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Chapter 5: Better Understanding

- Beatrice's POV -

I carefully walked up the stairs with a sleeping Gabriella's arms around my neck as everyone else got ready for bed. Nearing the top step I looked over to the left hallway where I saw John about to enter his room. He gave me a friendly but tired smile, which I returned before he closed the door behind him. John and Randy's guest rooms were on the left side of the second floor where Dave's bedroom was located while mine and Gabriella's bedrooms were on the right side of the hallway. As for Jeff and Adam, their rooms were on the first floor.

Even if I was told last minute, it's really great to have them here. I'll even admit that it's great to have Randy here because I really do want him and Gabriella to get along and form a bond. I'm not heartless. I want them to get along like a regular father and daughter. I want Gabriella to grow up with a father even if he's not here 24/7; even if he and I aren't together anymore, at least we're both here for our daughter. Almost like a family.

Balancing Gabriella on one arm, I entered her dark room and searched for the light switch on the wall. After finally switching the lights on, I walked over to her bed and I gently put her down. Without opening her eyes she moved to lie on her left side and searched for her favorite doll. I left her side and walked over to the dresser to get her pajamas. I quickly walked back to her side and pulled her into a sitting position.

"Honey, c'mon you've gotta change into your PJs." I knew she was really tired and wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep but I couldn't let her sleep in those dirty clothes. When I finally managed to get her PJs on I gathered her dirty clothes in my arms and stood to leave the room when I heard a soft voice call to me.


I turned and met Gabriella's beautiful blue eyes; the same blue eyes that made me fall for her father in the first place. She looked so much like him, so there was no doubt that they were father and daughter. I smiled and walked back over and sat on the edge of her bed.

"Can't go back to sleep baby?" I asked gently stroking her face.

She shook her head. "Can you sing a song to me, mommy?"

I smiled at her request and shook my head, "You know mommy can't sing, baby." she frowned at my response but I continued, "But I do know someone who can."

I took my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed a familiar number. I smiled and stroked Gabriella's hair as I waited for him to pick up.

"Hey you," a deep, male voice answered on the other line. "Do you know what time it is?" I looked over to the digital clock on Gabriella's dresser and noticed that it was almost midnight.

"Oh, I'm really sorry Erick." I replied apologetically. "It's just… Gabriella wanted someone to sing to her."

He chuckled, "Well in that case it's alright. What does she want to hear?"

"It's Uncle Erick." Hearing that name Gabriella instantly smiled and was now wide-awake. "What do you want him to sing baby?" I put my cell phone on speaker and brought it closer to Gabriella.

"Da song dat makes me sweepy!" Gabriella replied with an excited smile.

"Which one is that?" Erick asked.

I thought for a moment and remembered the song he sang to Gabriella a couple weeks ago that helped her go to sleep. "Oh, I know. Is it… "This I Promise You"?"

Gabriella tilted her head to the side cutely and shrugged, "I think so… I dunno da name mommy."

Erick and I both laughed. "Alright, "This I Promise You" will help you get to bed" he said before clearing his throat, preparing to sing. I just rolled my eyes at his lame joke.

I placed my phone on the dresser next to Gabriella's bed and began to tuck him in as Erick sang her a lullaby.

- End POV -

- Randy's POV -

After an hour of explaining to Samantha why I was staying at my ex-girlfriend's house instead of a hotel, I felt physically and mentally drained. As expected, she couldn't understand the situation and why I would rather stay here instead of a fancy hotel. Thankfully, by the end of the conversation I managed to appease her. I sighed and raked my hand through my hair as I tiredly climbed the stairs.

Now that was done with, what was bothering me now was the fact my daughter hated me. I didn't want her to hate me. What father would? I looked at her and Bea's friend during dinner and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy with how close they seemed to be. Right from that moment, I knew one thing for sure, I want to make up for lost time and be a part of my daughter's life. To be the father she never had since the day she was born. But first thing's first, I had to talk to Bea and have her help me get closer to Gabriella. I just hope that she doesn't hate me too because if I don't get along with her then chances of my daughter warming up to me are slim to none.

As I reached the top I turned left to head to my room when I heard singing coming from Gabriella's room. I stopped and walked closer to the door that was left slightly ajar. It sounded like a male voice. It didn't sound like any of the guys and I knew that they were as tired, if not more, as me so they should all be in bed by now. It couldn't have been Dave either because he didn't exactly have the best singing voice. I'm pretty sure Gabriella, or anyone else for that matter, would end up sitting wide awake in bed instead of being lulled to sleep by his singing. No offense intended of course.

