Orphaned Potter

Chapter 21

The portkey landed them in the living room of the cottage that Shane had been staying in. Along with Severus, and now Sebastian.

"Well that went well" said Sebastian as he landed on the floor in a heap while the others were still standing. Shane was still in Severus' arms and didn't look like he was going to loosen his grip any time soon.

"Yeah better than I thought it would" said Severus.

"Come on I will make us something to eat I'm hungry" said Remus heading towards the kitchen.

"Good idea, I'll help" said Sirius joining Remus in the kitchen.


"I never thought this would happen" said Sebastian sitting down and Severus followed his lead along with a clingy Shane.

"What would happen? Did you honestly think James Potter would win?" asked Severus looking skeptical.

Sebastian looked shocked before shaking his head and explaining.

"No, not that us, ever seen you in years now I'm living in your house and you have an adopted son. I always though you hated me for not having magic" said Sebastian.

"When I was younger I did, for having to leave and leaving me alone, I hated the fact that you didn't have magic. I didn't understand until I was older that you were not to blame" said Severus honestly.

"I understand" said Sebastian smiling softly.

"The hate transferred to our parents" said Severus a couple of minutes later.

"Really?" asked Sebastian surprised, he had always though Severus loved their parents he had never shown any indication he hated them. If Severus hated them well Sebastian loathed them for abandoning him like that.

"Yeah" said Severus.

From the kitchen Remus and Sirius smirked, finally Severus and Sebastian were having a little family bonding - brother bonding more like.

They started cooking the meal, something simple so Shane could eat with them. Sirius didn't help much otherwise the house would have been in flames by now. Sirius could not cook to save himself. Probably because he grew up having his meals made for him, even till this day he always had his meals cooked for him. Remus did that, Remus didn't mind though, he liked cooking.

"Shane wake up, dinner is just about ready" said Severus smelling the dinners aromas coming though to the living room.

"Wanna sleep" mumbled Shaun.

"Don't you want something to eat first before bed?" asked Severus.

"No, not hungry" muttered Shane sleepily.

"Fair enough then, let's get you to bed little one" said Severus getting up and taking Shane through to his room.

Getting him in, he tucked his son in and kissed him swiftly on the forehead before making his way out.

"Stay please" said Shane.

Severus sighed; Shane had just had the hardest day of his life probably, seeing his father after all that time. He was bound to have been more scared than the adults had been that day, in case his father won and he was taken away.

"Ok just until you fall asleep" said Severus sitting on his son's bed.

"M' ok" said Shane his eyes sliding closed once more.

Severus just sat there carding his hand though Shane's hair watching as his son's breathe evened out. After about ten minutes of watching his son, he heard the plates being put on the table. Kissing his son goodnight once more he quietly left the room, shutting the door behind him and joining the others.

"Is he ok?" asked Sirius worried.

"He should be, he is bound to have been worried today, more so than any of us" said Severus quietly.

"Probably" said Remus nodding his head and sitting down.

Sebastian came though carrying four butter beers and sitting down himself. They quickly set into their dinners talking about all different things. Mostly about what Sebastian had taught Shane, and they began talking about teaching him magic now. He was important and in danger no matter how safe they thought he was.

"I agree, we should teach him magic, starting tomorrow" said Severus.

"Good, I'm better than anyone else in Ancient runes so I can teach him that, and herbology" said Remus.

"I will teach him potions and defense" said Severus.

"I could teach him transfiguration I was second best" said Sirius.

"I can't teach him anything" said Sebastian morosely.

"Of course you can, you have the books teach him what you have been teaching him at the Orphanage." said Severus not liking the fact his brother thought he was useless because he had no magic.

"I can only teach him so much of that" said Sebastian in protest.

"Then after that teach him how to fight physically, swords play swords at first of course, daggers things like that. Teach him how to meditate" said Severus.

"I suppose I could" said Sebastian nodding happier now that he was not left out.

"Does that mean Sebastian is staying?" asked Remus looking happy.

