Summery: In which, the Akatsuki have a new feature installed in the hideout - which causes fear and confusion in the members - and Hidan does not appreciate it. HidaKaku Yaoi. Crack!fic.

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Part 2/3:


The man awoke with a start, bolting upright in his bed, heart hammering against his ribs as he gazed with wide eyes around the room he lay in. After a moment of tense silence, only broken by the sounds of his harsh breathing and the pounding in his chest, Hidan sighed in relief. He was in his bedroom, it was morning, and he was alone.

"It was just a dream..." He breathed, raising a hand to rub at his hair sleepily. "Just an awful dream..."

Suddenly then, the adjacent door to the bathroom burst open roughly, and Hidan's eyes flashed over to see Kakuzu standing in the doorway, wiping his hands on a towel.

"Rise and shine, idiot." The stitched-nin stated blandly, as he walked through to his own bed, picking up his face mask as he did. Adjusting the mask over his features then, Kakuzu gazed tentatively over the Jashinist. "It's about time you woke up, after that mishap yesterday."

Hidan was taken aback, "What do you mean, bastard?"

Kakuzu gave the silver-haired man a bored look. "I mean, how you fainted after hearing a phone ring, you imbecile." The man rolled his eyes exasperatedly, muttering to himself; "You'd think an S-Class wanted missing-nin from a criminal organisation would handle this a little better."

The Jashinist stopped still, suddenly overtaken by a sense of panic, as he stared with wide eyes at the stitched man - recollection of the day before suddenly flooding his mind. "You... you mean..." He hesitated for a moment, before asking meekly; "That... thing is really out there?"

"The phone?" Kakuzu asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow at the silver-haired man.

Hidan shook his head emphatically in despair, his face set in an expression of pure fear - before he seemed to have a revelation, and muttered to himself; "I can't ever leave the bedroom..."

"What?" The stitched-nin asked with disbelief, staring at his partner as the man seemed to be overtaken by hysteria. "You can not tell me that you are genuinely afraid of the telephone!"

Hidan didn't seem to hear him though, as the Jashinist got out of his bed and began pacing around the room, muttering reassuringly to himself under his breath. "I'll just get some food, yeah, and a waterbottle... and then I never have to leave the room again... it'll all work out..."

Kakuzu stared at his partner for one long moment, before he frowned and deadpanned; "Right. Well, I'm going to get some breakfast now, and you are coming with me." And at the doubtful look he received from the Jashinist, he added with a deadly tone; "Even if I have to drag you there."

Stopping his pacing to face the stitched-nin, Hidan scowled in response. "You wouldn't dare." He challenged.

Needless to say, ten minutes later - after a lot of kicking a screaming from the Jashinist as he was hoisted over his partner's shoulder and carried out of their bedroom - Hidan and Kakuzu sat quite pleasantly at the kitchen table.

The silver-haired man continued to grumble under his breath as he ate the cereal placed in front of him, shooting a glare at Kakuzu ever few minutes (who subsequently ignored him), all while resisting the temptation to let his gaze wander to the far corner of the room - where the dreaded and greatly feared telephone of the Akatsuki hideout lay dormant against the rock wall.

Before long, the Kakuzu felt himself nudged, and slid his eyes away from his food to see the youngest member of the Akatsuki gazing to him curiously.

"What's Hidan's problem, un?" Deidara whispered, rather too loudly for Hidan to ignore, as the Jashinist sent a glare his way.

Kakuzu shook his head slightly, his expression bored. "He's afraid of the telephone, and I won't let him live out his days locked in our bedroom."

Hidan heaved a regretful sigh at that. "What an easy life it would be..." He lamented, "Sure, I'd have to fight off the rats that would eat me in my sleep, and no doubt the voices and hallucinations would leave me forever mentally scared, but it would all be worth it..."

Across the table, Sasori raised an eyebrow, looking to Kakuzu questioningly.

The stitched-nin simply shrugged in response. "Man knows what he wants."

Heavy footsteps echoed down the hallway then, as a moment later, a large blue shark-man stood in the hallway. Coincidentally, it was Kisame.