I peeked over the side of the doorframe saw Bea at Gabriella's bedside while she slowly drifted to sleep with a soft smile on her face. Listening to the voice more carefully, I had the feeling that I heard it somewhere before but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Whoever this guy was, I'll admit, he had a pretty good set of vocal cords. When he finished singing, Gabriella had completely fallen asleep. Bea stood and took her phone off speaker and began to walk over to the door. Quickly and quietly, I rushed over to my bedroom and shut the door before she found out that I had been eavesdropping. How many male friends has she introduced to our daughter? It seems as if Gabriella has a close relationship to every guy Bea knows, all except for me- her biological father.

When I heard her walking down the stairs I relaxed against the door and let out the breath that I didn't even know I was holding. I was determined to talk to her tonight. I want to be the one Gabriella plays sports with. I want to be the one who sings her to sleep at night. I want to be there for her. I know I wasn't here before but now I am and I want to do everything a father does with their daughter. Everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance, right?

It's about time I got mine…

- End POV -

Bea dried her hands on a towel as she put the last of the now clean dishes into the dishwasher. She got a cup and poured some coffee she just brewed into it and sat on the island counter as leaned her head on the cupboard. Today had really been a long day: the guys' arrival but more specifically Randy coming back into her life. How long had it been since she saw him last? Sensing that she wasn't alone anymore, Bea looked up and found Randy leaning on the kitchen doorframe arms crossed over his chest.

"Um…" suddenly feeling awkward, Bea tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. A nervous habit she developed over time. "Would you like some coffee?"

Randy gave a small smile and nodded. "Sure."

Bea nodded and went to the cupboard to get another mug.

The next few moments were shared in an awkward silence. Unable to think of anything to say, the two just stood around the island table taking sips from their mugs, until Randy cleared his throat.

"Um, so Bea," he placed his mug down onto the table and looked at her. "How've you been?"

She did the same with her cup and gave a small smile. "I'm good. A little tired but that's how it is when you're raising a kid."

Beatrice didn't notice Randy flinch when she mentioned raising Gabriella all by herself. Sensing the moment turning awkward again, Bea tried to keep the conversation going. "How are you?"

"Uh, I'm…" Randy hesitated. Should he go through with his plan? The opportunity was here; no better time than the present, as they always say. "Well, I'm alright. Could be better though."

"Oh, why is that?" Bea questioned. "Um, if you don't mind me asking."

Randy took another sip of his now half empty cup of coffee as he chose his words carefully. Bea placed her empty mug into the sink before sitting in one of the island table's chairs waiting for Randy's response. After a few moments of silence, Randy finally spoke up.

"I heard about what happened at Gabriella's birthday last year." Bea kept her gaze towards her clasped hands in her lap as Randy continued. "Does…does Gabriella hate me?"

Bea's eyes widened slightly as she contemplated the question he presented. "Well… I wouldn't say 'hate' exactly. I admit that you're not her favorite person at the moment but I'm positive that she doesn't feel hatred towards you." Bea replied, this time trying to decipher Randy's reaction.

Randy looked down at his empty mug in an attempt to hide the hurt and disappointment in his eyes. "I see…" It was understandable. He couldn't blame Gabriella. But he could try to set things right. "Isn't there anything you can do to change her mind? To change the way she feels about me? I mean, c'mon Beatrice there must be something you can do, something you can say to her?"

Bea frowned "And exactly what do you want me to tell her, Randy? 'Gabriella, stop hating your father who missed four years of your life or you're grounded.'" Sarcasm probably wasn't the best way to go but she couldn't help but feel slightly irritated at his request. "C'mon Randy, you can't tell a kid how to feel about somebody."

Randy sighed, "I really don't need your sarcasm right now, Bea. I'm trying here."

"Trying?" Bea scoffed, feeling her anger slowly rise. "Really? Exactly how are you 'trying', huh Randy? You haven't even spoken to your daughter ever since you arrived here, you call that 'trying'?"

Bea had a feeling that she was being a little too harsh on him but she couldn't stop herself. All the anger she held back all these years ever since he left her and their baby was finally let loose and she couldn't seem to stop it from flowing out.

"That's the reason why I'm talking to you right now!" Randy tried to keep his calm with her, but she always tested his patience which wasn't that hard to test, "I'm trying to set things right between the three of us and whether you believe it or not, I do care about my daughter."

