Author's Note: Hi guys, i'm here for another story. This one is called "Crunch meets boy". It's about when Tiny recieves a visit from an old friend named Daniel, but when Crunch finds out that Tiny and Daniel are best friends (again), he "meets" Daniel, but the "meet-up" isn't good and a big arguement erupts. Tragic results follow. Well, I hope you all enjoy!

Discalmer: I am only a fan of the Crash Bandicoot games. I don't own nobody in this story except for my character Daniel.


Chapter 1: Long-lost friends do return

Tiny was sitting at home, which was unusual. He had no dates for the night, which he hated. "I couldn't even get a date from Lily (made up character, but I don't think we'll see her in this story), damn!" Tiny yelled to himself, grabbing the remote from his coffee table. He turned on the TV to Comedy Central. "Wonder what's on here," Tiny said to himself. Tiny then heard the doorbell ring. He got up, grabbed a baseball bat from his bookshelf and approached the door very cautiously. Opening the door slowly with one paw, he discovered a short man at his door. "Mind if I come in?" asked the man. "Hell no! I don't want in you in my home. I'm not gonna work for you again, so get out, Dr Cortex!" Tiny screamed. "But --" "-- But nothing! Out!" Tiny screamed. He smacked Dr. Cortex upside the head with his baseball bat, sending Dr. Cortex into the street. "Oh no," Dr. Cortex said softly to himself when a semi truck came rolling his way. Dr Cortex had no time to react as the truck ran him over. "AHHHHHHHH!!!!" Dr Cortex screamed loudly.

Tiny laughed as Dr Cortex was squashed by the truck. "That's what ya get!" he screamed, going back into his house. About 5 seconds after he sat down, the doorbell ringed again. "WHO THE HELL IS IT!?" Tiny screamed again, this time running off the couch and running to the door. When he opened the door, he saw a lady standing there. "Can you call 911 for that poor man hit by the truck?" she asked. "No. Do it yourself," Tiny said bitterly. Without warning, the lady collapsed onto the pavement as a result of being clobbered over the head by Tiny's baseball bat. He then slammed the door shut and sat back down to watch TV. About 3 minutes later, the doorbell ranged yet again. "Okay, that's it, i've had enough of this bull --," Tiny stopped ranting when he opened the door.

At the door was standing a long lost friend of Tiny's! "Hey Tiny, i'm back!" the person said. " ... Oh my god ... it's you," Tiny said, very shocked at the sight of the youth.


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