"Hey guys!" The jovial man grinned at them all cheerfully, as he came to take his place at the kitchen table. "What's goin' on?"

Sasori looked to Kisame disinterestedly, as he informed the other man; "We're trying to eat breakfast, Sir Leader has sent Tobi and Zetsu on a mission, and Hidan is afraid of the telephone." The redheaded man rose his coffee cup in a mocking salute. "Another typical day in Akatsuki."

Kisame gazed over to Hidan in surprise. "Your still worked up over the phone?"

The Jashinist sent the blue man a scathing glare, "And weren't you the one who was screeching at the sight of it the other day?" Hidan pitched his tone lower, putting a slur to his voice as he then imitated the shark-nin; "Oh, it's a ringin'! Wha' do we do nawww?!"

Kisame's expression was utterly serious as he turned his chin up to the silver-haired man, and replied with great dignity, "Laugh all ya want. The phone's nothing to be afraid of," The blue man leaned closer to Hidan as he told him in a whisper, "It might be a great and vengeful leader, but it is merciful, if you treat it with respect." Kisame then proceeded to smile obediently at the telephone before he turned to pour himself some breakfast.

After a moment of pleasant normality then, during which the members could enjoy the peace of the morning - a strange noise suddenly filled the air... Like a distant nightmare it rose, the dreaded familiarity of it reminiscent of a temporarily forgotten horror. All of the members turned slowly, reluctantly in their seats, to face the location of the noise where all of their anxiety was currently focused - the high-pitched riot of the telephone rising like a siren to fill the quiet of the kitchen.

-Ring, Ring- -Ring, Ring-

Deidara's hand instinctually clutched Sasori's arm in fear, as the redheaded spoke aloud;

"Shouldn't someone... stop it's screaming?"

Hidan shook his head slowly, eyes wide and fearful, as he sat in paralysis at the table. "I'm not going near it!" He muttered fiercely.

Kakuzu frowned, his expression irritated now as he looked to his partner. "That's it." He announced, quite fed up with whole issue, "Hidan, you are answering the phone."

The Jashinist's head whipped around to face the stitched-man, absolute panic written across his face, "I am not!" He replied indignantly.

"You are." Kakuzu replied in a dangerously low tone, "Stop being a little girl. It's just a telephone, and you need to get over this stupid fear."

Hidan pointed across the table at Deidara, "Why doesn't the blondie have to do it? He's afraid as well!"

"Am not, un!" The boy cried in response, as he clung tighter to his partner.

"Are too!"

"Be quiet!" Kisame shouted then, "Itachi's sleeping!"

"Who the fuck cares?" Hidan sneered, "I'm not doing anything that involves me touching that wall-monster! And Deidara's ten times more afraid than I am!"

"No I'm not, un!" The blonde boy yelled angrily, before turning to his partner with wide, pleading eyes. "Am I, Danna?"

"Hn." Sasori replied, before glaring over at the Jashinist. "Just answer the phone, Hidina."

The silver-haired man raised an eyebrow at that. "What the fuck, Hidina?" He asked with a sneer, "My name's Hidan, you stupid puppet!"

"Oh, is it?" Sasori asked casually, as he picked at his fingernails. "That's not a very good name for a little girl."

"Fuck you, you bastard!" Hidan screeched, standing up abruptly in his outrage and disturbing the table's balance as he knocked over his own glass of milk.

-Ring, Ring- -Ring, Ring-

"Hidan!" Kakuzu ordered sternly then, "This is ridiculous! Just answer the fucking phone!"


"Why is everyone yelling, un?!"

"I hate you all. Every last one of you."

"SHUT UP! Itachi is sleeping!"

"Hn. Bastards."

The yelling continued to grow louder, the Akatsuki members' voices reverberating in the cavernous room as they all stood from their seats at the kitchen table, breakfasts quite forgotten as they shouted with increasing volume at each other.

Itachi yawned tiredly, as he walked slowly down the hallway to the main room, his thoughts muddled from sleep. Coming to stand in the entrance to the kitchen, the Uchiha blinked in surprise then, as he saw the room in an uproar. The phone was ringing relentlessly, as Deidara was covering his ears and singing the words to 'You Are My Sunshine' as loudly as he could, Sasori was glaring scathingly around the kitchen table, Kakuzu shouting at Hidan to stop being a child, while Hidan himself was throwing plates and utensils at his companions, and Kisame was pleading with them all to be quiet.