Bea laughed bitterly and shook her head. "You care about her? You care about your daughter?" She got up from the chair she was sitting on and stood in front of Randy as she pointed an index finger at his chest. "The same daughter you abandoned the moment you knew that she existed? The same daughter you put second to your career? The same daughter you-"

"Okay!" Randy interrupted so Bea could stop yelling and listen to what he had to say. "I know what I did was wrong, okay? I know what I did was selfish and inconsiderate of your feelings and Gabriella's." Randy looked into her angry green eyes hoping that he was getting through to her. She had always been the stubborn one. Randy sighed and lowered his voice as Beatrice crossed her arms over her chest and purposely avoided his eyes. "I made a mistake and I'm sorry."

"Let me ask you this, Randy." She slightly raised her voice again but not up to the point of shouting. "Why did you have to leave? You could have stayed y'know. If not for me, then for Gabriella. I've known you practically your whole life and never once did I imagine you to be the kind of person who would leave their pregnant girlfriend, who you claimed to love, to support a baby by herself."

Randy scratched the back of his head and walked over to the island table where his half-filled mug was. Another moment of silence passed with neither one saying anything. Randy looked up from the floor, "I… I was afraid. Okay?"

Bea shook her head and sat back down on the island chair.

Randy walked over to the chair next to Bea's and sat down facing her while she kept her gaze straight ahead towards the sink. "I was young and naïve. I wasn't ready to be a father and the thought of it at that time just scared the shit out of me."

Turning to him she replied, "And you think I was ready?! Hell, Randy, I was just as scared as you were when I found out, but unlike you, I didn't abandon our daughter."

Leaning his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands together, Randy lowered his gaze as guilt washed over him like a wave. Guilt trips always sucked.

Bea continued, "I carried our daughter for nine months with the support of my brother and close friends, give birth to her with my best friend at my side, then raised her the best I couldas a single parent."

"I know and I'm sorry. I can't say it enough." Randy replied tiredly. "But you knew the situation that I was in. I was just starting out. I was just getting ready to live my dream." Bea rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "How would it have looked like if the fans found out that I was a father at the age of twenty-two?"

Beatrice felt her blood boil. 'How could he say such a thing?!' This didn't sound like the Randy she grew up with. She clutched her arms tighter to her sides to prevent herself from slapping the man in front of her.

"So let me get this straight…" She took a deep breath in a feeble attempt to calm herself down. "What you're saying is that your precious public image was more important to you than our daughter?" Randy was about to interject but she beat him to it. "God, if that's true then I'm GLAD that you left us; I wouldn't want my daughter to have a father like that."

Randy sighed in frustration, "Argh, I never said that! Would you stop putting words in my mouth and listen to what I have to say?" Bea opened her mouth to tell him off but he spoke before she could, "Please, Bea. Just please listen."

Letting out a frustrated sigh she gave in. She rolled her eyes and sat back into her chair as she listened to him.

Seeing that she finally gave in Randy relaxed a little. Just a little. Holding clasped hands to his forehead he began to speak. "I know that I'm probably the biggest jerk right now and I seem like the worst father in the world…"

"You can say that again." Beatrice mumbled under her breath.

Choosing to ignore her snide remark Randy continued, "…The point is, I've realized what I've done and I want to set things right. I want to be the father that Gabriella's been missing for the past 4 years. If you let me."

Beatrice kept her gaze on the floor as Randy's words sank in. Did Randy really want to be a father to their daughter now? After all these years? Or did he have an ulterior motive? "That's not how you felt 4 years ago when you first left… what changed? Does it have something to do about your image in the media? Because if it does Randy, then I swear-"

"No!" How could she even think such a thing? Had her perception of him really changed that much that she would think he would even think of using his daughter for something like that? "I swear to you, I just want to be part of my daughter's life. I'm better than how I was before. I've grown and matured."

"Matured?" she scoffed. "If you really did mature Randy, then why didn't you try calling me? Tried to contact me and at least show that you had at least some concern for our daughter."

"I was afraid… afraid of how you'd react." He said it in such a remorseful tone. "I wanted to so badly but I just couldn't bring myself to do it."

She sat there staring into his sad blue eyes speechless. But her expression soon changed from surprised to understanding. "I understand…" Randy looked at her. "But what changed? Why aren't you afraid anymore?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure myself. It's just that when I saw her earlier for the first time… something changed." Randy fondly thought back to when he first saw his daughter running down the stairs. "I thought, 'wow, that's what I've been missing for the past 4 years? That's my daughter?'" Smiling fondly at the memory, blue eyes met blue. "I felt this need to be in her life. She's grown so much and I wasn't there to see it. I admit I'm afraid that she won't accept me. I understand if she doesn't accept me as her father right away but hopefully she will someday. But for right now I'm satisfied with just being her friend."