"Of course, Shane loves him we cannot let him leave now" said Severus, in his own way he was saying he loved his brother and didn't want him to leave. Sebastian obviously realized this because his own onyx eyes lit up like Christmas trees.

"Thank you" said Sebastian softly.

"Your welcome now, we need to set a timetable, with you working Sirius" said Severus.

"I can just teach him after work" said Sirius.

"At five? Until supper that should be ok I think he is getting bored of only reading the books by now" said Severus nodding his head.

"I can teach him in the morning" said Remus, knowing that Severus was not a morning person and he would just get crabby at his son. Something Remus really did not want at all.

"I can do it after lunch" said Sebastian catching on with Remus.

"I can do it before dinner and a while later, and then Sirius will have him until supper" said Severus nodding his head. It worked perfectly, so everything was fixed, and their dinners eaten Remus and Sirius said their goodbyes and headed off. Leaving the two brothers by themselves, they went through to the living room and had a butter beer talking to each other catching up.

"I remember the time you turned fathers hair green, he was so mad and proud of you at the same time. He could not undo it for a whole week, he said 'you better be glad its green son otherwise I would have tanned your hide'" said Sebastian mimicking his fathers words.

"How do you remember that?!" said Severus surprised a laugh coming out of his throat, he now remembered it thanks to his brother bringing it up.

"I don't forget things like that Sev" said Sebastian.

"No don't suppose you do" said Severus.

"I remember dad's face when a Hogwarts letter didn't come for you; he looked like he had been punched in the gut. He looked at you like you were not his son and a stranger that he had brought in out of the street." said Severus closing his eyes as he remembered.

Sebastian teared up at that, but didn't let the tears fall, he had gotten over the fact that his parents had not wanted him because he was not magical. He would not let them rule the rest of his life.

"The night you were chucked out, everything you had was burnt every picture of you. Apart from the one I had been able to save from Fathers wrath. I heard mother and father yelling, she was yelling at him to tell her where you were. She said she didn't care if you didn't have magic that she wanted you." Said Severus.

Sebastian gasped at that a look of torment on his face.

"Father refused and continued on yelling how he would not have any squib children in the family. Mother swore she would pack her bags that night and leave unless he told her. Nothing worked, father just got so mad about it that he actually beat mother. She was never the same after that, she was always unhappy, crying and she was never able to look at me without crying. She missed you so much, she swore sometimes she would look for you the first chance she got" said Severus.

"She didn't get a chance, she died with her dying breath she swore me to look for you, to tell you she loved you no matter what. That you were and always would be her son that she loved us both and she was sorry for leaving. She died of her injuries, I watched as father healed all the bruises and everything stuck her in a very hot bath before calling the authorities. No one ever realized mother had been killed, they seemed to think it was a tragic accident and let him go" said Severus his eyes glazed now as he remembered.

"I found you but it wasn't until now I remembered the memory, I guess speaking of our parents brought it all back up" said Severus.

"Where is he now?" asked Sebastian his face full of anger. His mother had still wanted him! His father had lied! His mother had loved him and still loved him and he knew deep down she would have moved earth just to find him.

"Six feet under, I would have had him burnt, however he had his will that he wanted buried in the Snape cemetery. Of course I had to do as he requested, I didn't want to but had to. I didn't put him anywhere near mother; did you know we would have had another brother or sister? Mum got pregnant again two years after you were gone. I was twelve at the time, mother ended up loosing it, father was probably to blame." said Severus.

"Oh god" said Sebastian tears falling down his face.

"I've been alone ever since, the old bastard had to die after forcing me into joining the Death Eaters. The fucking bastard, I wish he had died before that otherwise I would not have a fucking disgusting tattoo on my forearm" said Severus.

"I'm so sorry" said Sebastian hugging his brother for all he was worth.

Severus stiffened at the contact, before relaxing and hugging him back, the brother bonding was truly working. They were closer than ever before, they sat like that for what seemed like hours. Before letting go, it was getting late so they decided to head to bed for the night.

The End

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