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Chapter 1: A Second Chance?

Have you ever been in love so much that it hurts?

Have you ever been so hurt that many years later you still feel the pain like it just happened yesterday?

Beatrice Bautista, can answer both of those questions with no hesitation and with a yes. She would never think that he would act like that especially since they've known each other since they were in Junior High. She never thought he would turn his back on her when she needed him the most. Beatrice never thought that her best friend and lover, Randy Orton would turn his back on her when she told him she was having his baby.

Dave walked in his house after being gone for a week. The only down part of being a part of the wrestling business was the traveling, but then again his sister was at times as busy as him. As soon as he turned around from closing the door a hyper active, blue-eyed wavy dark hair little girl was right in front of him. A smile spreads across his face as the little girl jumped in his arms.

"Hi Uncle Dave!" The little girl greeted, excitement clearly heard in her voice.

"Well hello there my princess, did you miss me?" Dave asked as he lifted her up.

"Of course! I had no one else to give me ice cream in the morning for breakfast!" Gabriella giggled mischievously her blue eyes brightening up at the mention of ice cream.

"Ssh, your mom might hear us." Dave chuckled, putting a finger on his lips.

"So you're the one who's been giving Gabriella ice cream in the morning?" A woman said with green eyes and dark brown shoulder length hair

"No, I would never do that," Dave made his way over to his younger sister. "Gabriella just has an over active imagination.

"Whatever bro," Beatrice rolled her eyes. "You and I both know that you're the one who's been giving her ice cream. The word no is very difficult for you to say to her, at least when it comes to ice cream.

Dave smiled and hugged his younger sibling. He loves coming home seeing his niece and sister. They're the only family he has after their parents were killed in a car accident. Well technically, he had his own kids and of course the WWE family.

"So how were the shows?" Beatrice questioned as they made their way to the kitchen.

"Pretty good, I must admit pretty tiring, but it's all worth it in the end," Dave replied as he placed Gabriella on a chair beside the kitchen counter.

"Oh yes, and injuring yourself in the process seems pretty worth it too?" Beatrice asked with sarcasm dripping in her voice.

"Yes, but wrestling isn't the only career you can hurt yourself on. I'm sure if you trip on the runway you'll get hurt." Dave defended.

"Yes I know, but there's a difference. Falling on a runway doesn't often happen as when you get injured in the ring. But then again, whatever career makes you happy should be worth it. Right?" Beatrice asked as she opened the cookie jar and poured the cookies in it.

"True, anyways, we're going to have some company this weekend." Dave informed her.

"For Thanksgiving? Wow, that's a first, your daughters are coming?" Bea asked looking up to Dave.

Dave scratched the back of his neck, before he replied. "Actually, Melina, and a few of my friends are coming."

"That's cool, will they be sleeping over also?" Bea asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier." Dave replied.

Beatrice laughed a little and playfully pushed her older brother, "It's your house too, and why would I get mad?"

"Randy's coming too," Dave simply replied causing Bea to turn her full attention to him.

"W..w..why?" Beatrice stuttered out.

"Look, I just wanted to invite him, and maybe it's time for you to actually give him a chance."

"A chance for what?"

"A chance to talk to his daughter."

"Not going to happen. He walked out on her and he can stay out." Bea bitterly told her brother.

"Mommy, can I pwease have milk?" Gabriella questioned, looking up at her mother.

Beatrice smiled down at her daughter. She reminded her so much of her father. They had the same piercing blue eyes, but the smile was hers. She poured some milk inside Gabriella's sippy cup and gave it to her.

"Come on Bea, everyone deserves a second chance." Dave reasoned.

"He left me and my daughter when we needed him. Second chances to me when it comes to him, is out of the question." The icy tone was her understandable. This man walked out on her, he hasn't tried reaching out to her, why should she change her stance when his efforts were non-existent.

"Well too damn bad, he's coming here whether you like it or not." Dave said before making his way towards the backyard to get some fresh air. He was fed up with Beatrice's attitude. All he wanted was for his niece to have a father figure. He was doing his sister a favor. Couldn't she see that?

"If I'm going to be here," Beatrice murmured.

Dave stopped and turned around, "You're going to stay here Bea, it's Thanksgiving, and we always spend it together." Dave sternly told her. "Don't break that tradition just because Randy is coming. It's been five years, just let it go."

Beatrice looked at her brother. He turned around and out the kitchen doorway. It's true it's been five long years, but the pain was still there. She still remembers the day she told him about Gabriella. He totally freaked out and said that it wasn't his baby. If she told anyone that they knew, they would be shock to find out that Randy Orton, who was sweet and so devoted to her, said that.

But if wrestling fans heard about this, they wouldn't be shock. The character Randy portrays on television would go perfectly with what he did. It shocked Beatrice, but she knew how much he wanted this dream. So in some odd way she understood. She really wished she could get over it. After all she's twenty-six years old, she's a big girl now, why couldn't she just let it go?

She still remembered what he had said to her when she told him about Gabriella. It was burned into her mind.

'How can the baby be mine? I've been gone for a while, How do I know it's not someone else's baby.'

His reply said it all for her. He wasn't going to take responsibility for this child. She left that night with her heart broken.

Beatrice was sitting on the couch looking over some photo shoot dates she was going to have to do before she was going on a two month vacation. She began modeling at the age of sixteen. At first her height was not something she was proud of since she was ridiculed for it at her school, but when she was discovered, her height definitely became one of her favorite attributes. She was always camera shy and for her to become a model just shocked a few people. She had a few jobs here and there, but after modeling in a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, her career took off. She became a regular at the show, until they signed her on as an Angel.