Bea reached over and squeezed Randy's hand with a warm smile. "I'm proud of you."

Randy laughed lightly and looked at her, "So how about it? Give me a second chance?"

"A second chance with Gabriella or me?" Beatrice joked lightly.

Randy chuckled softly and replied with a smile, "With Gabriella, don't worry."

Right at that moment crying was heard coming from Gabriella's baby monitor that was standing on the island counter. It was then that Bea remembered that she forgot to turn her night-light on. Cursing under her breath she looked at Randy before both ran up the stairs towards their daughter's bedroom. Just before Randy could reach the top of the stairs Bea stopped in her tracks which caused Randy to stop as well.

"What are you stopping for?" Randy asked confused. They had to get to Gabriella!

Beatrice turned to Randy with a smile and a face that read 'I've got an idea'. "Why don't you go in there by yourself?"

He looked at her quizzically and replied smartly, "Huh?"

"Well, you did say that you wanted to get closer to her right?" Randy nodded in response. "Why not start now?"

Finally getting the idea Randy smiled, "Thanks. Wish me luck."

Bea stayed a few feet away from the door, far enough so Gabriella couldn't see her but close enough so she could hear everything, as Randy made his way to Gabriella's bedroom.

When he entered Gabriella's room all he could see was a small figure sitting up on the bed before he turned the light switch on. Expecting to see her mother coming in through the door, Gabriella cried even harder when she saw that it wasn't her mother but that man she didn't know very well. Even though Gabriella knew Randy was her father, she wasn't comfortable with him yet.

"Hey, what's wrong, sweetheart? Why are ya crying?" Randy asked her as he approached Gabriella with a warm smile.

Gabriella's cries stopped for a moment as she looked at Randy with teary eyes but started up again moments later.

'Okay, new strategy…' Randy thought to himself as he looked around the room for something to help him out.

As his gazed passed by Gabriella's toy chest one particular item caught his attention. He walked over to it and picked up the doll, which appeared to be Eeyore; the same Eeyore doll he had given Beatrice on one of their anniversaries. Smiling fondly at the memory, Randy was struck with an idea. He turned back to his crying daughter and kneeled down next to her holding the doll up.

"Gabriella" Randy called in the infamous Eeyore voice. Recognizing the voice as one of her favorite cartoon characters, Gabriella's cries began to die down as she stared curiously at the doll. "What's wrong sweetie?"

Gabriella remained silent, well except for an occasional sniffle or hiccup, as she looked back and forth from Randy and her Eeyore doll that suddenly had the ability to speak.

Noticing that his plan was working Randy continued on with the Eeyore voice. "Can my friend Randy and I sit here?" 'Eeyore' pointed at Gabriella's bed. Gabriella nodded slowly as Randy smiled proudly at himself and sat next to Gabriella with the doll still in his hands.

"Okay, now can you tell me what's wrong? Why were you crying?" asked 'Eeyore'.

Gabriella frowned as she recalled the reason why she was crying in the first place and wiped her face with her pajama sleeves. "Bad dweam"

Randy looked sadly at the small child. He wanted to make his daughter feel better and just hug her and let her know that he was there and wouldn't ever let anything happen to his little girl. However, with the situation as it currently was, Randy knew that Gabriella would probably feel uncomfortable; they had barely met after all.

"Wanna tell me about it?" Randy asked in his regular voice.

Gabriella looked at him, unsure if she should tell Randy about her nightmare. She didn't know him too well even though he was her father. Plus, she still remembered how angry she was with him for being gone for so long. She shook her head and held onto her blanket tighter.

Randy sighed; he had a feeling that was what his answer was going to be. Looking at Eeyore he asked Gabriella, "Do you wanna tell Eeyore about it instead?" Gabriella nodded her head.

"Wanna tell your ol' pal Eeyore about it?" 'Eeyore' asked.

"It was dark and scawry and I couldn't bweathe. So I cwied."

Sympathetic blue eyes looked at the small child clinging to her blanket. That sudden urge to hug Gabriella's fears away came back full force but he held himself back. He didn't want to scare Gabriella away by his suddenness.

"Oh, I'm sorry Gabriella." Randy hesitantly placed a comforting hand on his daughter's small left shoulder.

