Bella. As Lauren caught my gaze, I swiftly turned my head, but not soon after I was elbowed in the ribs by Bella.

I turned my attention back to her, and she had her head turned with a scowl on he face. I automatically understood why, she thought I had feelings for Lauren, as I tried to explain, Bella turned her heel, about to walk away. "Bella, I don't have feelings for her. You should know that. I was just looking around, and she just came into sight-"

She cut me off, yet didn't turn back around. "Oh, I believe you, Edward."

"What's that suppose to mean?" I wondered why she put the emphasis on 'you.' But she ignored my question and walked off, Alice hot on her heels before I had the chance to go after her.

And now I knew I didn't have to apologize to Alice for my assumption, as it all clicked into place. Alice seemed too gleeful as she pranced after Bella. They were up to something, alright. And it dealt with Lauren. So I turned to the only person they really spoke to so far. And she was a past friend of there's. Who more to trust with your devious plan? "You wouldn't happen to know of anything they're planning, would you, Angela?"

Her eyes widened and she shook her head. "Who, me? No, not at all!" She swept off, just like the others. And left me to mumbling to myself, so I left to go find Jasper to help me keep an eye on his devious girlfriend (or soon to be fiancée) and my own girlfriend, whom normally wouldn't follow through with Alice's little schemes.

I was looking for Jasper, and just had to run into the source of my present problems: Lauren. "Edward, I didn't expect to see you here!" She laughed, flipping her hair over her shoulders.

"I went to this school, Lauren. Why wouldn't I be here?" I asked, pinching the bridge of my nose, but all the while trying to be polite.

Lauren looked only slightly offended as she crossed her arms and batted her eye lashes, making it seem like I didn't offend her in the least. "Oh, I don't know. Figuring you probably didn't want to show up to the reunion and tell that plain, old Isabella Swan how you never felt anything for her. I knew she still had that stupid crush on you. I saw how she stormed off," Lauren's smile then grew into a smirk as she reached over, touching my shoulder as I clenched my fists at my side. "You took good care of that, Edward."

"I didn't take care of anything," I took her hand off my shoulder and sighed heavily. "If anything I have to take care of you, Lauren. I don't have any feelings for you."

Surprisingly, she laughed and moved closer. "You're just as shy as always, Eddie. I understand if it's too soon and you don't want to hurt her like that."

I looked over my shoulder, finding Bella looking to the side, as if she hadn't seen a thing, even though I knew she did. Alice was next to her glaring in our direction, but I knew that glare was for Lauren, not me. That was definitely shocking, Lauren and her used to be friends back in high school, but after awhile, they grew apart. I'm assuming it was because of what she did to Bella.

Seeing Bella upset over this, I didn't want to even be remotely polite anymore. "I'm in a relationship with Bella, Lauren. I've always felt this way about her, not you. So if you could possibly let that go, then maybe we'd be on speaking terms."

Lauren gasped, but as usual, I still saw that persistent glimmer in her eyes. I spotted Jasper behind her, motioning for me to go over there. Without another word, I stepped around Lauren and made my way towards him. "Did you finally tell her off?" He asked as I came to his side.

I ran my fingers through my hair and nodded. "She'll still be that persistent girl we knew back then, you know that."

"It's a good thing we live in New York, right?" He chuckled. "Just a few more days in Forks, then we're back home and she's out of your hair."

I smiled at that, it was only one night dealing with all the high school drama we once knew, but it felt like a long time. My thoughts ran back to Alice's scheme, my only reason for wanting to find Jasper. "Do you know if Alice is up to anything involving Lauren?"

Jasper shook his head and sighed. "She's up to something involving Lauren? I mean I know we think something is up, but if this is about Lauren, that's not good. She's still holding a grudge against her after she found out her teasing of Bella."

"Wait, Bella never told Alice that Lauren was always doing that to her?"

He shrugged. "Not at all. Alice told me that Bella just didn't want to get in the way of their friendship. They were good friends in both their freshmen and sophomore years, but after that, it kind of fell to a closure when she finally found out what Lauren was doing."

