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Even spellcheck can't help me

The strange darkness around him gave off an unsettling atmosphere. It felt as if it could engulf him, absolutely devour his very being, that is…if it wanted to.

It chuckled.

"You're rather perceptiveyoung Uchiha."

Although he was completely out of his element, which was a major disadvantage, Sasuke's natural instincts were to tense and prepare for a possible onslaught.

"Who are you," he asked calmly, or as calmly as one can speak to a random voice coming from nowhere and at the same time everywhere.

"Who I am doesn't change the circumstance you are up against."

"What exactly would that be?" He was getting sarcastic very quickly, Sasukewasn't the type to enjoy being talked at and not face to face.

"Hmmm, is that what you really desire," asked the voice suddenly manifesting itself to just in Sasuke's line of sight. It also helped that there was now a small dim light coming from nowhere in particular. Now Sasukevery much missed being unable to see where and what he was talking to. He was talking to a demon, that didn't surprise Sasukevery much considering the voice had been very demonic. What did astonish him was the size of the demon before him. The light was so dim Sasukecould only imagine how much more of its hulking form he could not glimpse.

"To answer your previous question, you are up against something that could possibly be the hardest to handle moment of your entire mortallifespan."

Sasukewasn't frightened in the least, in fact he was taking it as a challenge. "You'veyet to answer my questionin full."

"Patience," Though it was not spoken as a threat it held a certain distainfor being interrupted. "This is not something you can fight, all that will be in your power is to watch, nothing you can do will help her." The voice began to fade out.

"Wait! What is this all about?!"

No answer.

Suddenly and without warning Sasukewas in some nameless forest. In front of him was the small form of a child huddled with their back to a tall tree. The child's blond hair reminded Sasukeof Niko. He had a sinking feeling that the demon was right, this would be arduous moment in his life. The child's form shook and Sasukecould feel the quiet sobbing resonate with his heart.

Hey! Kid, are you okay?When he did not receive a reply, he made his way over to the golden haired child.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are," It was theunmistakable voice of someone who meant only to harm. The child's reaction to the voice made Sasukedouble over, but he kept his eyes on her. She was staring in the direction of the voice with eyes that reminded him of mercury. The little blond haired silver-eyed girl was a younger version of his Niko! His instinct was to protect her, so he wiped around towards the direction of the voice and found himself frozen.


His eyes grew wide and he felt like he was a small child again, vulnerable to the slightest of threats.

RUN!!! He shouted at Niko, his back never turning towards Itachi.

Run damn it, while you still have a chance, even as the words left his lips, he knew, it was a lie. She couldn't outrun Itachi, and he realized that he could do nothing. They could not hear or see him, which probably meant that they could not feel his touch. He felt helpless, like the little child who had to watch the slaughter of his parent. The child who could do nothing but plead and cry for it all to be just a sick twisted nightmare. Here he was, almost old enough to really be his own person, able to fight and win every battle, able to destroy anything in his way, yet still he wished.

Let this be just another nightmare, please Kami-sama, just another sick nightmare. In one moment he found himself curled into a ball, facing away from the things going on behind him. He wouldn't leave her, even if all he wanted to do was run as far as he could and never look back. Even so, he could not bare to look. He tried to cover his ears hearing and feeling more choked sobs coming from Niko. That didn't help, the sounds of her pain were in his head.

He would never forget.

He did not look up until the sounds had ceased. He stood up on unsteady legs, just one more reason to kill him, to givehim a slow and painful death a thousand times over. He looked around, now he recognized his surroundings, though that did not mean that the pain he would feel was over and done with. He knew very well that Konohahad not been very warm towards Niko who could not fight back whilst playing the role of Naruto. He knew it was coming but he did not know where it would come and how it would happen.


"You're nothing but the devil in the guise of a child!"

"Murderer! How dare you show your face around here?!"

Sasukecould feel his heart beating ferociously in his chest, but that was his own reaction as he saw HIS Niko make her way through the middle of town. People threw garbage at her small frame. He realized that she was limping, she probably just dragged herself out of that forest. His heart pounded against his rib cage with anger. He began to wish Itachihad died killing the whole village, with the exception of Niko. All of those foolishly cold-hearted peasants who believed that they had any right to call Niko a monster!