"Don't worry, it was just a nightmare. It's over now. It can't hurt you."

"I want mommy."

Randy sighed. Well, it was progress. He got up from the bed and walked over to the door knowing that Bea was standing outside. He handed her Eeyore but as she was about to pass him to enter Gabriella's room he stopped her. Bea looked at him with a questioning eyebrow.

"So when were you planning to tell me that she has asthma?" Randy asked.

Bea's eyes widened in surprise. How did he find out? She didn't say anything about Gabriella's asthma during their conversation in the kitchen. Seeing the look of surprise and confusion in her eyes, Randy clarified. "When I was looking around I saw an inhaler on her bedside table. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together."

Before Bea could say anything in response she heard Gabriella call her sounding like she was on the verge of tears again. Randy allowed her to pass but remained standing in the doorway.

"Baby, mommy's here. What's wrong?" Bea asked her daughter tenderly as she stroked her hair.

"I had a bad dweam mommy." Gabriella released her hold on her blanket to latch onto her mother's neck as she held her in her lap. "I couldn't bweathe and I was scawed!"

"Aww," she tightened her hold on Gabriella hoping that it was enough to soothe him. "It's okay now, baby. Mommy's here." She loosened the embrace only to look at her and wipe her remaining tears away. "Do you want me to stay here tonight?"

"Mhm," Gabriella nodded.

"Okay." Bea handed her Eeyore as she helped her into her covers before joining her. It wasn't long until Gabriella fell asleep curled up against her mother's side hugging hid doll and blanket to her chin. Bea smiled lovingly at her and kissed her on the forehead before carefully sliding out of the bed. Before leaving the room she made sure to turn on her nightlight this time then softly closed the door.

Just as she was about to head to her room she came face to face with Randy who slightly startled her. 'He's still here?'

"I thought you went to bed already."

"In a minute, I just wanted to know something."

She moved away from Gabriella's door in case he woke up due to their talking. She headed towards her bedroom with Randy in tow.

"I was going to tell you, okay?"

"When? When Gabriella has an asthma attack?" They entered her bedroom.

Before they went all the way in she turned to face him hands on her waist. "No, of course not. I wouldn't have waited that long to tell you."

"Is she okay though? I mean, since she has asthma shouldn't she not be sleeping alone? What if something happens and you don't hear her?" Randy's concerned eyes stared down at Bea as she sighed. It was nice that he was concerned but her energy was just drained. Now wasn't the time for another heart to heart conversation.

"Randy, don't worry so much you'll get premature wrinkles. Don't want to harm your look now." Randy gave her a look that said now wasn't the time for jokes. "Don't worry so much, okay? I've got it under control. Why do you think I have numerous baby monitors around the house?"

Randy didn't look very convinced but relented and dropped the issue. At least for now. "Trust me and seriously, don't worry so much. Get some sleep. I know you're tired from your flight and I'm really tired from just about the whole day."

Randy gave a small smile at the truth in her words. He was pretty tired. By the time he enters his room he might just postpone a shower 'til morning and just drop on his bed. "Alright, goodnight."

"Night." She closed her bedroom door as Randy stepped out and headed towards his room.

Walking over to her large bed she let herself fall on it, legs hanging off the side.

'What a long day.'

It was around noon-time when the boys woke up. For the first time in a very long time they were allowed to sleep in without and disturbances; something they were all grateful for. By the time they made it down stairs they found a note saying that Bea had gone grocery shopping with Melina and brought Gabriella along. Dave had stayed behind because well, someone had to and he slept in just like the guys anyway.

After looking in the fridge and cupboards, Dave noticed that they were low on food; hence the reason why the girls went out grocery shopping. There were six of them right now and judging by how much food they needed to eat until they each got full, there was hardly enough for even half of them. Dave read the note his sister left behind again and noticed that it said they left about an hour ago, so they must be almost done; hopefully. He looked into the living room where Randy and John were watching TV. Jeff was still in his room while Adam was taking a shower in one of the upstairs bathrooms.

"Hey, John" John looked over his shoulder from his position on the sofa.


"Can you call my sister for me? There isn't enough food for all of us so they need to hurry home before I can start cooking."

"Okay, then." John walked into the kitchen and sat on one of the island counter chairs as he waited for Beatrice to answer her phone. After the third ring she finally picked up.

"John, it's too early for a booty call." She replied with a laugh earning a chuckle from the former WWE Champion.