"That does create more of a dilemma. If Alice is holding this grudge, who knows what she'll do to Lauren, especially now."

"We're about to find out, I guess," I was about to ask him what he meant by that, but he only pointed to where Alice stood, talking to none other than Lauren. Bella was beside Alice, just leaning against the wall and looking away from the two as they talked. "Shouldn't we stop whatever they are about to do?"

"They're adults, now, Edward. I think it's best if we just let them resolve this on their own."

Resolve it on their own, that was the perfect plan. One that really would end up in a cat fight. It seemed like things were going well until Lauren made a move forward and slapped her, Jasper cringed and ran forward, grabbing Alice by the waist as she lunged forward. "You are the most arrogant girl I've ever met!" She screamed, Lauren shrugged and laughed at her position.

"Still with Jasper, I see? What, he the only one that's actually interested in you? If it weren't for your looks, I'd say you'd be alone for your whole life. Before high school you were just some loser. Oh, I saw your middle school pictures, hilarious. Without me you would have never became popular in the first place."

I could see that made Bella angry, as she came in front of Alice and Jasper, looking ready to lunge herself. I was about to walk forward, remembering the story of how Bella met Alice, and how everyone thought Alice was weird. But then, she began talking, more like yelling. "You have no idea what kind of person she is. You have no idea who anyone is. You say if it weren't for her looks no one would be interested in her, but in all reality, that's how it fits with you! You keep chasing Edward around, and why is that? Because he's a kind and caring person? Because he has more passion in the things he admires than anyone you'll ever meet? No, those can't possibly be it, considering you don't even know what he's like on the inside! All you ever do is chase him around for his looks."

Then I instantly knew what their plan was all along, and it dealt with punch, not that physical action, but punch, a drink. Bella grabbed Lauren by the wrist, and the punch bowl with her other hand. One collided with the other, and soon, Lauren was drenched in red liquid. Everyone in the room either gasped, or started laughing. "All you care about is looks, Lauren. When did you actually get to know Alice? You think she's weird just by how she looked years ago? The truth is no one would be interested in you if they knew how you actually acted, or they're just blinded by your looks and past popularity to care. And you've pushed me around for so long. We'll see how interested people are in you now that you don't have your looks."

With that being said, Bella took off, out of the gymnasium and back outside. By the looks of it, Lauren had no idea what to say to what had just been argued against her, she simply drained her shirt of the liquid and pressed her lips tightly together, hissing Bella's name through her teeth. "You know what, Edward? You can have her, she's insane!"

"This coming from someone drenched in punch, still standing in the middle of the room full of people, screaming at someone who isn't even here anymore?" Jasper laughed, releasing Alice, but not after he kissed her forehead. She didn't look upset by what Lauren had said about her, I believed that only because she seemed like the person to not let anything like that get to her.

A group of teachers made their way to the drenched Lauren, and shook their heads at us, as if we were the ones to do it. "You three need to leave, right now." The teacher, most recognized at the physical education and health teacher, pointed out the doors, and we gladly left, laughing all the way to the car.

We found Bella leaning against the car, kicking at the dirt. I walked over to her, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her closer. "You get more admirable every day," I sighed into her hair, where she laughed and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, seemingly in a better mood than she was before. I knew, with her laugh, that she was happier now that she had her 'revenge'. I knew she was never mad at me, but at Lauren. And her judgement on Alice only made it worse.

"And you get more courteous every day," she complimented and turned her gaze to Alice. "You alright?"

"Of course I am, stupid!" Alice laughed and punched a fist into the air. "You are one kick-ass girl, I'll tell you, Bella! You didn't even need the punch bowl to show your domination over the situation. You're as tough as nails even with only words."

Bella shook her head, but I saw a smile grace her lips. Jasper grinned and rubbed Alice's arms from behind her. The reunion was definitely a massacre, one that would have been better off if we hadn't even went. We had only been there for about forty minutes before we were kicked out. The after party we were headed to was about another hour or so away.