Sasukefollowed the limping Niko, who used her last bit of energy to hold up the henge until she reached her front door. The apartment was small and should not havebeen fit for humans. Niko couldn't spare anymore energy to stand any longer, so she let herself fall to the floor. The door closed on its own behind her and with that she was asleep. Whimpering every now and again in her sleep.

He wished so much that he had been able to protect this Niko! He stared at the back of her head, wishing he could know what horrors plagued her dreams. With that he was suddenly inside her dream, he assumed it was a dream because it seemed to be on instant replay. First he saw an even younger Niko, very much younger. She was running, in reverse towards a clearing in a different forest. She stood there for a minute and then he heard the word 'GO', from an anguished voice. Then she ran crying out of the clearing.

Sasukewalked into the clearing for a better view. A man he had never seen had just lost a battle with a katanarun through his neck. Blood gushed from the open wound and he dropped.

Iruka, that was the man's name, he didn't know how but he knew that the man had just fought to protect Niko.

Suddenly the dream began to rewind again until he was in a burning village. Women, children, even the men were running an screaming, Hequickly surveyed the area, looking for Niko. He caught a glimpse of golden hair run out through the gates of the village.

He sighed, even though he had no idea as to what was really going on he still found himself very relieved knowing that Niko had escaped. He no longer wanted to see what was occurring, he couldn't help but feel her pain and his own at not being able to do anything. He could do absolutely nothing at all as he watch her cry and suffer.

"Niko," he screamed as he sat up in the bed. The room was dark and his body was burning up. Everything hurt and he could notunderstand his surroundings. He knew where he was but it wasn't where he thought he should be. Whatever place he had been before he wanted to go back, because he wanted to be able to do something for Niko. He looked down at the soft breathing to his right. It was Niko, technically Naruto, but that made no difference to the sudden waveof relief that washed over him. She was curled up and sleeping with her face towards him. Sasukeplaced his finger tips on the Narutohenge's scars, slowyfollowing their path.

"Sasuke," Niko whispered. His fingers stopped, startled. Sasuke sighed, she was still asleep. He gathered her up into his arms and with his last attempt at staying awake he whispered her name into her ears. Then he drifted off to a, thankfully, dreamless sleep.

Sasukewoke up tired and groggy, nothing making any sense to him at all. He laid there staring at the ceiling for a moment before he attempted to stand up. It wasn't easy, his legs felt like they carried an extra 10 pounds each. Slowly but surely he began to fell like himself again. He looked around the room but Niko had already departed. He single mindedlymade his way to the door. He walked out into the sun lit breakfast area. Everyone was sitting there and eating. Everyone being; Kakashi-sensei, sakura, Inari's family, and last but not least Niko/Naruto. The first person to notice him was Sakura.

"Sasuke-chan, come sit next to me!" She gushed as she stared at his shirtless form. He couldn't remember when he had taken it off. The other occupants of the table also stared. Sakura quickly pushed Naruto out of his own seat to make space for Sasuke. Naruto landed hard on the floor providing no resistance. Sasuke smirked at his idea newly formed idea.


Sasukefinally came into the breakfast area after waking up. She had been desperately waiting for him. She sat there dazed and on the floor after the pink whore's actions. Soon she found herself drooling at Sasuke's very smexysmirk. It made her blood hot in anticipation of what he would do. Maybe he'll walk up to the table clear it and take me in front of everybody. She quickly shook her head to rid herself of the image, male bodies displayed too much emotion. She only thought this because it was rather apparent that she very much enjoyed the view Sasukeso kindly provided.

Before she could speak a word in protest she found herself in Sasuke's arms and then his lap. The scarred cheeks of her henge reddened as she felt just how much Sasuke enjoyed their new arrangement. She just pretended as if nothing were amiss as she sat upon her Sasuke's lap. Then she remembered something vital.

"Sasuke," she called in a whisper.

"Yes Ni-Naruto," Niko smiled one of her most smug smiles yet. Sasukealmost made the mistake of calling her name, her real name aloud.

"How do you feel," He frowned at this and then blushed.

"I feel good now that you're here…if that's what you're asking."

She sighed, he would just have to figure it out on his own.

"Nothing," she said, uncharacteristic smirk taking over her smile.

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