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Sasuke Uchiha, once a happy little kid now a stoic scowl always in the way of new emotions. Yeah I only know part of his story, but I would be safer if he didn't know that I knew anything. I am Niko Kishtamo and my mission is to protect Uchiha Sasuke and destroy all who wish to destroy him. I grew up doing intense training and without friends. When I became older I was told by my adopted father, Iruka, that I would be protecting someone.

I would have to put away my pride and act dumb. He said that I had no choice in the matter because the deal had been made since before I was born. He told me that we would have to move. I went numb and just said "yes," like you would say to your boss asking you to get coffee even if you weren't hired to do so. Well I guess I'm not an Anbu Black ops anymore, I'm going to have to be a Genin. My clan's power is the ability to be spirited away. As in to leave your body behind as you go off and do something else. I am a Shaman. My clan how I miss them all, some years after this ordeal Orochimaru killed off everyone but me and Iruka who managed to escape. He had been trying to kill me.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm going to pretend to be a guy? This is all for my safety in a way.

My mission name will be…Naruto Uzumaki.

Karo: What is going to happen next?!

Me: I'm not telling you…

Karo: tell me or else I kill you (evil eye)

Me: If you kill me You'll never find out (As long as she doesn't touch my writing computer that has 79 pages of this story already written out.)

Karo: (smiles evilly) I can read your mind…


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