The Orphaned Potter

Thanks Chris for editing this!

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was put to bed, by his mother. His twin was tucked in by his father; he was well loved and happy. With a smile on his face, he fell into a deep sleep. But that all soon changed, he heard banging down the stairs. Their nanny ran from their room, she portkey'd James herself and Lily away from Godric's Hollow.

"NO! My baby's! How could you!" yelled Lily, slapping the nanny on the face. They had been getting ready to go out, when she had burst in. Using a porkey, they all knew that the children would not survive, but James and Lily ran for it anyways.

"Lily stay here!" yelled James as he ran. But Lily never stopped; her babies were in there too. She was not going to give up on them.

----------Harry's Pov--------------

He heard crashing and banging, and for some reason he knew that his mum would not be there to save them. Looking at his brother, he did not want anything to happen to him either. His eyes widen when he saw the man, his red glowing eyes looking at them. He crouched over his brother, yelling "No! No! Bad! No" as if the man would disappear, or do as he says. But the man did not stop; Harry was confused his parents always stopped what they were doing! Why was the man not?

"NOOO" screamed the two year old Harry.

"Bye bye Potter" hissed Voldemort.

"No" screamed Harry.

"Avada Kedarva" said Voldemort.

Harry watched wide eyed as the curse came nearer, he could feel the evilness coming from the curse. All Harry knew was that it was bad, and he should not let it hit him. But he felt tied down; he was frozen on the spot.

The curse hit him, white blinding light filled the room, Harry went flying when the curse hit him, leaving his twin at Voldemort's feet. The curse, went sailing back at the originator, a blood curling scream, raised the magic causing the house to tumble within itself. Voldemort turned to ash, his soul fleeing into the night, still screaming in pain.

Harry could not keep his eyes open a second longer, not long after that James and Lily ran into the room. Looking at Michael Potter in awe, thinking he had defeated Voldemort. James picked up Michael and Lily picked up Harry. Getting them out of the house, before it tumbled down on them. But once they were out, Harry was laid down, and they both started fussing over Michael. At that very moment he woke up, looking over at his parents he felt a pang of sadness, they had never favored Michael before. What had happened? He remembered alright, he had killed the bad man, was that why his family hated him now? But then he heard whispers, about his brother killing you-know-who, and it hit him like a ton of bricks.

They thought that Michael had killed the man? Harry was so confused by everything, and so very tired. Before even he knew it, his eyes started to droop closed and he fell asleep.

So will they continue favouring him? or will they realize what they were doing? will they find out straight away that Harry is the boy who lived? will Dumbledore be fair in this story? or will he be just like Lily and James? when will i have severus come into it? R&R please