The yelling reached a crescendo, as the ringing of the phone was now drowned out by the pandemonium in the Akatsuki main room kitchen, before-

"Hello?" A soft voice asked quietly.

The entire group of members turned suddenly, their yelling dying away as the ringing of the phone was suddenly alleviated, and they saw Itachi standing at the far wall of the kitchen - the telephone in his hand.

"He is not here. Do you have a message?" The Uchiha hummed obligingly as he quickly wrote something down on a notepad, before replacing the phone on it's receiver.

The members stared in shock at Itachi, as he dark-haired man turned to face them with a bored expression on his face.

After a moment of silence, the Uchiha shrugged. "None of you were answering it." He stated. "Was for Zetsu, anyway." He answered simply, before walking through to the fridge to get his own breakfast, completely unaffected.

The group of men at the table stared at each other in turn, slight embarrassment on their features, before they all sat down once again and resumed the morning with as much normality as they could muster.

Sending a determined look to his partner, Kakuzu watched how Hidan sighed with relief - and the stitched-nin resolved that he would end the Jashinist's foolishness. He would get the silver-haired man to answer the phone.

All he needed was a plan...

The day started off normally enough; performing bloody rituals and watching TV, without any interruptions from his pestering partner - and it had been an entire day since any mention of the monstrosity attached to the kitchen wall.

Indeed, Hidan thought to himself with a smirk, it seemed the issue of the telephone had finally been dropped. Now he needed only to avoid the screaming object for the rest of his life...

Laying down on the couch, the Jashinist sighed happily to himself. All was tranquil within the hideout - Deidara and Sasori were out 'scouting the forest' (which, of course, meant they were on a date in the nearby township), while Itachi and Kisame were on a mission, and Tobi had gone with Zetsu to Sir Leader's chamber. For the first time in months, Hidan could enjoy some peace and quiet.

Or that least he had thought so.

-Ring, Ring- -Ring, Ring-

The Jashinist sat up in a flash, his eyes widening with horror as he gazed towards the kitchen wall. It couldn't be...

No, the wall-monster had been so happy all day! It hadn't made a single noise! And he had been so very careful not to stray near it or try to provoke it in any way - hell, he had even left a glass of water there for it, so that incase it became thirsty, it would remain quiet!

And now...

-Ring, Ring- -Ring, Ring-

Hidan panicked. Giving a shout of fright, the man fell to the floor roughly - giving a moan of pain then, he scrambled back onto the couch, gazing out from behind it to the kitchen wall where the telephone was ringing.

What was he to do? The Jashinist was paralyzed with fear once again, as he realised a chilling fact - he was the only one there.

Who was going to answer the phone? He thought with horror.

-Ring, Ring- -Ring, Ring-

Maybe it would stop. If he just left it alone, let it get over it's tantrum and calm down again - maybe Hidan wouldn't have to touch it after all. He certainly wasn't going to move, no sudden movements...

But, wait. What if not answering it angered it further? What if, because he isn't placating it, the phone decides to come get him in his sleep? What if it haunts his dreams?

Giving a pitiful cry, Hidan ducked his head and covered his ears in a desperate plea to end the noise - but the siren reverberated in his mind, never-ending, and the Jashinist felt sure he would be driven mad by the sound...

Off in a dark corner of the kitchen, Kakuzu sighed. The idiot was just sitting there covering his ears! He was supposed to answer it! The stitched-nin hadn't sent Sasori and Deidara out of the hideout for nothing - he was going to make sure this plan was successful in getting Hidan to talk on that telephone!

Heaving a sigh, Kakuzu stepped forward out of his dark corner as naturally as he could, and waved placatingly over to the distraught Jashinist.

"Settle down, I'll get it." He told the man, who looked to him with wide, thankful eyes, as he grumbled to himself. "Idiot."