Bella had nothing to say to Alice's comments, which kept growing more and more throughout our ride back to the house. The girls had commented on having to change, which Bella only argued with slightly, saying they could go in what they were wearing instead of having to put on the dresses she picked out. But Alice counter argued that the reunion was being held at some fancy club.

"A club? Alice, are you joking? Didn't we just have a disaster the last time we went to a club?" Bella asked harshly. She beat me to the punch, I didn't want to feel on the edge tonight, jumping whenever so much as one man passed us.

"Don't worry, there will be no alcohol this time, for us, and Tyler Crowley is the one who rented it out, there wont be any older men here, only those from high school, so something like what happened last time, won't happen this time. And I doubt Lauren will show up after what happened back there."

As if Lauren was the least of our problems now. But I had to trust Alice on this. I wouldn't let Bella out of my site this time, especially considering the guy hosting this after party was a guy who had a huge crush on Bella back in high school, in which basically everyone knew about. And just as Lauren, I doubt Tyler got over it.

We made it back to the house, only to be questioned immediately about what happen by her mother. Jasper and I were held back answering these questions why the girls changed. Even though stupefied at how early we came back, that just made her all the more curious at what went on at the reunion.

"So did you kids have fun?" Renée questioned, hands placed upon her lap.

I bit my lip and nodded my head, our parents have been calling us kids a lot lately. Jasper answered the question in more detail. "Well Alice and Bella had a little run in with this girl that they had a problem with in the past."

Renée's eye brow quirked. "Anything bad happen?" I saw a slight glimmer of worry in her eyes.

"Not entirely. Bella just told her off and threw a bowl of punch on her and stormed off," Jasper tried to answer calmly, but I heard a laugh in his voice as he answer.

I was expecting Renée to be gasping at the moment, but the Swan women always surprise me. "Way to sock a punch, Bella!"

"Renée!" Charlie laughed, spite his shocked calling of her name. Of course a dad might be proud when his child wins a fight.

Jasper smiled, continuing with the story of what happened at the reunion. "So we were kicked out by our old gym teacher."

"Oh my," she laughed, but put a hand over her mouth to stop. "Bella always hated gym, I heard from her that he only made it worse. Did they have a run in together?"

I shook my head. "That was when Bella walked out. So we were faced with the blame," I chuckled. "Not that we wouldn't gladly take it. Lauren went a little too far."

"What did she say?" Renée was now leaning forward on the couch, interested in what Lauren had said.

Jasper leaned back into the couch solemnly, letting me take lead of the conversation. "She had said some nasty things about Alice, how she merely wasn't interesting without her looks. If you are looking for big run in stories, she and I had one before the punch bowl incident. She had a crush on me back in high school, so she said some things about Alice, and I told her how I wasn't in, anyway, interested. But that didn't stop her from being persistent. Then, after seeing us, I think Bella got annoyed with Lauren, which made her argument against her all the more fueled."

Renée tapped a finger to her chin, frowning. "You are speaking of the Murphy's daughter, right?" Jasper and I nodded, and Renée shook her head, ashamed. "I knew that girl when she was just a kid, she was such a sweet little girl back then. Bella came home really upset one day, she wouldn't even eat dinner or speak to us, she just stayed in her room all day. Was that because of Lauren?"

"It might have been," I frowned, thinking back to the day I found her in the janitor's closet. "Even I saw how upset she was. Bella just told me a few days ago about why she was upset."

"Then I suppose she really got what she deserved," Renée let out a deep breath. "A mother always protects her cub. But I suppose Bella beat me to that. She's gotten more strongly willed since we last saw her and I knew she was always a very outspoken woman, she just hid it deep inside."

I found myself smiling even more. Ever since I laid eyes on her, I knew she wasn't like other girls. As we were speaking about her, Bella showed up, wearing the dress she tried on before we left New York to Forks. She looked even better in it than she had before. When she saw me looking at her, she shook her hand and placed a finger to her lips, telling me to be quiet about the compliments. I complied to her request, only glad she knew how I felt.

