My Trip Through Time

Thanks Chris for editing this also

Chapter: 1

Harry's fifth year had just ended, and in a bad way too. He had lost his godfather but now he was back, and was not talking to him at all. He knew the man had every right to not want to talk to him. However, he did not know that this was not the reason he was not talking to his godson now. When he had gotten back from the veil, he had remembered memories from his sixth year. His memories had been all tangled and was always confused; the Dementors had fed from him for so long. He remembered the boy who turned up from the future at dinner and stayed a whole two years getting close to the Slytherins and Snape. Something he was refusing to believe. He did not want his godson attached to them, there was no way. James would be rolling in his grave.

His godson was currently at home, Sirius himself as well; he had found himself back in Grimmauld place. Moreover, Harry at his relatives, and currently hated his existence, and his godfathers too. He could not believe the man had started wallowing in self-pity and not taken him in. He would never forgive the man for that, never.

When he had gotten back from the veil, the Ministry authorities had caught him. Madam Bones gave him Veritaserum to see what he had wanted, to their shame and horror they found out that he was innocent. Wanted Peter Pettigrew posters were put up and people all of a sudden realized Sirius Black was innocent.

Harry hated Albus Dumbledore more than he hated anyone; the man had manipulated his life and made it a living hell while he was at it. He was putting his foot down now he would not let that man decide even when he was going to pee anymore. He was shredding he fa├žade he had worn all his life just to fit in and he was going to blow them away. Whether they stayed with him or not that was just how it was to be.

Sticking his wand down his trousers, he put on his second hand trainers and his huge jumper. He was getting rid of them as soon as he could, he had wanted to for so long. No more not getting anything because of feeling sorry for Ronald Weasley. He had money and he was going to use it. He was not living in this house any longer not a chance, getting up he headed out ignoring the calls of his only family.

Harry just kept on walking; he passed his guard who was completely silent. Either they had a silencing charm on them or it was Snape. He knew he could dance naked in front of Snape and not even get a reaction from the man. He was as stiff as a post and silent as hell.

Harry was surprised when Snape let him go; he had expected the man to stop him. Even start telling him the rules were underneath him. To his surprise he did not even hear a peep out of the man he was not sure if that was a good thing or not.

Severus Snape watched Harry go; he had a selfish reason for not stopping Harry from going. He did not want to stop him, and he would kill anyone that did try and stop him. He had been surprised when the boy's mutt of a godfather stopped talking to him. He knew deep down that Sirius Black remembered. To his surprise he did not care one bit whether he did or not.

He did not hear Severus Snape say into the night with a longing smile on his face 'Not long now Harry, not long now.'

Now what on earth could that mean? not long now? does Severus Snape know already or is he just liking Harry becuase hes growing up into a beautiful young man that Snape wants? will Sirius make up with Harry? or will they hate each other? will i have Hermione and Ron immature and still relying on Dumbledore? and have harry no longer want to be their friend? what's gonna happen?! R&R please