Watching from behind the couch, Hidan held his breath as his partner came to stand before the shaking, ringing telephone - Kakuzu reaching out a hand easily as he clutched the wall-monster by the neck, and brought it's face to his ear.

"Yeah?" The stitched-nin asked casually. Turning to face Hidan as he spoke into the phone, retraining himself from grimacing at the disgustingly fearful look in the Jashinist's expression.

"Kakuzu?" A familiar voice drifted through the telephone to Kakuzu, sounding surprised to hear the stitched man's voice. "You better not have made us call for nothing!"

"What's that you say?" Kakuzu asked stoically, as his eyes flickered to his partner's. "You want to talk to Hidan?"

The terror that overcame the Jashinist then was made obvious, as the man shook his head frantically in the negative - he was not going to touch that thing!

Kakuzu gave Hidan a fierce glare, willing him to comply. "Hidan, there's someone on the phone for you."

"I don't care." The Jashinist replied, scowling from behind the couch at the stitched-nin. "Take a message."

Kakuzu frowned, determined. "I'm not going to take a message when your right over there."

Hidan turned his chin up at the other man. "I'm not doing it."

"'Kuzu?" The voice called through the phone again, though the stitched-nin paid it no attention. "Oy, we are on a mission here, ya know! Is he coming to the phone or not?"

"Hidan!" Kakuzu shouted, anger edging his voice now, "Come to the fucking phone! Someone wants to talk to you, no doubt for the first time in your whole crappy life, you dumbass!"

"Fuck you!" The Jashinist screeched, his hands clutching at the couch as he held fast to his hiding place. "You just want the wall-monster to eat me!"

"I wish it would fucking eat you, you useless-"

"Hello?" The voice called impatiently, "Just tell him it's... ah, the dango delivery man!" Another voice could be heard faintly though the phone then, asking 'Dango? Where?', before the upbeat voice told Kakuzu confidently; "Yeah, and if he wants to get free dango, he has to come to the phone right now!"

Of course, of out that sentence, it was the word 'free' that drew the stitched-nin's attention away from his current feuding with Hidan, but as he replayed the sentence in his mind, he asked quietly into the phone;

"Why the hell would a dango delivery man call for Hidan randomly?"

The voice on the phone sighed exasperatedly, "I don't know! What does it matter?"

Kakuzu turned with a blank expression on his face, and told the still fuming Hidan in a deadpan; "It's the dango delivery man. If you want free dango, come to the phone."

The Jashinist was confused for a moment, before he raised an eyebrow at his partner incredulously. "What the fuck? That's the worst lie I've ever heard!"

Kakuzu nodded understandingly, before he turned slightly and told the voice in the phone predictably; "He didn't buy it."

"Yeah, well, this wasn't my idea." The voice answered grumpily, "We've got our own problems over here, ya know. I barely got any sleep last night, and a homeless person stole our shoes-"

"Yeah, yeah." Kakuzu waved away the pointless drabble, "We still need to get Hidan on the phone!"

Hidan's voice behind him shouted loudly, as though to reiterate his stance; "I'm not going near that thing!"

Kakuzu heard static and shuffling come through the phone then, and he frowned as he waited, hearing some talking in the background, before a new voice spoke through the receiver to him.

"Kakuzu." The new voice greeted him with obvious displeasure, "Kisame and I are hanging up now. You have already upset him, and I will be speaking with you when we return."

And that was that, as the dial tone was all that met the stitched-nin's ears. Sighing, Kakuzu replaced the telephone to the wall, and turned to Hidan with a deep frown.

The Jashinist, though, seemed quite unconcerned as he was overcome with relief, and didn't react at all to Kakuzu's glaring, as he settled back down on the couch happily - pleased that he had once again avoided the horror of the telephone.

Kakuzu continued to frown disappointedly. His plan had failed miserably, he was out of ideas, and Itachi was going to tell him off for being mean to Kisame when they got home. With an irritated sigh, the stitched-nin walked back down the hallway to he and his partner's room, thinking over what he should do next. He wouldn't give up, the man told himself - there was still hope, the Jashinist's technophobia would be cured.

He would convince Hidan to get over his fear of the telephone, no matter what it took.

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