It took them a resounding thirty minutes, and it looked like it was only for their hair and make-up. Bella wasn't one to over do her make-up, but tonight she was nearly sparkling in every direction with blue eyeshadow, I sneaked a look at Alice, who only giggled in response. I knew she put blue on her only to make me insane. Her hair, though normally straight, was curled and her bangs were parted into her back and put into a bun, while the rest hung down loosely.

Jasper hadn't held off any of his comments as he stood up and drew Alice into a hug, whispering into her ear what we couldn't hear. Alice had gone more simple than Bella, putting her hair into a high bun with her bangs curled in the front.

"We should be going to the after party now," Bella called out, not soon after hugging her mother. I assumed she heard what her mother said about her.

Renée patted her husband's knee. "I should be making us dinner now, you four have fun at that after party, and be careful. We're expecting a rain storm tonight."

"We'll be careful, Renée," Alice smiled and skipped out the door, followed by Jasper, than Bella and myself.

It seemed like Renée was right about the storm because, as soon as we stepped inside the car, there was a round of thunder followed by lightning. Bella seemed to jump every time it came, I held onto her, knowing her fear for thunderstorms.

We made it to the nightclub, only for it start sprinkling. It was a good thing the line had a canopy going over it, and that it wasn't long. Which was bound to happen, considering how early we were. This time the bouncer had a list of people to let in, which made me wonder how many people knew Tyler Crowley for him to make a list on it. We were let in, but it unnerved me to see that Bella's name was first on the list. Couldn't he have just done an alphabetical order type thing?

When we came inside, the club was indeed a bit fancier than others. The bar was in a square shape, filling up a quarter of the first floor, the dance floor was the thing that surrounded it, with wooden flooring. The walls were in a golden-yellow color with an antique pattern bordering it. From what I could see upstairs, there were a few private tables, and from the looks of it, a few other rooms. The lightning was held with just several hanging lamps. Deeper into the dance room, it was nearly pitch black with neon lighting.

We were greeted by an ever cheerful Tyler Crowley, who seemed to only stay by Bella in the duration that he spoke to us, being that we were the only ones there so far.

We sat at the bar, from left to right it was Jasper, Alice, Tyler, Bella, and then myself. I had my head in my hand as I tapped the table in annoyance. This guy knew a lot about Bella and how she was back in high school, he got to know her at a time I couldn't.

"You remember the time in gym class, when we were playing baseball?" He questioned Bella. Alice and Jasper seemed off in their own world, ignoring us and speaking to each other.

Bella laughed, seemingly unaware of my abhorrence towards their closeness. "Of course! You took the fall of that ball heading straight for me like it was a bullet. Who knew Angela could hit that hard, knocked you straight unconscious."

"I'm glad you find it so amusing," he chuckled and I glanced out of my left eye to see his hand getting too close to hers.

"Oh, but I did appreciate it, Tyler."

I tuned out for the rest of their conversation. On the car ride here, Bella explained about Tyler's infatuation with her, but how they were good friends despite that. I told myself I wouldn't get jealous over nothing, considering she had said it annoyed her, as well, with his interest in her like that.

A couple of moments later, the club started filling up with people. Alice and Jasper had gone of to find some of their old friends and to dance once the music had started. But I stayed at the table, listening to Bella and Tyler chat it up and completely ignore my existence. I stiffened when I heard Tyler's next question.

"So, do you want to dance, Bella?"

My eyes widened as I turned to Bella, who bit her lip in response. "I don't know, Tyler," she answered, bringing his past crush on her into the picture.

"Bella, it's just one dance. What, you think I still have that crush on you?" His nervous laugh told us otherwise.

She turned to me, as if asking me the answer in her eyes. I held in my breath and nodded. She gave me a small smile and kissed my cheek before Tyler grabbed her hand, leading her onto the dance floor. It was just a dance, right? Nothing to be worried about.