Gabriella was peacefully watching television as Bea looked over her schedule. Bea heard footsteps coming down the stairs and she of course knew it was her brother. He came in the living room and sat beside her.

He peered at the screen of her iPad and laughed. "Wow and I'm busy?" Dave asked.

Bea laughed and shook her head. "It's because I'm going on a two month vacation so I'm getting a lot of photo shoots done before I have to take a break."

There was a moment of silence between them. Dave looked at his little sister and sighed.

"Look I'm sorry, I just really want my niece to have a father." Dave said.

Beatrice looked at Dave and scoffed at him. "And you expect Randy to be that father for her?"

"He asked about her," Dave informed her.

"And that's supposed to make everything alright?" Bea asked.

"Well at least he's at least showing some concern." Dave told her. "Why are you being so cold hearted about this?"

"If he really wanted to be a part of her life, he should have shown some concern five years ago."

Dave sighed deeply. "Well they're going to be here in an hour."

"An hour? Dave it's barely Tuesday, aren't they a little early?" Beatrice asked.

"No, they didn't want to try to catch a flight on Wednesday since there would be more people." Dave replied.

Beatrice stood up and rolled her eyes. "Whatever,"

She picked up Gabriella and headed up to her room. She couldn't believe that in an hour she would have to see the face of the man who broke her heart, but yet still held it in the palm of his hands.

- Dave's POV -

I sat in the living room trying to keep my focus on the television. Beatrice was ticked off. No that's an understatement, she was livid and I understood why she was. I had to admit, for some time I had some animosity towards Randy for leaving my little sister when she needed him most. But as the time went by, I grew to forgive Randy. He's human after all, we all make mistakes. I just don't think my sister can see pass that after what had happen to them.

I was brought back to reality when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it was John Cena.

"Yo man, we're close to your house now." John informed.

I laughed. "Wow you actually remembered how to get here?"

"Well, thinking about your fine ass sister helped me refresh my memory." John teased. I could just see the smug smile on his face now.

"You are so damn funny Cena," I sarcastically replied. "Anyways, how far are you guys from here?"

"About ten minutes away or so."

Ten minutes? I glanced at my watch and it was only three thirty in the afternoon. Don't tell me they were coming early? Bea needed more time to adjust her mood. I didn't want Bea to kill Randy in front of Gabriella. God, please, just this once, let my sister's anger pass by.

"I thought you weren't going to be here till 5?" I questioned.

"Well, some people here are kind of excited to see your sister." John chuckled, "especially me, your future brother-in-law."

"Who came with you anyway?" I asked as I roll my eyes at John's last comment. "Cena, just because you dream of being my brother-in-law, doesn't mean it'll come true."

"Randy, Melina, Adam, Jeff, and that's about it." John answered. "Oh believe me, let me work my charms on your sister and I'll have her carrying my Cena seed soon."

I stood up and headed up the stairs. I had to tell my sister they were coming sooner than expected. Least I can do after pretty much forcing her to face the persons she's hated for the last five years. Then Cena's last comment hit me. Over my dead my dead body, there is no way my sister will carry Cena's demon seed.

"I don't think so, Cena." I growled.

John laughed. "Calm down big guy. You know your sister and I don't see each other more than friends. We're just friends, nothing more, nothing less."

"Yes, I'm fully aware of that, so let's keep it that way." I warned him.

"Yes, sir." John can be such a pain in the ass.

I got to the top of the stairs and headed towards Gabriella's room. "How about Paul and Steph?"

"They're spending it with Vince, but they said for sure on Christmas they'll be here." John replied.

"Wait, are you driving man?"

"No, Randy is," John replied.

I chuckled and shook my head. "Let's hope you make it here alive."

"Whatever Batista, we'll see you there." John replied.

I put my phone back inside my pocket. I knocked on Gabriella's door before opening it. I found them coloring some coloring book. Beatrice looked up at me and raised an eyebrow.

"They're coming earlier than expected," I simply told her. There's no point of beating around the bush. Might as well tell her straight out that they were coming.

She nodded her head and stood up. "I'll get Gaby ready," she walked over to the dresser and grabbed her iPad.

"I'm really sorry sis, I know I should have told you earlier."

"It's okay, I thought about it, maybe it is time for me to face him." She sighed and gave me a slight smile. "Can't be angry forever."

I smiled at her and gave her a pat on the shoulder. "I knew that church was good for you."

"Yes, it is, maybe you should go to, they might bless you with a better looking face." She replied making me laugh. Maybe she wasn't as mad as before. She was insulting me again, which was our normal routine.

"I would insult your looks but then again you're a model." I told her. "It's hard to insult you when you're face is supposed to be the main focus of your job and sadly your body is a main focus too."

"After all these years, you still disapprove?" Bea asked.

"It's not that I disapprove, I just wish you'll be covered up more."

"Dave, I'm a lingerie model. I'm supposed to be half-naked most of the time."

"Whatever, if it makes you happy, I'll just be happy for you."

"Thank you."

She smiled at me and walked out the room. She walked over across the hallway where her room was. I looked at Gabriella and she smiled at me and blew me a kiss. I laughed and picked her up. She squealed as I brought her up and down. Gabriella had Randy's eyes, but everything else was Bea. If God loves us, she hopefully doesn't get Randy's attitude. I put her down and she was just laughing. I smiled and shook my head. She sat down on her little chair and continued coloring.

How can someone turn his back on a little girl?