"Damn, really? Here I was thinking that I can get a booty call at anytime." John joked. "Actually your brother asked me to call you. We're out of food and we're hungry."

"Why don't you guys just cook something?" She held her cell phone in between her chin and shoulder as she took her car keys out to unlock her car while Melina pushed Gabriella in the shopping cart they had. She noticed Bea talking on the phone and quietly asked who it was. Bea mouthed 'John' and Melina nodded in understanding as she carried Gabriella out of the cart and helped her into her car seat.

"We would but Dave said that there isn't enough food for all of us." He looked over at Dave who was still looking through their cupboards. "We're all growing boys after all."

Beatrice laughed as she rolled her eyes. "Mhm, sure. More like bottomless pits."

After making sure that she was securely strapped in Melina began to help Bea put their groceries into the trunk of the car. When they put the last of them inside and closed the trunk, Bea resumed her conversation with John

"Whatcha doin'?" Bea buckled her seat belt and started backing out of the parking space

"Starving; waiting for you guys to come home with food." John held his stomach. Just the thought of food made him hungry. When were they gonna get home?!

"Aw, you don't have to lie. I know you just miss me." John chuckled. He didn't know why Randy wasn't with this girl; she sure was more interesting to talk to than Sam.

"Aw, you caught me. I thought I was being slick, but you caught me."

"Don't worry, we're almost home. We'll probably be there in 10 minutes. Maybe less." Beatrice replied.

"Alright. See ya in a little while then."

"Mmkay, bye!" Bea hanged up and put the phone inside the cup holder

John shook his head and smiled as he put his phone inside his pocket. Noticing the cookie jar on the island counter he was sitting on, he jumped off and looked inside hoping for a sweet treat to calm his empty stomach. Unfortunately for him, it was empty. Frowning, John left the cookie jar to look for some other quick snack in the cupboards. However, just as he was about to look in one of them the doorbell rang. Expecting Dave to answer it he proceeded to search for food but after the third or fourth ring, still no one answered it. John decided to answer the door himself.

He left the kitchen to answer the door but Dave, where he came from who knows, suddenly rushed over to the door and beat him to it. At the door was Erick.

"Hey man, what are you doing here?" Dave shook hands with him.

"Taking Gabriella to the park," Erick looked around. "I'm guessing she's not here?"

"Oh, she's not here right now. She's out buying groceries with her mom." Dave turned to see John standing at the doorway that connected the living room to the main entrance. "Oh, John what did my sister say?"

"Oh, they said they're on their way home right now; might be here in 10 minutes or so."

Dave turned back to the guy at the door, "Oh okay, well there you go. You wanna wait here until they get home?"

"Sure, alright."

Dave closed the door after letting the guy in. Both men walked into the living room where Adam and Randy were currently watching T.V., while Jeff was still probably sleeping.

"You guys know Erick," Dave said patting Erick on the back.

"From yesterday, yes," Adam replied. "No work today?"

"I usually work at night," Erick informed them. "But Gabriella wanted to go to the park so I decided to take her."

"Bea can't take her?" John questioned as he settled beside Randy.

"She has a meeting with my younger sister in an hour, so I arranged to take care of Gabriella while they talk business." Erick shrugged. "Did you guys want to come along?" Erick was not stupid. He was pretty sure that since Randy was in town, he'll be trying to win Gabriella over. Randy deserved a chance, that was something Erick agreed with, especially since Dave technically prevented Randy from being a father to Gabriella.

John and Adam looked over at Randy who was focused on Erick. "You don't mind?"

"I don't want to step on anyone's toes," Erick began. "If you want to come along, I wouldn't mind."

"Thanks man, I appreciate it." Randy replied.

"Yeah," Erick nodded. "By the way, fair warning, my sister is a big fan of you guys."

The three laughed. "Really? That's awesome." Adam said with a smile.

"That's great. I'm glad she's entertained. Believe me she isn't the only one who enjoys watching us." Randy replied with a cocky smirk.

"She's not a fan of Dave? I'm sure she's seen Dave quite a few times." John pointed out.

Erick laughed, while Dave scowled. "My sister knows Dave, so he's out of her list."

"She's a Cena fan anyway," Dave scoffed. "Wouldn't give anyone else the time of day."

"A Cena fan?" Adam rolled his eyes. "No surprise there."

"Hey, hey, hey, keep that jealousy on check," John teased. "I don't blame her for liking me, I am the best."

"Here we go," Randy rolled his eyes.

Definitely great to be on vacation.