And about one second later, it turned into a problem to be worried about. Ironic how a slower moving song had come on the moment they made it closer to the darker side of the room. With Tyler Crowley there, holding my Bella, it made it all the more darker.

My tapping on the table grew more rapid as I saw his hand linger down her back, closer to her waist. She seemed to have stiffened a bit, so I knew she didn't feel anything for him. But I now understand how Bella felt about Lauren, it was just the matter of how the other person felt, not us. Even if we knew we felt nothing for them, the jealousy was still there.

I knew Tyler wouldn't be stupid enough to go too far with this dance. But there was always the matter of probably being wrong. As always, the thought of I could be wrong crept inside my mind like a virus. And when that thought comes up, it's usually true. As his hand grew closer to her hip, I stood up from the chair, about to walk down there and pry him away from her. I was on the verge of running when his other hand was running further south, closer to her thighs. Bella jolted away from him, slapping him before heading off in my direction.

"What a pig!" I heard her shout through fits of laughter going on from people surrounding Tyler. I smirked, knowing Bella was just a big ball of fire tonight, after what happened with Lauren, no one should have messed with her. It still didn't turn down the urge to hit him myself.

She walked past me and sat back down, her hair fanning around her face. She seemed to have noticed when I sat down, as she turned her head, frowning. "Tyler is such a good friend, but it really dies down when he does things like this."

I rubbed her forearm, trying to sympathize, but I couldn't when I actually hated the guy. I leaned over and kissed her forehead. "He just needs to realize your taken."

At that, she laughed lightly and leaned her head against my shoulder. "Mhm, by the most wonderful man. You seem to be taking this lightly, I wonder why."

"I wonder, too," I began looking elsewhere, playing stupid while she swatted my shoulder.

"You're too much, Edward."

"Thank you, Isabella," she pouted as I said her full name, but I kissed the pout away and smiled. A new song came on and I looked around, finding more people dancing, couples to be exact. The song was one I recognized as Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale. "Do you want to dance?"

"Do you promise not to make a move on me?"

I thought a moment before I shook my head. "I can't make any promises I might not be able to keep."

Bella laughed and stood up, grabbing hold of my hand as I lead her to the dance floor. I had my right hand respectfully at her waist, while the other held her hand. The song was perfect for simple slow moments, I looked behind her to find Tyler scowling, but a moment later, I saw him heave a breath and smile sadly. I was glad to see that he was taking it better than Lauren.

"I hope you realize what this means," she told me, referring to the dance.

"And what does it mean?" I asked, curious myself.

"We can count this as a missed prom date."

I laughed, putting my lips to hers for an instant before leaning my forehead against hers, all the while still dancing. "Do you think we would have dealt with Tyler and Lauren during the actual prom if we had gotten together back then?"

"Oh, yeah, you could count on that."

"You are making this date all the more romantic," I answered sarcastically.

"Do you want more romance or should we just count our blessings and dance?" She beamed at me, taking her hand away from mine and wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me in for a deeper kiss than we had before.

"I love you, Isabella Marie Swan," I murmured against her lips.

"I love you, too," I rose a brow at her before she rolled her eyes. "Edward Anthony Masen, see I know your middle and last name."

"You're such a tease," I groaned.

"Only for you," she protested. She seemed a little shocked when I took hold of her hand, leading her away from the dance floor and upstairs, into one of the private rooms. "Why are we in here?"

When I closed the door, I pressed her up against it, kissing her full on the lips, not even bothering to reply to her question. At first she was unresponsive, and I was afraid I had moved too far, but she then ran her hands up my chest, kissing me back with the same ferocity.

I weaved my hand in her hair, pulling her as close as I could get. When my kisses moved from her hairline to her neck, she tilted her neck to the side, granting me more room. For a moment, I bit my lip, trying to hold myself together before I really did go too far. But my holding myself together, hadn't really worked out as I might have hoped.

When I came up for breath, she took this as her own chance as she unbuttoned the first few buttons on my shirt, each kiss lingering as she move from spot to spot. Her lips grew more feverish as she kissed me just at the jaw line. I knew now that I needed her more than ever in my life, that if any given chance came up, I could never let her go. This wasn't just about sex, I loved her and I needed her. All those past thoughts on her just blinked away in an instant, as I lifted her up, her legs wrapping around my waist as I did.

My hands went from under her knees, slowly down to her thighs as I continued with my kissing with every patch of bare skin I could meet. When we were both breathless, she grabbed hold of my head, looking me in the eyes with her own chocolate brown hues with a small smile. "Edward, we can't do this."

That hit me more than she could possibly imagine. My first thoughts clearly ran to if she didn't want me anymore, but she only shook her head, noticing my discomfort as she rose her hand up to stroke my cheek. "It's not that, Edward," It amazed me more every day how she seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. "I want to do this, I really do. But when we're in a club we've never even been to? I want the night to be special, like we remember everything that we've been to thus far, and in our own home, at the very least."

I sighed with relief, putting her back down on her own feet. Once she was securely put on the ground, she fixed her dress and smiled at me, surprising me with a laugh. As if my face weren't questioning enough as she licked her thumb and came towards me. "You got a bit of lipstick on you," she kept laughing as she wiped it off with her thumb. "There, all better!"

I rolled my eyes and brought her closer to me by her waist. "I love you, so much."

"You said that just a few minutes ago, Edward," she pointed out blatantly.

I looked at her incredulously and smirked. "But did I say how much?"

"No, but if all what we just did wasn't any indication, I don't know what will be."

"You are going to be the death of me."

Her hand dropped to my neck as she pulled on a bit of my hair, making me wince. "You're indestructible, Edward. Nothing is going to happen with that flawless body of yours."

"As far as you know."

"Oh, do you want to test me right now?" She challenged me by narrowing her eyes, and I could feel that she was readying her hand to pull at my hair again, so I shook my head, not accepting this challenge of hers.

"Good boy," she giggled, kissing me one more time.

With all this 'blast from the past' stuff going on, it didn't really give any signs towards the present or the future. All I could think of was Tyler's crush, or Lauren's for the majority of the night. Or how I felt about her in the past and how even Tyler Crowley got to know her better than me. But through all the old reunions with school, friends, and even past crushes, we still got a glimpse of a new beginning to our relationship.

I doubt that my love for her could grow any further. But I know that each day will be a blessing just to wake up and see her, in my own home none the less. And it is a funny thing when the girl you love unconditionally starts out as nothing more than your roommate.

I finished my first fan fiction. And I'll tell you, I learned a lot about writing. So I'm definitely going to continue on. I made a lot of mistakes, but that's the thing, when your passionate about something, never give up. And all you wonderful reviewers stuck by the story, even in the confusing moments. And for that, I want to thank everyone who read this story throughout, and reviewed and encouraged. (Oh, like my fingers and toes could count all those people!)

I got sick of writing first person for awhile, but once you truly get use to it, it's a fantastic experience. As a writer, writing first person truly puts yourself in that character's position, and you can write as if you were actually them. Granted, I didn't like how I portrayed Bella's character growth. At moments she was self-conscious, then confident, and back again. Only towards the end did I really make her confident. But it seemed to happen out of no where. At first, I wanted Bella to just slowly ease into it, not switch on and off. And I think I over did Edward, just a bit. But these mistakes are a wonderful thing, so I'm hoping I'll use what I learned from this story, to put it into my next.

Jasper's proposal wasn't in the last chapter. I might have mentioned it and made it a big point, but that doesn't necessarily mean I have to put it in the very last chapter, after all, I have mentioned it several chapters ago, that he was going to propose during her birthday, not the reunion. And Tyler Crowley instead of Mike Newton? Tyler pegged me as more persistent, and that's what I needed for it. Besides, I already showed Mike Newton a couple of chapters ago.

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